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Unfiltered olive oil, cold-pressed and natural!

Fresh, unfiltered olive oil immediately after harvest inspires with a wonderful variety of aromas. An incomparable taste experience awaits you.

Unfiltered Organic Olive Oil Rincón de la Subbetica Altitude 500mlUnfiltered Organic Olive Oil Rincón de la Subbetica Altitude 500ml 2
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    Organic olive oil
    Almazaras de la Subbetica
    Altitude, the organic, unfiltered olive oil of Rincón de la Subbética inspires in limited edition with brilliant flavours and an exclusive design. Awards of Almazaras de la Subbetica
    Olive Oil Isul/Graccurris 2,5L
      In stock
      Organic olive oil
      Almazara Ecológica de La Rioja
      1 Reviews
      For lovers of extra-virgin olive oil, this organic product is beautifully presented and makes a big impact. Awards of Almazara Ecológica de La Rioja
      Olive Oil Full Moon Arbequina 500ml
        In stock
        Olive oil
        Pago Baldio San Carlos
        An extra-virgin olive oil harvested during the full moon of October, in order to achieve the most potent aroma and flavour.
        Olive Oil Oro San Carlos 500ml
        • -10%
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        Olive oil
        Pago Baldio San Carlos
        €10.60 €11.77
        Made with a blend of two types of olives from the first day of harvest. Internationally recognised for its high quality.
        Olive Oil Pago Baldios San Carlos 500ml
        • -10%
        In stock
        Olive oil
        Pago Baldio San Carlos
        €10.60 €11.77
        With olives from very early in the season (some 15 days before harvest begins), this limited-edition oil has an incredible aroma and taste. Hard to find.
        Olive Oil Isul 5L
          In stock
          Organic olive oil
          Almazara Ecológica de La Rioja
          Isul, the exquisite organically grown olive oil in an economical 5-litre canister, is suitable as the basis for the supply of fats in a healthy diet and for DIY body care. Awards of Almazara Ecológica de La Rioja
          Olive oil Merula 500ml
            In stock
            Olive oil
            Marqués de Valdueza
            One of the best oils from the region of Extremadura. One of the few “aceites de pago”, a denominated selection of the best olive oils in Spain.
            Olive Oil Isul 500ml
              In stock
              Organic olive oil
              Almazara Ecológica de La Rioja
              Probably the best extra-virgin olive oil from La Rioja. Organic. From a part of Spain that has been dedicated to olive growing for centuries. Awards of Almazara Ecológica de La Rioja
              Olive Oil La Maja Arbosana Limited Edition 500ml
              • -10%
              In stock
              Olive oil
              Agrícola La Maja
              €11.05 €12.27
              An incredible and unique extra virgin olive oil that will not leave you indifferent. Native variety of Navarra for which the best olives are selected
              Olive Oil San Carlos Gourmet 500ml
              • -10%
              In stock
              Olive oil
              Pago Baldio San Carlos
              €10.60 €11.77
              A mixture of Cornicabra and Arbequina olives, cultivated in the Tiétar valley. An exceptional, intense oil.
              Olive Oil Aubocassa Arbequina D.O. Oli de Mallorca 500 mlOlive Oil Aubocassa Arbequina D.O. Oli de Mallorca 500 ml 2
                In stock
                Arbequina from Aubocassa is an olive oil from Mallorca, in whose Aroma reflects the beautiful nature of the Balearic Islands.
                Olive Oil L'AMO Aubocassa...Olive Oil L'AMO Aubocassa... 2
                  In stock
                  L'Amo, an excellent, intensely fruity olive oil from Mallorca, which combines the flora of the Balearic Islands in its bouquet.
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                  Enjoy our unfiltered olive oil!

                  Honestly, you get the best unfiltered olive oil immediately after pressing the fresh harvest, directly from the producer. If you've ever had the chance to witness an olive harvest and then taste the cloudy olive oil right after it's pressed, you know what we're talking about. More taste, more fruitiness and more vitality is not possible.

                  Because the unfiltered, cloudy oil is not only a guarantee of freshness, but also has additional aromas due to the tiny suspended particles it contains. This unique taste is usually reserved for the olive growers, who of course always fill a bottle for their own use after pressing the fresh harvest. If you would also like to enjoy this incomparable specialty, let us know in good time.

