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Orange blossom honey – Miel de Azahar

Orange blossom honey – liquid gold from the sun-drenched orange groves of Spain! This sweet, fragrant honey is made from the nectar of orange blossoms and enchants with fruity notes. Perfect for a successful start to the day!

Orange Blossom Honey - Coloma García Artesanos - 350 gOrange Blossom Honey - Coloma García Artesanos - 350 g 2
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      Orange flower honey – liquid gold!

      Orange flower honey is a honey variety that is extracted from the nectar of orange blossoms. This sweet, fragrant Honey is very sought after due to its unique taste and aroma. The origin of the orange blossom honey goes back to the Mediterranean area where there are many orange trees.

      Our Spanish Orange flower honey comes from the sun-pampered orange groves in Spain. The bees collect the nectar of citrus fruit and turn it into a sweet companion for everyday life. This honey is of liquid consistency and can be easily stirred into beverages without being dissolved beforehand. Its colour varies from a delicate bright yellow to a strong orange, depending on the orange variety and collection area. The taste of the orange blossom honey scores with fruity notes and is perfect for a successful start to the day.

      Miel de Azahar

      Orange Tree

      Miel de Azahar

      Miel de Azahar is the Spanish name for orange flower honey. This honey is extracted from the flowers of the orange tree and has a delicate floral aroma. If you are looking for a delicious honey that catches the scent of orange blossoms, Miel de Azahar is an excellent choice!

      Try our Orange flower honey and enjoy the sunny aroma of orange in liquid gold form!

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