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Spanish olive oil direct from Spain

It couldn't be fresher, healthier or tastier! Here you will find only first-class extra virgin olive oil, which will be delivered to your home directly from Spain. You get top oils that are perfect for everyday use and you can discover extra treats for special occasions. From intensely fruity to slightly sweet and mild there is something for every taste. Because we maintain personal contact with all our dealers, we can guarantee you the best olive oil quality. At we only stock the pure, cold-pressed olive juice with all its healthy ingredients and delicious flavors. See for yourself!

Buy Spanish olive oil, directly from the manufacturer and Spain!
Olive oil
Agrícola La Maja
An incredible and unique extra virgin olive oil that will not leave you indifferent. Native variety of Navarra for which the best olives are selected
Olive oil
Agrícola La Maja
2 Reviews
A family business that has been cultivating, pressing, and selling exceptionally high-quality olive oil since 1997 from their mill in Mendavia, Navarra.
Organic olive oil
Isul, the exquisite organically grown olive oil in an economical 5-litre canister, is suitable as the basis for the supply of fats in a healthy diet and for DIY body care. Awards of Almazara Ecológica de La Rioja
Olive oil
The olive oil made with the picuda variety is one of the most appreciated thanks to its incredible organoleptic properties. This savings format is perfect for all uses, enjoy the pointed variety harvested from centuries-old olive trees in the Subbetica mountains at a single price and in an ideal format for conservation.
Olive oil
Oro Bailen
An incredible Picual, and with the maximum rating from the most prestigious international guide to oils, 98 points in ’Flos Olei’, it is now endorsed as the best Picual worldwide.
This beautifully designed tin represents the greatest value for those committed lovers of ‘Finca la Torre’ to experience the finest oil in Spain at the very best price. Awards of Finca la Torre
The Arbequina is one of the most sought after olives in the world and ‘Oro Bailen Arbequina’ has consolidated its reputation as a product recognised internationally as one of the finest in quality.
If we are looking for an olive oil that is perfect for all uses, this will be our choice. Coupage of picual and arbequina with a greater presence of arbequina. Made with high-quality olives at their optimum harvest point for reach the best olive oil quality. 
Olive Oil Oro Bailen Reserva familiar Picual 500ml
  • -5%
€43.10 €45.36
In Jaén, the largest and most famous oil-producing region in the world, ‘Oro Bailen’ stands out. Its excellence and quality make it one the finest oils on a global scale.
1 Reviews
Made on the first day of the harvest, this exclusive and limited edition of just 4000 bottles is recognised the world over as the very finest oil produced in recent years. Awards of Finca la Torre
An extra virgin olive oil with character, its itchiness and bitterness predominate. Coupage of picual and arbequina with a greater presence of the picual variety. An oil for daily use especially recommended for lovers of more intense olive oils.
Olive oil
Marqués de Valdueza
1 Reviews
An exceptional extra-virgin olive oil, with select olives of the highest quality. An internationally famous oil.
Organic olive oil
Almazara Ecológica de La Rioja
1 Reviews
For lovers of extra-virgin olive oil, this organic product is beautifully presented and makes a big impact. Awards of Almazara Ecológica de La Rioja
Olive oil
Marqués de Valdueza
One of the best oils from the region of Extremadura. One of the few “aceites de pago”, a denominated selection of the best olive oils in Spain.
Olive oil
Venta del Barón olive oil, an exquisite culinary delight made from fresh, green olives from the Priego de Córdoba region. In a large 2.5 liter can for frequent users.
Olive oil
Agrícola La Maja
A family business that has been cultivating, pressing, and selling exceptionally high-quality olive oil since 1997 from their mill in Mendavia, Navarra.
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Spanish olive oil, a healthy delicacy

It is not for nothing that olive oil is also referred to as liquid gold, because it is more valuable for body and soul than almost any other food. The positive effects of high-quality olive oil on human health have already been proven in numerous studies. A prerequisite for a healthy olive oil, however, is that it is a cold-pressed oil of the highest quality. Here at you can expect only unique, Spanish extra virgin olive oils that meet the highest standards.

You can choose between nationally and internationally awarded bestsellers or opt for the excellent olive oil from a small farmer. Because our team of experts examines every olive oil in detail and only includes first-class oils in the spanish-oil range, you always have the certainty that you are only purchasing the best of the best. And of course the high-quality olive oils at are not only rich in valuable ingredients, but also an incomparable treat for the palate.

Olive oil from Spain

The best spanish olive oils for picknic

Excellent olive oil for every day or as a noble gift

So that you can find the right olive oil for every occasion, we have clearly divided our extensive range for you. If you are looking for a first-class, Spanish olive oil, with which you can do your health good every day and also put the icing on the cake of your lovingly served dishes, you will definitely find what you are looking for in our selection of olive oils in canisters. Heavy consumers should definitely orientate themselves on this economic category. Because the valuable oil can be stored well in the practical metal canister.

If you are looking for a top-quality oil with which you can refine special delicacies, we recommend our compilation of excellent Spanish olive oils in glass bottles. The valuable oil in the glass bottle offers the advantage that it can be poured out easily and dosed easily. And because all our olive oil farmers deliver their high-quality olive oil, which is produced with a lot of passion, in an equally lovingly designed case, you can only expect appealing, attractive bottles. You can save yourself the pouring and put the high-quality olive oil directly on the table.

If you would like to give a loved one a very special gift with a high-quality olive oil, you can even top the exclusivity with an oil from a limited edition. Here at we offer you a range of delicious premium oils that are only available in a limited number each year. In this section, our range offers you both unique olive oils from rare olive varieties, as well as top oils exclusively from the first day of harvest.

Why everyone likes our Spanish olive oil

Unfortunately, healthy foods are often not among the tastiest, and vice versa, it's the unhealthy foods that melt in our mouths. However, there are exceptions that prove the rule. With the exquisite olive oils from you can look forward to the opposite. Because we make sure that all our high-quality, Spanish olive oils are pressed according to the highest quality standards. Therefore, you will only find oils with many valuable ingredients here. At the same time, we attach great importance to an excellent taste experience when making our selection. And because taste is known to be a matter of taste, we have divided our unique olive oil selection according to the degree of fruitiness.

Spanish olive oil one of the best fats in the world

Under the heading ""intensively fruity"" you will find top oils that are particularly popular with olive oil connoisseurs. Because these oils come up with the typical, slightly bitter and tart aromas that the expert expects from a first-class, green olive oil. Slightly bitter on the tongue, spicy on the throat and a scratchy finish are the specific characteristics of our intensively fruity, Spanish extra virgin olive oils.

In the category ""medium fruity"" we at have summarized Spanish olive oils that are neither extremely tart, nor mild or sweet. These are top oils that can also have a slight bitterness and a faint scratchy throat. Our medium-fruity olive oils will definitely delight you with their aromatic and fresh taste.

If you would like to get a feel for the consumption of olive oil first, we recommend our high-quality, Spanish olive oils from the ""mild fruity"" category as a start. You will hardly find any bitterness in these top oils, which are also carefully selected. On the contrary, you will often even taste a slight sweetness. Of course, the mild premium oils are not only intended for beginners. Because our slightly fruity, Spanish olive oils are characterized by the highest quality in their careful and loving production as well as in their variety of aromas. has a excellent Spanish olive oil for every palate and for every occasion. Browse, select, order. Join our satisfied customer base!

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