Encapsulated caviar

Olive oil caviar from Caviaroli is a culinary and visually unique creation: high quality encapsulated into small pearls Virgin extra virgin olive oil.

Olive oil pearls, exclusive olive oil caviar
Caviaroli encapsulated extra virgin olive oil Arbequina 50g
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    Produced with extra virgin olive oil from Arbequina varietal, softer than Picual. It stands out for its intense gold colour, fruity aroma and delicate taste.
    Caviaroli encapsulated extra virgin olive oil Arbequina 200g
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      For Caviaroli Arbequina lovers, an economy pack usually used in the world’s best restaurant kitchens. Fruity and delicate.
      Caviaroli encapsulated extra virgin olive oil Picual 200g
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        First encapsulated launched by Caviaroli. Intense taste and fresh aroma. The world’s best restaurants were served for the first time with this encapsulated
        Caviaroli encapsulated sesame oil 50g
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          Encapsulated caviar
          The use of black sesame oil, with its strong dark colour, aroma and taste makes it unmistakable and ideal for any type of Asiatic-inspired dish, tuna...
          Caviaroli encapsulated hazelnut oil 50g
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            Encapsulated caviar
            100% hazelnut encapsulated. It emanates a pleasant aroma of hazelnut cream that makes it the “sweet” Caviaroli, perfect for smoked or cured food, desserts...
            Caviaroli encapsulated olive oil & basil 50g
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              Encapsulated caviar
              Produced with fresh basil and pressed along with olives. Its strong aroma and taste of basil makes it perfect to give a fresh touch in salads and summer dishes.
              Caviaroli Encapsulated olive oil & chili
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                Encapsulated caviar
                Perfect for giving a touch spicy to any dish that will delight the most daring guests. It has an intense red colour and a soft aroma of chilli, very surprising.
                Caviaroli Encapsulated olive oil & rosemary 50g
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                  Encapsulated caviar
                  Elaborated by pressing the extra virgin olive oil along with fresh rosemary, and giving as a result some very aromatic pearls, it recalls us to spring scents.
                  Caviaroli Encapsulated olive oil & trufa 50g
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                    Ideal for all those dishes that require a touch of truffle. This oil & white truffle Caviaroli hast a soft taste and an intense truffle aroma.
                    Caviaroli Encapsulated balsamic vinegar 50g
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                      The latest creation of Caviaroli is produced with an excellent vinegar from the Italian region of Modena. Ideal for using as a natural substitute of vinegar.
                      Olive oil pearls of smoked...Olive oil pearls of smoked... 2
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                        Caviaroli – Olive oil pearls, exclusive olive oil caviar

                        The iconic and visually unique invention of Caviaroli must no longer be reserved for the chefs. Also you can buy the small olive oil beads and decorate an exquisite dish exceptionally. The tiny, only about four to five millimetres, not only visually form an enrichment on a lovingly cooked dish, but also keep a surprise culinary.

                        Olivenölperlen, exklusiver Kaviar aus Olivenöl

                        Because each bead consists of high quality olive oil virogenic extra, which is enveloped by a delicate gelatin membrane. The olive oil caviar only unfolds its wonderfully herb olive oil aroma. Because no animal materials are used for the production of the unique chicks (the gelatin consists of an alginate of herbal origin), they also delight the vegan and vegetarian gourmets. Unfortunately, the olive oil beads do not have a certificate.

                        How do I use the little olive oil balls?

                        Olive oil caviar is not intended for cooking, but serves exclusively for decoration. It is suitable for cold and hot dishes that do not exceed a temperature of 60 degrees. Give the decorative balls to the plate just before serving. However, they should have room temperature.

                        If they are Caviaroli-Caviar 30 minutes before dressing from the refrigerator, the skin of olive oil balls is particularly delicate. To avoid dissolving the small beads or a lesser taste experience, the olive oil caviar should never be applied longer than two hours before consumption.

                        The following dishes can be refined with the sparingly dosed olive oil beads:

                        • Cold and warm appetizers, such as salads, vegetable creams, smoked,.
                        • German or Asian finger food
                        • Main seafood, such as fried fish or seafood
                        • Defend meat dishes, such as sour roasts or pork ends in red wine
                        • Blanched vegetable variations
                        • Various pasta creations
                        • Risottos
                        • Desserts such as homemade ice cream or fruit salad

                        For as long as the unique olive oil beads are durable

                        Since the extravagant olive oil caviar of Caviaroli made of high quality olive oil virogenic extra, it should not be kept directly next to the stove. Avoid heat and sunlight. But even extreme cold do not use the olive oil beads. You're not allowed to freeze! Depending on whether you have already broken the glass, or whether it is still in the original state, keep the Caviaroli-Caviar as follows:

                        • Storage of closed containers: Far away from heat, light and strong smells at a temperature between 2o Celsius and 26o Celsius. A dark pantry, a cool kitchen cabinet or a non-cold refrigerator are suitable.
                        • Storage of broken containers: At a temperature between 2o Celsius and 26o Celsius and protected from light. The manufacturer recommends (but not necessarily) the refrigerator provided that the caviar beads can NOT freeze there.

                        If the olive oil beads are kept somewhat too cool, it can be that they harden easily and their color faded. Take the chickens 15 to 20 minutes before consumption from the refrigerator. At room temperature both the consistency and the color recovers.

                        Olivenölperlen, exklusiver Kaviar aus Olivenöl

                        In order not to jeopardize the texture of the small balls, nor to reduce the ingredients or taste experience in their quality, you should note the following durability limits:

                        • Durability of closed containers: at least one year from the date of manufacture. Depending on the variety, maybe a little longer, see packaging.
                        • Durability of broken containers: consumption Open the glass within one month to avoid the incomparable taste experience.

                        Buy Olive Oil Pearls - assortment

                        In order not to limit your creativity, the Caviaroli-Caviar available in different varieties:

                        • Arbequina olive oil Virgen extra
                        • Picual olive oil Virgen extra
                        • Sesame oil
                        • Hazelnut oil
                        • Olive oil Virgen extra and basil
                        • Olive oil Virgen extra and chili
                        • Olive oil Virgen extra and rosemary
                        • Olive oil Virgen extra with the wonderful aromas of white truffles
                        • Balsamico-Essig de Modena

                        Let yourself be infected by the innovative power of Caviaroli-Manufacturers and give your dishes an avant-garde touch with the unique olive oil pearls!

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