The Taste of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The term ‘extra virgin olive oil’ is used for the highest quality of olive oil. This olive oil is obtained by mechanical extraction from the olive fruit without the use of heat or any chemical solvent. As no chemical or heat treatment is used, so the taste of extra virgin olive oil is quite different from the ‘olive oil’, which is heated as well as chemically processed to remove the fruit residues and enhance its shelf life.

So, when you are visiting market and trying out different olive oils by tasting them and wanted to differentiate extra virgin olive oil from the rest of its types. Then this article will surely help you. 

The olive oil production
The olive oil production info graphic

How Olive Oil Is Made?

Olive oil is one of the best fats in the world. But howe it’s made? Thats the process of an excellent extra virgin olive oil?

What Does Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tastes Like?

Olive oil

The original and purest extra virgin olive oil has bitter, pepper like taste. It is more or less spicy depending upon the type of fruit. Its flavor is quite unique, delicate and very different from all other oils owing to the presence of a large number of chemical compounds present in it.

Ketones, alcohols, aldehydes, hydrocarbons, esters, furans and many other compounds forms the chemistry of extra virgin olive oil. As a whole, all these chemicals are responsible for this unique olive oil flavor. The more the EVOO is bitter, the greater amount of antioxidants it carries.

Do Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tastes Like Olive Oil?

To be more precise, the answer is no. Olive oil is all about how it is processed and obtained from the olive fruit. Various methods of oil extracting defines the flavor, quality and type of olive oil. As mentioned above, if it is purest in the form (extra virgin olive oil) and is obtained without the addition of chemicals or heat its nutritional as well as organoleptic profile will be different from olive oil. 

The Taste of Olive Oil

The high level of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds in EVOO make it different from olive oil. Following are some basic points you will observe in the flavor of this nutrition rich EVOO:

• Fruity Taste 

Extra virgin olive oil has strong fruity taste, while on the other hand, olive oil has less fruity taste. This is because in EVOO, some fruit residues are present, which imparts this taste. In the olive oil, heat processing and filtration removes the fruit residues and reduces the flavor to a very minimum level. So, in a simple olive oil you cannot feel uniqueness.

• Bitter Taste 

The second point you will observe is the bitterness in EVOO, which is not prominent in a simple olive oil. According to some chiefs, this bitter taste is the main point which differentiates EVOO from olive oil.

• Pungent Taste

Extra virgin olive oil contains oleocanthal which is a phenolic compound and gives bitter and pungent taste to the oil. This pungency can often cause cough, tingling or burning sensation when its very first sip is consumed. You will not observe this sharp property in olive oil.

Many sellers tell to the consumers that they should only go for those extra virgin olive oil, which tastes very strong and sharp, because only that oil will be pure. This is entirely untrue. This sharpness and pungency level depends upon the area, season and region where these crops are harvested. Moreover, the flavor also depends upon the rains and the sun rays.

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