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Royal Olive Oil: A Jewel of Spanish Olive Cultures

Royal olive oil

Royal olive oil from is an exquisite, rare olive oil obtained from the unique Royal -Oliveof Spain. With its fine, fruity note and delicate aromas of green leaves and artichokes, this olive oil stands for exceptional quality. Crafted by combining traditional and modern techniques, every drop of this golden elixir promises purity and variety of flavor. Ideal as a finishing touch for culinary masterpieces or as an elegant gift, Royal Olive Oil embodies the passion and tradition of Spanish olive culture.

Olive Oil Verde Esmeralda...Olive Oil Verde Esmeralda... 2
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    Olive Oil Verde Esmeralda...Olive Oil Verde Esmeralda... 2
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      Olive Oil Castillo de Canena Primero Early Royal 500ml
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        With this Royal oil, Castillo de Canena recuperates a variety native to Jaén previously at the edge of extinction, with the reasons for their endeavour demonstrated in the quality of the product.
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        Uniqueness and Origin of Royal Olive

        Discover the the excellence of Royal olive oil, a rare and appreciated treasure of the Spanish olive oil tradition. Royal olive oil comes from exclusive olive groves, which are carefully cultivated in the scenic landscapes of Spain, and is known for its unique character and its exceptional quality.

        Flavour and aroma

        This exquisite olive oil is characterized by its fine, fruity touch and delicate taste, which delights both connoisseurs and newcomers in the world of olive oils. The Royal-Olive, a rare olive variety, thrives under the sun-pampered skies of Spain and produces an olive oil characterized by its fresh aromas of green leaves, artichokes and a hint of wild herbs.

        Royal Olive


        Sustainability and quality

        For we attach great importance to sustainability and quality. Our Royal olive oil is manufactured according to the highest standards of olive oil production, combining traditional harvesting methods with modern techniques to preserve the purity and aroma of the oil. Each bottle tells the story of its origin, from carefully selected olives to masterly pressing that produces this golden elixir.

        Use and versatility

        Whether you use it for the refinement of your culinary creations or choose it as a noble gift – Royal Olive Oil is a tribute to the art of olive oil and an enrichment for every kitchen.

        Discover Royal Olive Oil

        Discover the diversity and beauty of Royal olive oil on our website and let yourself be enchanted by this Spanish jewel.

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