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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Real Or Fake?

Real or Fake Olive Oil

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This question about the purity of olive oil always perplexes the buyers. Ever since a journalist, Tom Mueller, has published an article stating that almost 70% of the EVOO sold all around the world is fake, customers have become more conscious. If you are one of them and is not sure about the authenticity of your olive oil then it is a complex situation.

You can not tell the bottle which you purchased is real or not? Either the home tests for oil will show the right results or not? Either you are trusting the right company or not?

So, in order to tackle these confusing questions I am here to help. In this article I have tried my best to clear out this confusion by providing a simple guide to check your oil.

Let’s begin!

How to Detect Real or Fake Olive Oil?

Olive is often mixed with soybean cheap oil or old olive oil, which has been in the store for more than one year. Though this process is legal, but scamming customers is not allowed anywhere. When this fake or adulterated olive oil reaches the end consumer its quality has been downgraded enough that its health benefits become diminished.

Following are a few ways through which you can detect either the oil is fake or real. The deduction cannot be 100% precise, but will somehow help you in this niche. 

  • Do not buy the olive oil bottle that does not say ‘extra virgin’ on its label
  • Check the company and mill name along with the harvest date
  • Make sure that the mill is authentic and registered
  • Do check extra certification labels on the bottle
  • If on the bottle it is mentioned that, made in Australia, Spain or chile, then it is good to buy
  • Trust your natural senses
  • Do not purchase olive oil only because its packaging is fancy or has an expensive price tag

Carefully observe these points, if you find any of the points missing on the bottle or something new or extra, do search it on google or take reviews from its consumers before buying it.

How Does Good Olive Oil Looks Liks?

There is one thing to keep in mind that olive oil is extracted from the olive fruit, so it posses the characteristics of fruits. The good and fresh olive oil has following prominent features:

  • Its color is fresh green. As it is fruit extract, so its taste must be fresh, not heavy like other oils
  • Olives are bitter in nature. The more ripe they are, the more bitter they will be. So bitter olive oil is a sign of good oil
  • Another important feature is the peppery, pungent character. When you swallow it, you will feel its pungent flavor. This character also indicates the presence of antioxidants, which are extremely good for the heart

Labels on Olive Oil Bottle

While purchasing an olive oil bottle, you will come across various labels pasted on the bottle. These labels tell us various different things. But, we can only get benefit from them if we know, what do they mean. 

Some general labels almost every olive oil bottle have are given below:

  • Cold pressed: If the bottle has this label, it means it is pure and is extra virgin olive oil
  • Premium: This label indicates the high quality of the olive oil
  • Pure: Not all bottles carry this label, if they does still there isn’t the surety that they are pure
  • Harvest Year: This label shows the year in which olives were harvested for oil extraction. This label is important in telling about the freshness of the olive oil
  • Monovarietal: This label indicates the flavor of olive oil like ‘light flavor’, ‘classic’, ‘pure pungent’ and much more

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Last Words:

Olive oil is a very healthy oil. It takes very good care of the body and heart. But, when you go to the market for in order to buy it, the problem of fake products irritates a lot. For this reason, the ‘Spanish Oil’ is here. We only sell premium, high quality pure olive oil. No matter it is extra virgin or virgin olive oil, you will only find pure and freshly harvest extra virgin olive oils on our website. Freshly harvested olives are immediately cold pressed to produce oil of high grade quality. You will not regret buying it. Do have a visit and see our certified labels by yourself.

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