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Día de la tostada – The Olive oil toast day of Arróniz

Dia de tostada

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On the 28 of February 2016 it will be celebrated in Arróniz the “Día de la Tostada” (“The Olive Oil Toast Day”). Since 2015 this event is included in the list of Spanish Festival of National Interest.

During this day it  is celebrated the official presentation of the new olive oil of the year from Trujal Mendía which is the most important olive oil mill in northern Spain. Trujal Mendía is a farmers cooperative of several hundred olive growers who grow olive trees of the arroniz variety. Olive oils from Arroniz variety present an excellent sensorial and nutritional quality. Therefore, oil made with this raw material has been classified as a top quality product!

Dia de tostada 2016

During the “Día de la Tostada” visitors will have the opportunity to taste the amazing new olive oil of Trujal Mendía.

Olive Oil Toast Tip: Toast a white bread slice, add a crushed clove of garlic and salts over it. Finally, add your extra virgin olive oil… and enjoy it!

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