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History and philosophy of Spanish-oil

Only 30 minutes by car from the historical centres of Pamplona and Logroño is Estella, where we have our headquarters. Right next to the Urbasa-Andía Nature Park we are located on a beautiful spot.

The history of our company begins in 2012, when the economic crisis in Spain worsened from year to year and unemployment increased steadily, we decided to act. We radically changed our lives because we saw that excellent olive oil was hardly sold in Spain and that this pushed the small olive oil farmers to the edge of the subsistence minimum. We said goodbye to our previous field of activity and a new, exciting period of life in the exciting world of virgin olive oil began for us.

After successfully completing various courses in the cultivation of olive trees and olive oil, as well as a thorough academic training at the most prestigious universities in Spain (University of Jaén, La Rioja,...), we launched our online company .

Our profound knowledge makes it possible for us to rely only on first-class quality and to work only with the best olive oil producers. In our selection we attach great importance to a careful care of the olive tree and work only with olive oil farmers who dedicate themselves with all their energy to the production of the best extra virgin olive oil.

We have made it our business to supply our customers only with the "fluid gold". So that you can enjoy a full taste and all aromas of a first-class extra virgin olive oil, you receive with only top products.

Through the hard work of recent years, we have become specialists in the trade of Spanish virgin olive oil. Recognized all over the world, we ship to more than 90 countries. We owe our loyal and always satisfied customers the following services:

We supply our customers all over the world directly and without detours from Estella in (Navarra) Spain.

We deal exclusively with virgin olive oils of the current season.

We guarantee a 100% quality that goes hand in hand with the wonderful aromas and flavours of virgin olive oil from the day the olive was milled.

For our fast shipping we need a maximum of three to four working days to any place in the world.

Our team

Mikel Casanova

"Although I grew up in a world surrounded by olive groves and olive farms, I didn't really appreciate the quality of a high-quality virgin olive oil until our company was founded in 2012. But I have to say, there is nothing more sensual than enjoying the fragrant aromas and the taste of extra virgin olive oil."

Sven Bähr

"When I came to Spain for the first time in 2005, I discovered the extra virgin olive oil. Today I have become a passionate gourmet of virgin olive oil. With passion I use the best virgin olive oils for cooking and seasoning my dishes. I am happy and it is a great honour to be able to supply our customers all over the world with the best oils of Spain."

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