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Olive Oil Set Nobleza del Sur Tradición 3 x 500 ml - Olive oil - Nobleza del Sur
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Olive oil
Nobleza del Sur
PACK-0204 COSECHA-23/24
Product set of 3 olive oils from Nobleza del Sur Tradición 1640. A pure Arbequina olive oil and a 100% Picual olive oil as well as a cupage of Arbequina and Picual ideal for the olive oil tasting.
Olive Oil Verde Esmeralda Red Diamond Royal 500 ml - Olive oil - Verde EsmeraldaOlive Oil Verde Esmeralda Red Diamond Royal 500 ml - Olive oil - Verde Esmeralda 2
    In stock
    Olive oil
    Verde Esmeralda
    Olive Oil Castillo de Canena First Day Arbequina 500ml - Olive oil - Castillo de CanenaOlive Oil Castillo de Canena First Day Arbequina 500ml - Olive oil - Castillo de Canena 2
      In stock
      Olive oil
      Castillo de Canena
      Primer Dia de Cosecha Arbequina,limited edition of first day of harvest: a unique oil in its category, with the maximum score in the prestigious Flos Olei guide. 
      Olive Oil Hacienda El Palo Premium Picual 500ml - Olive oil - Hacienda El PaloOlive Oil Hacienda El Palo Premium Picual 500ml - Olive oil - Hacienda El Palo 2
        In stock
        Olive oil
        Hacienda El Palo
        Olive Oil Verde Esmeralda Green Emerald Picual 500 ml - Olive oil - Verde EsmeraldaOlive Oil Verde Esmeralda Green Emerald Picual 500 ml - Olive oil - Verde Esmeralda 2
          In stock
          Olive oil
          Verde Esmeralda
          Organic Olive Oil Rincón de la Subbetica Hojiblanca 500ml - Organic olive oil - Almazaras de la SubbeticaOrganic Olive Oil Rincón de la Subbetica Hojiblanca 500ml - Organic olive oil - Almazaras de la Subbetica 2
            In stock
            Organic olive oil
            Almazaras de la Subbetica
            1 Reviews
            With 170 prizes for its quality and taste on both national and international levels, this oil is the fruit of the labours of more than 4000 families. Awards of Almazaras de la Subbetica
            Olive Oil Palacio de Los Olivos - Picual 500 ml - Olive oil - Palacio de los OlivosOlive Oil Palacio de Los Olivos - Picual 500 ml - Olive oil - Palacio de los Olivos 2
              In stock
              Olive oil
              Palacio de los Olivos
              Experience the outstanding quality and intense flavor of Palacio de Los Olivos - Picual 500 ml olive oil . This premium olive oil is made from 100% Picual olives and offers an incomparable culinary experience. Ideal for gourmets and lovers of Mediterranean cuisine.
              Organic Olive Oil Nobleza del Sur early harvest Day picual 500ml - Olive oil - Nobleza del Sur
                In stock
                2 Reviews
                As early as October, the olives for the fresh Ecológico Day from Nobleza del Sur harvested. A green organic oil that you should definitely try.




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                Castillo de Canena

                Castillo de Canena

                The family business Castillo de Canena groups its olive groves around the castle of the same name. It is beautifully situated between the Carzola and Mágina mountains in the Valle Alto of the municipality of Canena, which belongs to Jaén in Andalusia. Quality consciousness in harmony with nature is the credo of the environmentally conscious olive oil producer. In addition to numerous environmental certificates (e.g. demeter, BRC Food certified), the first-class premium olive oil from Castillo de Canena also has various awards. For example, in 2020 it achieved a maximum score of 100 points in the Flos Olei Guide.

                Finca la Torre

                In the Andalusian province of Malaga, surrounded by olive groves, Finca la Torre is picturesquely situated between green areas and pine forests. Because the first-class quality of olive oil and biodynamic cultivation according to demeter's strict rules are always in the foreground for the traditional company, it has already won many awards. For example, Finca la Torre's excellent organic olive oil has been awarded the IOOC Gold Medal in New York and the Gold Medal at Olive Japan. The Finca la Torre's Hojiblanca is often referred to as the world's best olive oil.

