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Truffle Oil - Olive oil with truffle flavor

Get out of everyday life and into the gourmet kitchen! With our unique truffle olive oils you can give yourself and your loved ones an extravagant taste experience. Treat yourself to an extra treat for very special occasions!


Caviaroli Encapsulated olive oil & trufa 50g
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    Ideal for all those dishes that require a touch of truffle. This oil & white truffle Caviaroli hast a soft taste and an intense truffle aroma.
    O-Med Olive Oil with black...
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      O-med extra virgin olive oil, arbequina variety infused with black truffle. Black truffle oil is perfect to combine with beef carpaccio, blue cheese, pistachios, mushrooms and pasta.
      O-Med Olive Oil with white...
        In stock
        O-med extra virgin olive oil, arbequina variety infused with white truffle. White truffle oil is perfect to combine with pasta, risotto, meat, fish, cheese, sushi and salmon.
        Ánfora de Queiles Trufa - Olive Oil with White Truffle 250 mlÁnfora de Queiles Trufa - Olive Oil with White Truffle 250 ml 2
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          Finca la Barca Black Truffle flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bottle 100 mlFinca la Barca Black Truffle flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bottle 100 ml 2
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            Truffle Lover - Set of truffle flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil
            • Pack
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            Discover the exclusive world of luxury with our “Truffle Lover” oil set, ideal for gourmets and those who crave extraordinary taste experiences. This set presented by combines the exquisite sophistication of truffles with high quality olive oil to enrich your cooking and pamper your senses. With an intense black truffle oil, perfect for...
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            Truffle oil

            With our extravagant truffle olive oils you can get two specialties in one product! You will get a high-quality olive oil virgar extra that delights with its fresh, vital flavors connoisseurs and lay people alike. The tip oil is rounded uniquely by adding a high-quality trufflelessness. Depending on the taste, we have exclusive truffle olive oils with the essence of white or black truffles in our range.

            Of course, the manufacturers of our gourmet olive oils always care to use only fresh and high-class ingredients.

            Did you know that the truffle is a tube mushroom that grows under the earth and is always bound to the tree root of its host tree or truffle tree? Truly noble truffles are regarded as delicacies because of their unique taste. Because the mushrooms are very rare, their price is correspondingly high. They are searched by the truffle master and a truffle dog or pig. Once the animal has sniffed the tube mushroom with its nose and begins to dig, the truffle master quickly intervenes to gently harvest the valuable mushroom. Despite the extremely good and perfectly trained sense of smell of the animal, truffle dogs can often not find more than 300 grams of black or 80 grams of white truffles with good yield on the day.

            Trüffelöl aus echten Trüffeln

            Small truffle variety black / white truffle

            Both types of truffles, both white and black truffles, are among the noble truffle varieties. They are characterized by their unique aromas and are regarded as specialty. We summarized the differences between the two gems for you in a small overview:

            1. Black truffles

            • Latin name: tuber melanosporum
            • Season: December to mid March, in Australia from July to September
            • Aroma: a lot of flavor, subtle scent
            • Preparation: may be cooked
            • Origin: Italy, France, Australia
            • Color:
            • outside: reddish, with progressive maturity black
            • inside: violet to black with fine white veins

            Two. White truffle

            • Latin name: tuber magnatum
            • Season: October to New Year's Eve
            • Aroma: strong fragrance, subtle taste
            • Preparation: Always rubbed raw over the finished dish
            • Origin: Italy
            • Color:
            • outside: always (even with progressive maturity) cream white to ochery
            • inside: dirty yellow with white veins
            For both mushrooms it is true that they should be consumed quickly, as they quickly lose their magnificent aromas when stored.

            Trüffelöl auf der Basis von Olivenöl

            Truffle olive oil in accordance with nature

            Our truffle olive oil manufacturers not only pay attention to the freshness and quality of their ingredients, but also place great emphasis on environmentally and animal-friendly harvesting methods. Thus, the truffles, whose essence is added to the high-quality olive oil vir genes, always originate from breeding. A predatory construction on nature is thus excluded.

            The Italian truffles are harvested by hand in order not to disregard an environmental criterion. Of course, the truffle masters are always concerned with animal welfare and no animal is harmed in the truffle hunt. The mushrooms are therefore all vegan, because truffle dogs or truffle pigs are neither exploited during the truffle hunt, nor are they somehow affected. Truffle dogs are trained to make their search fun. Many breaks are given to them and after each find the animal receives a reward.

            So that even after the harvest new mushrooms can grow again, the truffle master gently excavates the tube mushroom. He cares not to hurt the fine roots and then pushes the resulting hole back with some earth.

            How to use truffle oil

            Truffle olive oil is by no means a food of daily use, but a delicacies. It is therefore not suitable for brazing, baking or grilling. Truffle olive oil should be used exclusively for the refinement of your dishes. In principle, it is only after cooking to be bought over the finished food. Depending on which oil you choose, it fits to different dishes.

            Truffle olive oil with the essence of the black truffle is relatively heat resistant and can refine both hot and cold dishes. It is ideal for refining sauces to fish or to make-up roast.

            Truffle olive oil with the essence of white truffle should not drink on boiling hot dishes. Let the pasta dishes, a real Italian risotto or even the scrambled eggs to the luxury breakfast first cool a little before you give it the final touch with the gourmet oil.

            Trüffelöl zum Kochen

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