Olive Oil La Solana2 Picual 500ml

This limited and numbered edition - ‘AOVE La Solana2 Picual’ - is unique on the market because of its cultivation, preparation and quality. Experience the pleasure of tasting it. You’ll be the judge.

La Solana2


18,09 €

OriginOria, Province of Almería - Andalusia - Spain
Content500 ml
Type of Olive100% Picual
QualityExtra Virgin Olive Oil
Organic farmingYes
ColorEmerald green
FruitinessMedium fruity
AromaFreshly cut green grass, olive leaf, tomato plant, fig tree.
FlavorWe can clearly discern the tastes of artichoke, green almond, tomato, banana and apple in the mouth.
AdviceIdeal for use without cooking such as on breakfast toasts or salad dressings and to give the final touch to red meats and oven-cooked fish.

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