Extra virgin olive oil for baking

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Introduction in olive oil for baking

Dietary fats have been in controversy for a long period with debates about animal fat, seed oil and everything in between in full force. After all that still it has concluded that extra virgin oil is the healthiest fat on earth. Not only its internal benefits, but also externally used in creams and oils and moisturizers. In every aspect, it has proven itself as a very important and useful ingredient, whether we talk about food stuff or skin care.

As all of us know one of the best ways to cook food is to use the olive oil instead of other cooking oils. This not only is healthy for us, but also taste good and once you get used to with its taste, it becomes hard for you to switch to other oils. 

Talking about taste, the best and the most delicious taste is processed by the extra virgin olive oil among all the other types of olive oils. This oil is truer in its olive taste and has a lower level of oleic acid, which is not good for our health. Moreover, it also has more neutral vitamins and minerals than other varieties.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil In Baking

Recipes and flavors are everywhere. The world is revolving around restaurants and having a healthy diet and keeping them fit and slim. We all the time want delicious food like 3 times a day, at the time we dream of it to be healthy as well. How could all these conditions come true?  

A simple way to tackle the situation is by substituting the ingredients with healthy one and by speaking of it, we cannot ignore the fact the oils and butters are the most essential part of all the foods, whether it’s a bakery product or salads, in every kind of food oils are used more frequently than any other ingredient of the recipe. 

If there is a recipe that calls for olive oil, it can be used without any doubt specially in baking. Yes, you can use extra virgin olive oil in the oven. We have to keep in mind some smoke points when we bake something, for example to use olive oil in oven with more than 450 degree Fahrenheit will burn the oil, taste bad and makes the food unhealthy so care should be taking is choosing the recipes with olive oil. 

Extra virgin oil is the healthiest option plus the most expensive one in the kitchen because it is more stable than saturated fat like coconut oil or avocado oil etc. for baking purpose if a recipe says half cup of vegetable oil, use the same amount of extra virgin oil. In fact, cookies and cakes and other spicy food recipes baked with olive oil have a great unique flavor and light.

olive oil for baking
olive oil for baking


Olive oil in cake
Olive oil in cake

Cakes have gained a position is a community where its cutting has become an important part of any ceremony such as, birthday parties, baby shower, gender reveal, wedding ceremonies, ring ceremony, office parties, business parties, proposal occasions. All of us get up from our seats just because the right time has come to cut the cake, and everyone wants to witness this precious part of the ceremony. So, to bring our attention to how important cakes are in the community how can we forget about the healthy ingredients of it. Using extra virgin oil instead of butter is one of the most important uses of olive oil. When living in this cake-oriented community, we cannot ignore to eat it therefore, the only way to have healthy choices is to substitute the butter with extra virgin oil. The fruity aroma of olive oil brings out the other flavors in baked goods like chocolate, nuts, cinnamon and fruit. Instead of butter that is supposed to be the most important part of cakes, if we use extra virgin olive oil, we can automatically make our recipe healthier because olive oil is lower in saturated fat than butter. 


olive oil vs butter
olive oil vs butter

One more important thing should be kept in mind when baking a cake, the texture of it.  The texture of a cake made with oil is better and superior to the texture of cakes made with butter and no doubt if we use extra virgin oil it would be way healthier and best in texture. This cake tends to be loftier and retain the moist for a longer period and does not become crumbly. Therefore, to improve the texture, flavor and health it is strongly recommended to use extra virgin oil in cakes.


The smoke point of the oil can be correlated with its level of refinement. Many oils have a smoke point above standard home cooking temperatures. The temperature above than the smoke point is the flash point, where the vapors of oil can ignite in air giving an ignition source. Extra virgin oil which is the best source of vitamin E and antioxidants called polyphenols have been sensitive to heat above 410 degree Fahrenheit, therefore, it is recommended not to bake anything having extra virgin oil in it above 410 degree F. This way the important ingredients can be saved from burning and losing its healthier effect. 

Cooking above this vary temperature will make the oil harmful as it will lose all of its effective components and the only part which is left is unsaturated fat that will instead give you more harm than the normal oils like peanut oil and almond oil or canola oil. This way there is no point of switching the other oils of butter with extra virgin oil. 

Care should be taken in using every product, especially when it comes to eating healthy options. Therefore, in expert’s point of view, it is better to make a habit of using extra virgin oil in routine use and develop our taste according to its taste because nothing is healthier than using this oil in food. Making yourself used to it is one of the healthy adaptations of life you can achieve by just putting a little effort into it.

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