Make Popcorn with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Sometimes, the easiest way is the best way. The guilt free self-made popcorns are made from Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil at home. The simpler you are the convenience you will be. The organic popcorns are worth sharing, worth celebrating and its recipe is worth repeating. 

Kids love to fill their bellies with snacks, it is tested that the extra virgin popcorn soothes the appetite and helps in the fulfilling the satiety. 

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Popcorn manages your cravings with real, simple and high quality ingredients.

Season it with the right amount of table salt and pop it in extra virgin olive oil, this taste bud tempting flavor will taste like a movie theatre popcorn, with no the guilt.

Popcorn flavors include Mix, Cheese Corn, Caramel Corn, Organic Chile Jalapeño White Cheddar, and Organic Dill Pickle.

Olive oil popped popcorns are deliciously delicious. They are as addictive to cause psychological dependence. Once you taste it, your taste buds will crave for it. The flavor and the smell of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil can drive you crazy. Food is something more than filling tummies. People search for better taste, greater hygiene and healthier food. If you find taste, its good, but getting a healthier food is a bonus.

Do you want to make it at home? Are you conscious of your diet? Do you want to have calorie free snacks? Yes, it is possible to have snacks without calories and you can make it at home. Its Organic popcorn

Popcorn with olive oil
Popcorn with olive oil

Make Organic Popcorn on the Stove 

Popcorn made with olive oil
Popcorn made with olive oil

If you will pop the popcorn in the air, you will have the fewest calories, but if you pop it some extra virgin olive oil, you will have best hunger control. The making of extra virgin popcorns is the best solution for night cravings. Jeffers says about popcorns, “popping it in oil, is a great way to consume a healthy portion of fat to control hunger”

All you need to make organic popcorns is a pot with its lid and extra virgin olive oil. You are making the best choice for hunger by choosing home-made popcorns. 

Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Cooking

It is best recommended oil for making the popcorns at home. It contains anti-oxidants and multivitamins, which helps with strong immunity and boosting power. The anti-oxidants help in the coping with oxidative stress in the body.  

Control the Portion Size

The portion size should be managed according to the diet and calories. Normally a plain cup consists of approximately 30 calories. But with the addition of toppings the amounts of calories rise up quickly.

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Do not Use kettle Corn

The use of kettle corn is prohibited due to the presence of large amounts of oil, sugar and salt in it. It can enhance the amount of calories in your diet. It is recommended to take 2.3 grams sodium daily, but it can affect your diet plan. So, it’s better to avoid such corns.

Avoid added Chemicals and Sweeteners

Try to purchase the simple popped kernels. If the packed and flavored popcorns are bought, they will be considered as a treat not a healthy snack. As Jeffers says, “View prepackaged varieties like caramel or dark chocolate as a treat, not a healthy snack.”

When you visit the grocery store, try to select the simple popcorns, as the cheese powders and truffle oil labeled packets does not really contain such ingredients but flavors. 


Enhance your extra virgin olive oil popcorn with simple, healthy toppings. Consider adding a bit of spice with sauces or jalapeño peppers. However, be mindful of the toppings you choose. Stick to natural spices and seasonings, as powders and artificial flavors can diminish the quality and health benefits of your organic popcorn. Keep it simple to stay healthy!

Popcorn having the Greater Satiety Ability

Some chefs recommend the addition of the very small amount of butter with large amount of extra virgin oil; this gives the tempting buttery flavor to the whole popcorns. It also reduces the amount of calories, which could be present in butter pop corns.

The proteins added with such popcorns will increase the satiety and reduce the hunger. You can add any protein source with it to have a nutritious snack. All the nutrition can be availed from a single pack of popcorns with a limited amount of calories. Yes! Don’t wait a single more second and rush towards it. 

Popcorn with olive oil
Popcorn with olive oil

Uses of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cooking with olive oil is popular, but there still exist some doubts that need attention. Some people are reluctant using olive oil in their cooking because the myth is ingrained in their mind. They think olive oil should not be used cold and never be cooked. Cooking with olive oil not only makes the food tastier but also healthier. 

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The Composition of Olive Oil

The crux of using Olive oil in cooking comes here. It has 13% of purely saturated fatty acid, only 15% of polyunsaturated fatty acid and 73% of monounsaturated fatty acids. This shows that olive oil is redundant to oxidative damage.


So the reasons why extra virgin olive oil should be used in making popcorns is the following 

  • It comes with the most stable monounsaturated fatty acids
  • It has least free fatty acids
  • It has a safe level of smoke point that is 220 degree Celsius, below which you can cook food out of harm’s way
  • It is most redundant to oxidative damage

A lot of well-researched documents and articles ensure olive oil’s advantages. You can use it, cook with it, dress your food with it, and deep-fry in it. Giving a delicious taste to your meal, olive oil can be a best option you can choose for your family as a healthy diet. As a bonus, cooking with olive oil enhances the antioxidant activity of your food to a considerable level. Therefore, you can enjoy all the traditional and present styles of cooking with extra virgin olive oil.

Photos by Eduardo Casajús Gorostiaga & Nathan Dumlao & Mockup Graphics on Unsplash

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