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Olive Oil - 5-Liter Canister

High-quality Spanish olive oil is not only indispensable in the kitchens of Spain, but good oil is also very popular here. The 5 liter canister format is particularly practical for olive oil lovers, so you always have enough oil available for cooking and preparing other delicious dishes.

In the Spanish-Oil online shop you will find a diverse selection of high-quality Spanish olive oil in practical 5 liter canisters : Discover now the advantages of the XL format and enrich your culinary creations with the delicious aroma of the best Spanish olive oil.

Olive Oil Isul 5L
    In stock
    Organic olive oil
    Isul, the exquisite organically grown olive oil in an economical 5-litre canister, is suitable as the basis for the supply of fats in a healthy diet and for DIY body care. Awards of Almazara Ecológica de La Rioja
    Olive Oil Parqueoliva DOP Priego de Córdoba 5 L
      In stock
      Parqueoliva DOP, an exquisite extra virgin olive oil in a 5 liter can for restaurateurs and frequent consumers. So that you can enjoy top quality every day. Awards of Almazaras de la Subbetica
      Olive Oil Mueloliva Picuda 5 LOlive Oil Mueloliva Picuda 5 L 2
        In stock
        Olive oil
        The olive oil made with the picuda variety is one of the most appreciated thanks to its incredible organoleptic properties. This savings format is perfect for all uses, enjoy the pointed variety harvested from centuries-old olive trees in the Subbetica mountains at a single price and in an ideal format for conservation.
        Organic Olive Oil Deortegas Cornicabra 5 Liter CanisterOrganic Olive Oil Deortegas Cornicabra 5 Liter Canister 2
          Organic Olive Oil Deortegas Picual 5 Liter CanisterOrganic Olive Oil Deortegas Picual 5 Liter Canister 2
            Olive oil Alfar Arbequina 5L
              In stock
              Olive oil
              2 Reviews
              A family business that has been cultivating, pressing, and selling exceptionally high-quality olive oil since 1997 from their mill in Mendavia, Navarra.
              Olive oil MiOliva Arbequina 5L
                In stock
                Olive oil
                MiOliva is an extra virgin olive oil with a soft aroma of ripe and sweet fruits, thanks to its collection of ripe olives.MiOliva is an extra virgin olive oil with a soft aroma of ripe and sweet fruits, thanks to its collection of ripe olives.
                Organic Olive Oil Artajo 8...Organic Olive Oil Artajo 8... 2
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                  tasty olive oil from the olive oil canister

                  5 liter canister - practical size for all olive oil lovers

                  For passionate cooks and fans of Mediterranean cuisine who value olive oil as an indispensable component of their culinary delicacies, the conventional 0.75 or 1 liter bottles are usually not sufficient. Olive oil fans know it: a dinner with delicious meat and a salad - and the bottle is empty.

                  The practical solution: A 5 liter canister that offers a sufficient supply of high-quality olive oil. With this generous amount you can safely experiment in the kitchen, be it frying, cooking or as a delicious topping for sauces and dips. Instead of having to carry many bottles at once or constantly wait for the next delivery, you can concentrate fully on what really counts - enjoying the exquisite Mediterranean taste.

                  This is what distinguishes the Spanish Oil olive oil canisters

                  The Spanish Oil olive oil canisters in the practical 5 liter size impress with a variety of advantages. In addition to cost savings, they offer convenient storage and require less space. The low weight of the canister allows for easy handling when pouring, and the pull-out spout ensures drip-free dosing. The tin cans are also insensitive and recyclable, which means they offer optimal opacity for storage and keep the olive oil fresh longer than glass bottles.

                  In summary, the Spanish Oil olive oil canisters in 5 liter format offer the following advantages:

                  1. Price advantage
                  2. Perfect for storing supplies
                  3. 100 percent light protection and therefore longer shelf life of the oil
                  4. Valuable ingredients and flavors are retained for a long time
                  5. Low weight, therefore lower shipping costs compared to glass bottles
                  6. Easy to use thanks to the integrated pouring spout
                  7. Fitting in glass bottles ideally possible
                  8. Space-saving storage
                  9. Good ecological balance thanks to recyclable material

                  Tips for storing olive oil canisters

                  olive oil

                  Olive oil canisters are the ideal solution for many lovers of this delicious, liquid gold. But when you buy a 5 liter canister of olive oil, the question often arises as to how best to handle this large amount in order to preserve the quality and freshness of the oil for as long as possible.

                  We have put together some helpful tips for using olive oil canisters that can help you get the most out of your high-quality olive oil:

                  • Unopened, olive oil will last for several years in the canister, but the manufacturers usually recommend a minimum shelf life of 18 months.
                  • Ideally store the canister in a cool and dark place to preserve the quality of the oil.
                  • After opening for the first time, the entire contents of the canister do not have to be used immediately. If the canister remains tightly closed, the flavors will be retained for several months.
                  • If you open the canister regularly, it may make sense to pour the olive oil into smaller, dark glass bottles to slow down the aging process through contact with oxygen.

                  Don't worry about storing your 5 liter canister: a high-quality Greek olive oil in the 5 liter canister from the Spanish-Oil online shop is likely to be used up faster than expected - due to its delicious taste and diverse uses the kitchen.

                  Why does it make sense to pour olive oil from the canister into bottles?

                  It's clear: decanting olive oil from the canister into bottles offers a sensible way to preserve the quality of the oil for longer. Olive oil is extremely sensitive to oxygen, and once it comes into contact with air, it quickly oxidizes and loses its flavor and health properties.

                  Therefore, we recommend pouring the olive oil into dark glass bottles after opening the canister, regardless of the size of the canister. Bottles should be filled to the top and sealed airtight before storing at a cool temperature of 15-16°C. By taking this measure, you can ensure that your olive oil retains its characteristic scent and taste and that you can enjoy it for a long time.

                  Olive oil with bread


                  How much does 1 liter of good olive oil cost?

                  For a good virgin olive oil from Spain, prices vary depending on the quality and brand. They range from a few euros per liter to more than 50 euros for a 0.75 liter bottle. In any case, it is recommended to use high-quality olive oil in order to experience the full enjoyment and authentic flavors.

                  What are the best olive oils?

                  In the Spanish-Oil online shop you will find high-quality olive oils that are delivered directly to your home from Spain. These first-class olive oils offer a variety of intensely fruity to mild and sweet flavors to suit every taste hold true. Thanks to personal contact with the traders, the best olive oil quality can be guaranteed - pure, cold-pressed olive juice with healthy ingredients and wonderful aromas. Convince yourself of the high quality and diverse selection of olive oils and grab a 5-liter canister to have enough supplies of your favorite oil at home.

                  How much should a good olive oil cost?

                  Basically, the price can be higher for a high-quality extra virgin olive oil from a renowned region and with an excellent taste. It is advisable to invest a little more for quality, as inferior oils often do not offer the same taste and health benefits. A price of 15 to 40 euros per liter usually represents good value for money for first-class olive oil. You can save here, for example, with a 5-liter storage canister.


                  Regardless of which region of Spain you prefer your olive oil from – our high-quality products are also available in practical 5 liter canisters. From delicately mild to fruity and aromatic, with our different types of olives we offer a diverse selection that offers the right oil for every taste. As always, you can rely on the usual high quality.

                  Have you already found your favorite olive oil? Then order in stock now and benefit from attractive savings. With our high-quality olive oil you can enrich your kitchen and bring the Mediterranean taste directly to your home.

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