The Taste of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Taste of olive oil

The term ‘extra virgin olive oil’ is used for the highest quality of olive oil. This olive oil is obtained by mechanical extraction from the olive fruit without the use of heat or any chemical solvent. As no chemical or heat treatment is used, so the taste of extra virgin olive oil is quite different … Read more

What makes an award-winning olive oil?

Award winning olive oil

There are 1000s of varieties of olives. Each variety has its own specific characteristics, flavor, aroma and color. Each region and area is well known for its own olive types. But, what makes an olive oil to fall under the award winning category is a bit tricky question. The story begins at the very early … Read more

Flos Olei 2020 the best 500 Olive Oils in the World

Flos Olei 2020

What is Flos Olei guide? Flos Olei is a guide who lists the best olive oils around the world. The 500 best olive oils are added to the guide every year. The publisher is the Italian Marco Oreggia Giornalista. The olive oils are awarded with up to 100 points, as well as wine guides (for … Read more

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