Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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In the market, you will observe that there are many producers that sell unfiltered extra virgin olive oil. This olive oil is quite different from other types because it has a cloudy form. It is also known as veiled or ‘olio nuovo’. Unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is an intermediate product of oil extraction. 

If you want to try this olive oil, but doesn’t know much about it, its benefits, shelf life, issues with its usage and its appearance and taste. Then you are at the right place. In this article, I am going to present a brief introduction about unfiltered extra virgin olive oil.

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Appearance of Unfiltered Olive Oil

How does unfiltered olive oil look like? This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Unfiltered olive oil has a distinctive cloudy appearance, a result of its natural state. Because it does not go through any filtration process, it retains plant residues and seed particles, along with small water droplets.

These water droplets create a water-in-oil emulsion, while the suspended seed residues form a suspension. Together, these elements give unfiltered olive oil its characteristic cloudiness. This natural composition not only affects its appearance but also enhances its rich, robust flavor, offering a more authentic and wholesome olive oil experience.

Benefits of Unfiltered Olive Oil

When it comes to the benefits of unfiltered olive oil, there are numerous. Talking from the health perspective, unfiltered olive oil is rich in anti-inflammatory antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and zero dietary cholesterol.

Spanish olive oil doctor and health benefits about olive oil

These antioxidants are perfect for preventing various heart diseases, maintaining healthy body weight and in providing a balanced nutrition for the human body. From the oil stability perspective, various phenolic compounds can contribute to the oil stability in unfiltered oils. These phenolic compounds are removed from the filtered olive oil during filtration.

Some chefs find unfiltered extra virgin olive oil more rich in taste, aroma and pure fruit flavor.

Problems with the Unfiltered Olive Oil

The problems with the unfiltered olive oil are not as many as it seems to be for those who have little information about it. Olive oil is the only oil among all other edible types that has the longest shelf life. But, air, heat, light and time are its enemies. 

The problem you will encounter with the unfiltered olive oil is its shelf life. Once the bottle seal is opened, the maximum shelf life of this oil will be two years only if it is stored under ideal conditions like no heat, air and high temperature.

Expiration Date of Unfiltered Olive Oil

The expiration date of unfiltered olive oil entirely depends upon its production and the date when the bottle was opened. During a commercial production, oil is stored in large tanks for months so that the sediments will settle down and only a minimum amount of them is transferred to the bottles while packaging.

These sediments are the seed residues which began to ferment as soon as the lid is opened. So, it is advised by the sellers not to shake the bottle while pouring the oil out of it, otherwise it will only goad the fermentation of the residues.

Filtrated vs Unfiltered

Unfiltered vs. filtered Olive Oil

On the ride side fresh pressed olive oil from Finca la Torre it is cloudy and opaque. After the filtering the olive oil change to a very special green transparent color.

olive oil filter

It’s exact the same olive oil, the only different are the filtration of the fresh press olive oil.

Is it Economical to Buy Unfiltered Olive Oil?

After absorbing enough information about the unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, the question that will pop up in your mind will surely be, is it better to buy unfiltered olive oil? Is it economical? 

The answer is yes. If you are buying this unfiltered EVOO from an authentic company, then you should have no worries. Unfiltered olive oil is richer in minerals, antioxidants, aroma and flavor than filtered one. It is definitely economical to invest in something that has enormous health benefits. 

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