Secrets of Skin Care with Olive Oil

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You may have a bottle of olive oil present in your cupboard. You may use it in making the perfect dinner, but have you ever wondered about the external usage benefits of olive oil? Yes! Olive oil is not only beneficial for internal use, but the skin care with olive oil is worth considering.

If you want to get something special and natural for your skin, go for olive oil. It does not only help your skin glow, but also beautifies it. Olive oil is not only good for your beauty but also for your wallet. 

Do you know what olive oil is?

Olive oil is the liquid fat obtained from the conventional tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin. It is obtained by pressing the olives. It has infinite benefits for internal as well as external use. Olive oil is an antioxidant and contains vitamin E. Olive Oil can be used for Natural Skin Care. The olive oil should be used as a moisturizing element in spite of moisturizer itself. 

You can find olive oil in a number of body moisturizers. It helps in retaining the hydration of skin. You can name it as a “beauty powerhouse.” The olive oil is essentially used for dry skin. If you have an oily skin, it can cause clogging.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Skin Benefits

For decades, extra virgin olive oil is being used dry skin. The antibacterial and anti-aging effects of this oil have made this oil the oil of choice for dry skin. It creates a moisture barrier and prevents water loss from the skin.

Olive Oil and Vitamins

According to the International Olive Council, the olive oil is a factory of all the fat soluble vitamins. You can get vitamin A, D, E and K at a same time from a single spoon of olive oil. The use of vitamin E for skin can never be neglected. So the olive oil indirectly avoids wrinkles and provides glow to the skin.  

Olive Oil and Antioxidant Properties

As you know oxidation is a process which causes damage. The antioxidant properties prevent the damage or reverse them. There is an ingredient in the olive oil known as Squalene, it boosts the anti-oxidant activities of the olive oil. So, olive oil prevents and reverses the damage caused by cancerous radiations. 

Olive Oil and War against Bacteria

The olive oil helps in fighting the bacteria which causes acne. The people with acne problems can use the products containing olive oil. Such products reduced the frequency of acne in such persons. Bacteria are the main reason of acne and moisture is the second one. The moisture along with olive oil utilization can help in prevention of acne problems. So, olive oil can be used as Natural Skin Care.

Olive Oil, Moisturizer

Research proves that the olive oil can act as a moisturizer. It retains the water in the skin, thus preventing its loss. The retained water, thus helps in the softening and soothing of skin.

Highly Researched Efficacy of Olive Oil on Skin

It is proven by research on the skin of mice that the use of olive oil can prevent them from the harm ultra violet radiations. U.V rays are the cause of skin cancer. The application of olive oil on the skin of mice showed reduced tumor production after U.V radiation exposure.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Skin Benefits

Extra virgin olive oil should be preferred in spite of refined oils like regular olive oil. The use solvents and heat in the process of refining changes or reduces the antioxidants present in the olive oil naturally. The refined olive oil will definitely moisturize the skin but could not be able to provide beneficial effects like anti-aging effects to the skin.

How to Apply Olive Oil on Face?

Skin care with olive oil
Skin care with olive oil

Olive Oil is most preferably used in face wash for people with dry skin. Some of the cosmetics also use the olive oil base.  Some body washes, soaps and lotions also contain the olive oil as its perfect ingredient. I will prefer the persons with dry skin to use the products having extra virgin olive oil as its essential ingredient. 

However, it is not necessary to use the products of Olive oil. You can also apply it directly on the skin. You can just put two to three drops of oil on your palm and apply it on the face. Your excessive oil on the skin can be managed by cleaning with a towel or tissue. 

If you want to go outside for a trip, you should use olive oil as a moisturizer. The damage due to sun exposure can be prevented using the olive oil. 


If you have issues with your skin like dermatitis, or oily skin, I won’t recommend you to use olive oils as care product. Some studies show that olive oil should not be used for infants. The use of olive oil has worsened the skin conditions of a large population. There are some sensitivity issues with this oil. 

A sensitivity test is recommended before using the olive oil. You can apply a small amount of oil on the forearm and watch for the reaction. If it does not cause any reaction or rash, you can apply it on the face with ease and happiness. The reaction should be observed for one to two days. In infants, the utilization of olive oil caused eczema in later life. 


As olive oil is a heavy oil so you should use extra virgin olive oil for skin. Rub the extra oil after applying, it would not trap the bacteria and would not clog the skin. 

There are some companies which do not offer high quality of olive oil. It can reduce the reputation of the olive oil. In the same way, the use of overripe or damaged olives can affect the efficacy of this oil. 

The storage conditions during transportation can also degrade the quality of olive oil. If you want to use an olive oil, then look for the label of certification on the bottle of olive oil bottle. 

The olive oil production
The olive oil production info graphic

How Olive Oil Is Made?

Olive oil is one of the best fats in the world. But howe it’s made? Thats the process of an excellent extra virgin olive oil?

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