Is extra virgin olive oil gluten free

Gluten Free Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Patients who suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac diseases have to consume gluten free food items. A good news for these patients is, that the extra virgin olive oil is free from gluten.

Olive oil is free from gluten as long as it is only made from olives. Extra virgin olive oil, light olive oil and plain olive oil, all are free from gluten. There are many flavored olive oils in the market, most probably they are gluten free, but it is advisable to read the label.

Spanish olive oil doctor and health benefits about olive oil

Among all types of olive oil, extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest one and is recommended to the patients to maintain their normal metabolic activities. In order to better understand that why it is gluten free, you must know what extra virgin olive oil is. 

Let’s start with its production and chemistry to clarify the subject!

What is EVOO?

For many centuries, people are crushing and pressing the olive fruits to extract oil from them. The pure oil which is obtained from the olives without the use of chemicals and heat is called as extra virgin olive oil. EVOO is the purest oil on earth. As the process through which it is obtained is free from any other material addition, so it can be said with 100 % surety that extra virgin olive oil is free from gluten.

Chemically, extra virgin olive oil is rich in anti-inflammatory oleocanthal,  polyphenols, anti-oxidants, 78% mono-unsaturated fatty acids, 13.8% saturated fatty acid. Along with these, vitamin K and E are also in abundance in extra virgin olive oil. All these compounds form up the structure of olive oil and makes it suitable for humans to fight against various diseases and to provide a stable, healthy lifestyle.

When and How Gluten can Enter EVOO?

As extra virgin olive oil is only obtained from pure olives, then the only way for gluten to become part of this pure oil is through cross contamination. In other olive oil types, gluten can also enter along with other ingredients that are added in oil for flavor and shelf life enhancement purposes.

Equipments used for olive oil extraction can also be used for the production of wheat germ oil or processing of other gluten containing products, and in this way gluten can contaminate the olive oil.

Added ingredients in the infused olive oil for flavor can also be derived from gluten grain. For example, in smoked flavored olive oils, barley is added which gives smoke flavor and can be a source of gluten as well. Theoretically, it is possible for other flavoring compounds to have small amounts of gluten in them that can contaminate the olive oil. 

So, it is better to double check the label and only go for pure extra virgin olive oil to avoid any of these types of issues.

Spanish Oil

If you are looking out for pure extra virgin olive oil, I would love to recommend the ‘Spanish oil’ company. As no compromise can be made over this gluten issue, so there is no room for any risk. The Spanish oil provides certificated gluten free olive oilproducts. 

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All the products you will find on our website are certified and from authentic well known brands. The extra virgin olive oil which you would like to order will be harvested and shipped directly from Spain, which is known as the land of the olives.


Extra virgin olive oil is a nutritious, wholesome and healthy edible oil. This oil has enormous health benefits which can not be counted or elaborated in one round. For gluten sensitive people who are well aware of extra virgin olive oil’s health benefits, it is a blessing that this oil is free from gluten. So, wait no more and try this health- giving oil and enjoy life to its fullest.

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