Olive Oil Cal Saboi Horeca Arbequina 500ml

The love of the earth, technical expertise and carefully preserved traditions have been passed down through six generations of producers since 1871 to form the soul of this unique oil. 


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OriginL'Albi, Province of Lleida - Catalonia - Spain
Content500 ml
Type of Olive100% Arbequina
QualityExtra Virgin Olive Oil
FruitinessLight fruity
AromaRich in secondary vegetal aromas, predominated by a grassy character, as well as notes reminiscent of unripened walnuts, the tomato vine or the fennel plant with touches of artichoke. Results in a sweet and aromatic oil with a good complexity to finish.
FlavorSweet in the mouth, with a hint of spice and a light bitterness. The final effect is of gentle intensity. An intense almond aftertaste.
Harvestingread by machine
AdviceRecommended as an ideal accompaniment to fresh dishes, perhaps as a dressing for any salad or a garnish for fruit salad. Its sweet taste combines perfectly with almost any variety of bread including delicate and aromatic loaves, raisin or orange bread, fig or honeyed bread or any other bloomer. Adds something special in every instance.

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