Daran erkennt man schlechtes Olivenöl

guten und schlechtes Olivenöl unterscheiden

Bei schlechtem Olivenöl kann es sich entweder um ein minderwertiges, gepanschtes oder raffiniertes Öl handeln, das der Gesundheit nicht so effektiv zuträglich ist, wie ein hochwertiges Olivenöl Virgen extra. Oder aber das Olivenöl ist geschmacklich schlecht und wird vom Fachmann daher als defekt bezeichnet. In beiden Fällen wird der Kenner das Öl nicht zur Zubereitung … Weiterlesen

Pyrenees salad – Tomatoes and fresh Olivenöl

Tomaten Salat

Pyrenees salad, with fresh Olivenöl from the Alfar Olivenöl mill. The salad is seasoned with wild herbs (dried oregano) and salt from the Pyrenees. The salt from the Pyrenees “Sel des Pyrénées” has special characteristics so it has a 10 times higher natural iodine value than sea salt.

A delightful dish for the hole year, the salad invites to a healthy and delicious dinner.

Good Appetite


Oro del Desierto harvest 2016-2017

Oliven von Oro del Desierto

Harvest starts in Oro del Desierto. After a long work during one year with the olive trees, the time is coming for the harvest. The harvest of the still green and beautiful olives starts this days and they are delivered directly to the farm own olive mill of Oro del Desierto. This is the most … Weiterlesen

Natives Olivenöl Extra is the best option for frying fish

Fisch braten mit Olivenöl

Researchers have studied the changes that take place in fish lipids and in the oil during frying processes, and have concluded that using Natives Olivenöl Extra is the best choice. Researchers at the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country have studied the changes that take place in fish lipids and in the oil during frying processes … Weiterlesen

Spanish Food Award für das beste native Olivenöl extra von 2015-2016

Finca la Torre from Bobadilla (Malaga) today on 12 Abril 2016 have again a reason to celebrate. They have been awarded for the 4th consecutive time as the best Olivenöl of Spain at the “Spain Food Award for the best Natives Olivenöl Extra harvest 2015-2016“  the award is awarded annually by the Spanish Ministry of … Weiterlesen