Extra virgin olive oil in Bag in Box

Discover the excellence of our olive oil, presented in the environmentally friendly "Bag in Box" system. This packaging not only guarantees longer-lasting freshness through optimal protection from light and air, but is also particularly practical for everyday use. Choose between our 2 liter or 3 liter boxes and enjoy the authentic taste of Spain with every drop.

Organic Olive Oil Soler Romero Picual 3 Liter Bag in BoxOrganic Olive Oil Soler Romero Picual 3 Liter Bag in Box 2
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    Buy the top organic olive oil Soler Romero Picual in a practical 3 liter canister so that you always have your favorite oil to hand.
    Olive Oil Oro Bailen Reserva familiar Picual 3L Bag in Box
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      In Jaén, the largest and most famous oil-producing region in the world, ‘Oro Bailen’ stands out. Its excellence and quality make it one the finest oils on a global scale.
      Organic Olive Oil Deortegas...Organic Olive Oil Deortegas... 2
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        Organic Olive Oil Deortegas Coupage 2 Liter Bag in BoxOrganic Olive Oil Deortegas Coupage 2 Liter Bag in Box 2
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          High quality olive oil in bag in box

          Discover our premium olive oil, now also in practical "Bag in Box"-System available. This modern packaging system not only offers easy handling, but also ensures a longer shelf life of the oil as it is protected from light and air. Ideal for households who regularly use olive oil and always want to have fresh, high quality oil.

          Why olive oil in the bag in box?

          • Longer freshness: The innovative "Bag in Box" system prevents the oil from coming into contact with air, which minimizes oxidation and keeps the oil fresh longer.
          • Environmentally friendly: Less packaging material means less waste. This system is not only good for your olive oil, but also for the environment.
          • Practical sizes: Choose between our 2-liter or 3-liter boxes, depending on your consumption and needs.
          • Optimal protection: The box protects the oil from light, one of the main elements that can impair the quality of olive oil.

          Our olive oil in the "Bag in Box" system is the perfect choice for genuine olive oil lovers who appreciate both quality and practicality. Enjoy the authentic taste of Spain with every drop.

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