                  Unfiltered olive oil has a limited shelf life. Therefore neither we nor the manufacturer have it in stock. The fresh oil is bottled immediately after pressing and then shipped. Because only then will it reach you with its full bouquet. However, this also limits the filling quantity and, above all, the filling time. You should therefore always order naturally cloudy olive oil around harvest time, in November. Unfortunately, the wonderful, unfiltered olive oil cannot be delivered fresh in summer.

                  Why is unfiltered olive oil a bit cloudy?

                  In the first steps, the production of unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is no different from filtered virgin olive oil. Because in both cases the fruit, carefully picked from the tree, is brought to the oil mill as quickly as possible. There, the olives are carefully cleaned and then pressed. For extra virgin olive oil, this process is always purely mechanical and in compliance with the maximum temperature of 28 degrees Celsius.

                  When the oil leaves the press, it is always cloudy and viscous because there are still tiny remnants of fruit pulp in it. And anyone who has ever compared naturally cloudy apple juice with clear apple juice or orange juice with pulp with filtered orange juice knows the difference. The small floating particles, which are responsible for the turbidity of the fruit juice and also the olive juice, bring an extra variety of aromas.

                  Just as the naturally cloudy apple juice tastes even more "appley" and the orange juice with the pulp tastes even more "orangey", the unfiltered olive juice, because cloudy olive oil is nothing else, has an even fruitier olive aroma. For unfiltered olive oil, the manufacturing process ends after pressing. The cloudy olive juice with its tiny suspended particles is bottled directly and delivered to the end consumer as quickly as possible. In order to obtain a clear olive oil, the small pulp particles must be filtered out of the olive juice before bottling.

                  Is unfiltered olive oil healthy?

                  Anyone who takes it seriously has to admit that an unfiltered, freshly extracted olive oil is a little healthier than the clear, filtered oil. After all, the small suspended particles in the naturally cloudy olive juice also contain valuable polyphenols. In order to absorb a maximum of healthy ingredients with the olive oil, you should therefore choose an oil rich in polyphenols that has been bottled fresh by the dealer directly after pressing.

                  However, you must use this oil as quickly as possible. Because the longer it stands, the more suspended particles settle on the ground. Due to the natural filtering process, the olive oil becomes increasingly clear. It thus loses minimal aroma and nutrients. Another important point to consider when purchasing the gorgeous, fresh, naturally cloudy oil is its shelf life. Although the small suspended particles in the olive juice provide additional flavors and phenols, they also ensure that the naturally cloudy oil is more susceptible and spoils more quickly.

                  So you are always ill-advised with an unfiltered olive oil from the supermarket that may have been exposed to light and heat for a long time. With our cloudy extra virgin olive oils, however, you have the guarantee that they were freshly bottled by the manufacturer and immediately sent to you by us. It couldn't be faster, fresher or tastier! So that you can always enjoy unfiltered olive oil in its full variety of aromas and with all its healthy ingredients, you should pay attention to the following points when buying:

                  • Order only as much cloudy olive oil as you can use in a timely manner.
                  • Note the manufacturer's information on durability.
                  • Observe the manufacturer's instructions for storage.
                  • Always store unfiltered olive oil as cool and dark as possible.
                  • Make sure that the bottle with the high-quality olive juice is never left open.

                  Because the suspended particles in the naturally cloudy olive oil are of course also subject to gravity, they settle to the bottom of the bottle over time, even with ideal storage. A sediment in the unfiltered olive oil is not a sign that it is spoiled. However, if the oil tastes or smells rancid, it is only suitable for cleaning shoes.

                  Use of fresh cloudy olive oil

                  If you have just received a bottle of the high-quality, naturally cloudy olive oil from us, be sure to enjoy a sip! Even if it's raining outside, you can smell and taste the Spanish sun. Because unfiltered olive oil spoils quickly at high temperatures, you should only use it cold. The delicious oil is not suitable for frying, frying or baking.

                  However, after the first test sip you will be so enthusiastic about the incomparable bouquet that you only use the high-quality olive juice if you can taste all the aromas anyway. We refine the following dishes with unfiltered olive oil:

                  • Bruschetta
                  • green and mixed salads
                  • raw food platters
                  • the already grilled steak
                  • grilled or oven-cooked vegetables
                  • and we also love it as a dip for freshly baked bread.

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