                Finca la Torre
                Almazara de la Subbética

                Almazara de la Subbética

                Almazaras de la Subbetica is located in the idyllic landscape of the Sierra Subbética Natural Park in the Andalusian province of Cordoba. The company emerged from the merger of two cooperatives, which are made up of many small family businesses. The commitment of every single smallholder creates unique olive oils that have received numerous awards all over the world. In addition to the German gourmet Olio and the Spanish SOL D'ORO, Japan, France and Canada have also recognized the great top oils from Almazaras de la Subbetica with awards.


                The family-owned company O-Med is located 700 meters above sea level on the edge of the highest mountain range in the Iberian Peninsula, the Sierra Nevada. The Garcia family looks back on a long tradition as an olive farmer and has also been producing the first-class extra virgin olive oil in-house in its own, sustainably operated mill since 2005. The incomparable premium extra virgin olive oil from O-Med has received several international awards. For example, it won the Mario Solinas Quality Award in 2017 and was voted the best olive oil frutado, verde, amargo in the same year.

                O-Med aceite de oliva virgen extra



                Best olive oil from different regions of Spain, carefully produced, carefully selected and quickly shipped. Spanish-oil.com has the most delicious olive oil specialties of the Iberian Peninsula ready for you. You will find gourmets' award-winning, top quality oils and secret treasures of small olive oil farmers, all of which are characterized by top quality. In order to be able to supply you with first-class oil at all times, we travel the country throughout the year. We visit our selected olive oil farmers and establish contacts with new, promising oil mills. Therefore, our assortment contains only olive oils that score in taste and also show excellent values in the laboratory.

                Production with passion and conviction is a credo for all our suppliers, which is reflected in the most diverse awards. This includes the awarding of the best olive oils in Spain as well as a victory in the gourmet Olio Award. Even the highest score in the worldwide testing olive oil guide Flos Olei could get hold of an olive oil of our offer. But also the oils without public award enjoy again and again enthusiastic recognition. Because by founded studies and experience for many years we matured to olive oil connoisseurs. We take up only oils into our product range, which we can recommend with good conscience. At spanish-oil.com all olive oils without exception are of the highest quality.


                In order that you can acquire not only olive oil of first-class quality, but also of exquisite taste, our oils are divided into three flavours. We differentiate between light fruity, medium fruity and intensive fruity. The probably best known, Spanish olive variety Arbequina tastes wonderfully mild and sometimes even a little sweetish. Therefore, most of our extra virgin olive oils with a slightly fruity aroma are made from 100 percent Arbequina olives. In the category "medium fruity" you can discover Arbequina olive, Arróniz and Picual oils, in addition to the oils from Arbequina olive. But also a skilful coupage of Arbequina and Cornicabra olives provides you with an oil in the medium fruity range.

                If you love the tart, sometimes even slightly bitter taste of Spanish olives, you should choose an oil made from Picual olives. In our third section, "intensely fruity", you will find pure Picual oils as well as the presses of rarer olive varieties, such as Brava Gallega or Koroneiki olives. Are these varieties unknown to you? Never mind. Let us surprise you! You will be delighted by the elegant aromas of the spicy olives, the full-bodied taste and a slightly scratchy but pleasant finish. Of course we offer you the extra virgin olive oils in different pack sizes. In order to preserve the healthy ingredients of the olives as well as their wonderful aromas as long as possible, you can purchase the first-class Spanish olive oil Virgen Extra exclusively in dark bottles or in canisters.


                Show a dear person how much you care about them with an outstanding olive oil from spanish-oil.com! For connoisseurs and lovers of a distinct olive aroma we can serve you with exclusive oils in limited editions and we offer you prize winners of various awards. For laymen and curious people, who would like to get to know the taste of a high-quality olive oil first, we recommend a selected gift or tasting set from our offer. Olive oil test glasses, matching the tasting set, are also on our product list. If you would like to give yourself a present, why not choose one of our extra virgin olive oils in organic quality. Among the organic olive oils you will also find oils of different olive varieties in small and larger packaging units.

                In addition to the unique Spanish olive oils, our assortment contains other culinary delicacies that will immerse you in the sumptuous world of Spanish cuisine. With exquisite spices, delicious olive pastes or tasty green and black olives we would like to spoil your palate. And so that your skin can also benefit from the healthy active ingredients of virgin olive oil, we carry pure olive oil soap, care creams and body milk based on olive oil. Browse through our exquisite range of products right now and join the ranks of enthusiastic customers!

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