Extra virgin olive oilHealth benefits

Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil health benefits

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From waking up to eating food, working all day to sleep at night there is a lot you can do to keep yourself healthy and active. This ‘a lot’ does not necessarily mean visiting nutritionists, doing hectic and heavy exercise and other stuff. It simply means you can add something decent in your diet that can contribute a lot towards a healthy life.

I am talking about something which is not unknown rather it is a well known and very famous edible oil, ‘extra virgin olive oil’. Despite the fashion in which you use this oil, either in form of salad dressing, in baking or marinating your dinner, you will definitely feel its unique and luring taste.

Moreover, extra virgin olive oil is not something which only provides good taste, but it is also an amazing source of great health properties. Extra virgin olive oil has several characteristics that are not found in any other oil collectively, in short the facts about this oil are all wonders that you would love to explore.

Let’s talk specifically about diabetes here. Diabetes is the disease that gives birth to numerous other diseases like obesity, cardiovascular disorders, weakness, eyesight issues, movement issues, disruption in normal metabolic activities, blood pressure, gestational diabetes and much more.

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good for Diabetes?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away is an old but golden saying. Do you know what is the best saying for diabetic patients? It’s extra virgin olive oil consumption per day that keeps the other diseases away. Well it seems strange but it is the truth.

The World Health Organization has published a report stating that 50% of diabetic patients are unaware of their disease. They do not know they have it until severe symptoms appear. The best way to avoid these symptoms and diabetes-related diseases is to swap your sedentary lifestyle with a healthy one. Some exercise, healthy diet and daily consumption of extra virgin olive oil is the best and healthiest way. Want to know how and why? 

Let’s start the study of facts!

Fats in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mono-unsaturated fat is found in abundance in EVOO. In 1 tbsp of EVOO, there is 2.2g of saturated fat and 10g of monounsaturated fat. This is very good for the heart as it reduces the blood pressure and blood cholesterol level.

A Primed (Prevention with a Mediterranean Diet) study showed that people who consume EVOO on a daily basis are lower at risk of diabetes development. Triglycerides are also reduced by EVOO, which will otherwise cause serious damage to blood vessels known as arteriosclerosis. This condition is common in aged patients with diabetes.

Obesity and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

EVOO is a good source of HDL. High-density lipoproteins are well known for removing extra cholesterol from the body. These carry cholesterol droplets and clots to the liver, where these are broken down into smaller particles for excretion out of the body. 

Your body remains healthy and fat does not accumulate under your skin or around the organs because extra virgin olive oil plays its vital role.

Blood Pressure and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Blood pressure is another common disorder related to diabetes. It can be a genetic factor, but many diabetic patients face this problem. High blood pressure is extremely dangerous and can weaken the heart walls and vessels. 

Blood pressure increases with the increased consumption of saturated fat. As extra virgin olive oil has maximum mono-unsaturated fat so it is helpful in normalizing the blood pressure and replacing the other fats in your diet.

Gestational Diabetes and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A scientific journal, ‘Plos One’ has revealed that consuming EVOO not only reduces the risk of gestational diabetes by 30%, but it also improves the baby’s health. Females who are already a patient of diabetes are recommended to consume this oil as many other important health aspects are handsomely covered.

Blood Sugar Level and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil fights against the LDL or bad cholesterol. This low level of LDL and high level of HDL improves the blood sugar level, maintains it and increases the insulin sensitivity of diabetic patients which indirectly improves their overall health.

Can You Drink Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Yes, you can drink extra virgin olive oil. But, as we all know moderation is important and access to anything is bad.

Extra virgin olive oil has a very pungent, bitter taste with a burning sensation in throat after swallowing. One tbsp is the recommended intake by dieticians for fighting an array of diseases and a healthy living.

Last Words:

Living a healthy life is the utmost desire of every human being. In order to fulfill this desire, we all have to add some new things and exclude some bad things and habits from our life. It is not easy to change the lifestyle, but for the sake of health it is not a deal of loss. 

Extra virgin olive oil is an extraordinary thing, it’s fine to call it a blessing for human health. I would like to recommend my company the Spanish oil to give you a glimpse of the true taste of this salubrious oil. Make a free visit to our website to explore the purity and variety of olive oil harvested in Spain. We ship all around the world and only deal with pure and high quality products. Customer satisfaction is our first priority, visit and see by yourself.

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