Olive Oil Casas de Hualdo - Picual 500ml

With the picual olive oil, Casas de Hualdo has created an excellent, powerful extra virgin olive oil that inspires every olive oil connoisseur with its intensity and endurance.

Casas de Hualdo


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OriginEl Carpio de Tajo, Toledo
Content500 ml
Type of Olive100% Picual
QualityExtra Virgin Olive Oil
FruitinessIntense fruity
AromaAromas of green leaf, tomato, green banana and even licorice are appreciated.
FlavorIn the mouth it is robust, persistent and intense.
HarvestingMachine readed by vibration process with collection screen and vereo.
AdviceIts intensity of aromas increases the flavors of the accompanying dishes. Ideal for tomato salads, grilled vegetables, white asparagus, stews or baked fish.

Olive Oil CASAS DE HUALDO Picual 500ml

Olive oil comes from different cultivars in different varieties produced by different companies. Extra virgin olive oil is the purest and of highest quality olive oil despite the cultivar from which it is extracted. At present, the market is full of olive oil producers which are selling EVOO and other graded olive oils, but the difference lies in the variety, soil where the trees are grown and the organoleptic properties the product holds. 

So, here I am introducing a company which is not only famous for its landscape and the natural privileges it holds, but is also very famous for its exclusive olive oil range that holds fine, and versatile arganoleptic properties.

Casas de Hualdo

Casas De Hualdo, a one of its name. It is located in an ancient city Toledo, situated on a hill through which river Tagus passes by above the Castilla-La-Mancha plains in central Spain. The beautiful landscape and the coexistence of natural wild fauna and flora adds much value to our olive groves. We not only focus on the production of our crops, but also find it our responsibility to take care of our mother nature, thus sustainability is also our utmost priority.

Olive Oil Picual 500ml is from our best product range. It is pure extra virgin olive oil produced by the cold press method. Let’s have a look at the main features of this product!

Olive Oil Picual 500ml

Casas De Hualdo Picual is an early harvest product. It is obtained at the earliest ripening stage and within 6 hours of harvesting it is set for processing. Our mill is located at the base of our farms so there is minimum to no delay in fruit processing and oil extraction. This care is taken because if the harvested fruit is slightly bruised and is delayed for processing, then it began to deteriorate and this abruptly affects the quality of the end product.

Picual, after Arbequina, is the most widespread olive variety in the world. Its origin is basically Andalusia, but its intense density feature has perfectly adapted to our land’s climatic and soil conditions. 

Olives of Casas de Hualdo

Olive Oil picual is an intense oil, special by its high persistence and comes with great complexity. The olives which are selected for oil extraction at the perfect stage of ripeness produces a fresh green-yellow juice. When the bottle is opened a profound and complex aroma deluges out, and when it is tasted, a robust—intense flavor rushes into the mouth that activates all the taste buds.

Attributes of Picual Olive Oil 500ml

  • Chemical parameters: Acidity: 0.4%, which is due to the presence of high levels of polyphenol Oleuropein (587 ppm), Peroxide index: 1.8 meq, Esters: 10 ppm
  • Taste: Aromas of green leaf, green banana, fresh cut green grass, peppermint, green apples, herbs and artichoke makes this oil very special. It holds a bitter flavor followed by different fruity notes
  • Pairs Best With: Casas De Hualdo Picual has a richness of aromas which makes it perfect for consumption with green salads and sautéed vegetables. It also goes well with seasonal green asparagus. It also compliments blue fish, baked meat, stuffed aubergines, cabbage and mushrooms with garlic. It can also be consumed with various rice dishes, cured sheep’s cheese of manchego cheese boards, and meatballs with tomato sauce.

Now, let’s talk about how our company is playing its role in maintaining the sustainable environment.


Each and every step of our work reflects our commitment and morale. In Casas De Hualdo, we are well aware of the responsibility towards the environment of the territory which we inhabit. Therefore, merely producing high quality product is not enough. It is mandatory for us to keep a 360º vision of our activities which encompass all the aspects of production. It includes excellence in the end product, social commitment, respect and care for the environment, and continuous innovation with improvement. 

Olives of Casas de Hualdo Olive Oil

One of the fundamental aspect is the responsible and careful power consumption, which promotes environmental sustainability. Owing to this, in 2018 we made a commitment to preserve our resources and installed largest photovoltaic plants for solar pumping on our farms. This facility, on our farms, covered an area of 1.3 hectares with power of 567 kWp. Produced energy is utilized for irrigation of 270ha of olive groves and 100ha of herbaceous crops.

By taking full advantage of our blessed location and adopting a very sensitive behavior towards the importance of water, we have installed modern irrigation systems. Such methods are adopted for land irrigation, which are dependent upon strict necessary water usage in the best possible manner. Minimum intervention and prevention methods are adopted for pest and disease management so that the natural fauna and flora gets the best protection and care. Environmental certificates like ISO 14.001 or the carbon footprint calculation reflects our sincere commitment towards our environment.

Last Words:

Casas De Hualdo is a certified and verified olive oil producer. Our enthusiasm and hard work can be seen in our high quality, and pure products. The unique characteristics of our products make them outstanding and exclusive from all other items available in the market. So, why not give us a try and let your taste buds experience something pure and great.

Casas de Hualdo extra virgin olive oil 

Video about casas de Waldo and the work behind the excellence extra virgen olive oils.


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