Secrets of Skin Care with Olive Oil

Skin care with olive oil

You may have a bottle of olive oil present in your cupboard. You may use it in making the perfect dinner, but have you ever wondered about the external usage benefits of olive oil? Yes! Olive oil is not only beneficial for internal use, but the skin care with olive oil is worth considering. If … Read more

Extra virgin olive oil for baking

olive oil for baking

Introduction in olive oil for baking Dietary fats have been in controversy for a long period with debates about animal fat, seed oil and everything in between in full force. After all that still it has concluded that extra virgin oil is the healthiest fat on earth. Not only its internal benefits, but also externally … Read more

Can I cook with extra virgin Olive Oil?

How to Store Olive Oil Correctly?

In this world of fancy foods, everyone is looking for something extra special. Today, food is something more than filling tummies. People search for better taste, greater hygiene and healthier food. If you get taste, its good, but finding a healthier food is a plus. The struggle does not end here. Many other factors involve … Read more

Kosher Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Kosher olive oil

There are various religions and cultures around the globe. As many things are prohibited or not allowed by these cultures, people tend to move according to what their ancestors have been following. Kosher foods are one of those items which are specifically consumed by Jews and they do not like to consume which falls out … Read more

Vitamins in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Vitamins in olive oil

Olive oil is called as the healthiest oil on earth in comparison to all other edible oils. But, before we look at the components that makes this oil extraordinary, it is important to clarify that not all olive oil types are good or of the highest nutritional profile. Only extra virgin olive oil is contemplated … Read more

How Olive Oil Is Made?

The olive oil production

Olive oil is obtained from the olive fruit. The oil is usually obtained by crushing the fruit between two stones or blades. This will extract semi liquid paste which is then stirred to get the oil droplets in a maceration process, followed by centrifugation to separate oil and water from the paste. Olive trees have … Read more

How to Store Olive Oil Correctly?

How to Store Olive Oil Correctly?

The world and the people in it are getting obsessed with health, fitness and healthy diet plans. As a matter of fact, this consciousness is a good thing. But, in order to keep it up we all have to cope up with the body requirements as well as with the environmental demands.  When it comes … Read more

Oil vs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive tree in rape oil field

Extra virgin olive oil is made up of pure, cold pressed olives, on the other hand, other oils are made from both processed and pressed oil seeds. When it comes to the comparison of the EVOO with other edible oils, you will always find EVOO 2 steps ahead of all of them. The market is … Read more

What’s the Smoke Point of Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Heating point of olive oil!

The smoke point of any oil can be defined as that point at which oil begins to break down and turn into smoke. Smoke point of oils is related to their free fatty acids and acidity level. The lower the acidity, the higher the smoking point. When it comes to extra virgin olive oil, we … Read more

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Real Or Fake?

Real or Fake Olive Oil

This question about the purity of olive oil always perplexes the buyers. Ever since a journalist, Tom Mueller, has published an article stating that almost 70% of the EVOO sold all around the world is fake, customers have become more conscious. If you are one of them and is not sure about the authenticity of … Read more

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