Wine vinegar from Spain - Delicious and high-quality vinegars from Spanish wine varieties

High-quality Spanish wine vinegar is just as well-known and popular around the world as an exclusive Spanish wine. Let yourself be won over by the wonderful aromas of one of our first-class wine vinegars!

Old Vinegar añejo Finca la Torre Selección 250ml - Organic - Finca la Torre
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    Superior Pedro Ximénez vinegar. It is highly recommended its use with Finca la Torre olive oil. Intense vinegar, ideal for cooking.
    Vinegar Pedro Ximénez Finca la Torre Selección 250ml - Organic - Finca la Torre
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      Finca la Torre, after long years of efforts, has achieved one of the best Pedro Ximénez vinegars on the market. A real pleasure to enjoy.
      Aged wine vinegar La Maja 250ml - Vinegar - Agrícola La Maja
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        La Maja elaborates this extraordinaire aged vinegar, with the best selection of grapes from its vineyards. A smooth, tasteful and aromatic product for preparing the best dishes.
        Vinegar añejo de Rioja Vindaro 500ml - Vinegar - Vindaro
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          Since 1930, three generations of vinegar experts have achieved to produce this unique vinegar from Rioja with the best selection of its wines and natural methods.
          Sherry Vinegar D.O. Organic Soler Romero - Vinegar - Soler Romero
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            This vinegar is one of the first organic Sherry vinegars on the market. The winery has 600 oak barrels, something exclusive in the sector that allows unique vinegars to be obtained. The proof of this is that this vinegar is protected by the Denomination of Origin "Vinagre de Jerez".
            Organic cider vinegar Soler Romero - Vinegar - Soler Romero
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              This organic cider vinegar stands out for its high quality, for which the best organic apple ciders from Asturias are selected. Ideal for consumers who enjoy milder vinegars.
              O-Med vinegar premium set 8 X 250 ml - Vinegar - O-MedO-Med vinegar premium set 8 X 250 ml - Vinegar - O-Med 2
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              SET VINAGRE O-MED
              O-Med Vinagre de vino Cabernet Sauvignon 250 ml O-Med Cabernet Sauvignon wine vinegar 250 ml - Vinegar - O-Med
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                O-Med Chardonnay wine vinegar 250 ml - Vinegar - O-Med
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                  O-Med Rosé Vinegar 250 ml - Vinegar - O-Med
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                    Casa del Agua Reserva Sherry wine vinegar 250 ml - Vinegar - Oro Bailen
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                      Finca la Barca - vinegar - sherry d.o.p. "grand reserve" - ​​250 ml - Vinegar - Finca la BarcaFinca la Barca - vinegar - sherry d.o.p. "grand reserve" - ​​250 ml - Vinegar - Finca la Barca 2
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                      Finca la Barca vinegar stands out for its exceptional quality and intense flavor. Made using traditional methods, this vinegar offers a balanced acidity and a rich aroma that is perfect for enhancing salads, marinades and dressings. A must for any gourmet kitchen, Finca la Barca vinegar will take your dishes to a new level.
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                      As the name says, the vinegar consists of wine. Red vinegar is obtained from red grapes and white vinegar from white grapes. As the only vinegar, the vinegar is subject to the wine law and is always a vinegar. While the red vinegar tastes rather herb and spicy, the white vinegar refines the salad marinade with a mild, aromatic acid.

                      Weinessig must have at least one acid content of 6 percent. Its residual alcohol content may be up to 0.5 volume percent. Sherry vinegar, which is also counted as vinegars, has a minimum proportion of 7 percent acid.

                      Warning: Breeding is NOT one of the vinegars. It is not obtained from wine, but from dilute, distilled alcohol. In contrast to the vinegar, this vinegar, available in the supermarket as very inexpensive, is free from aromas. He just tastes sour. A genuine, high-quality vinegar, however, as you can expect it in our assortment, has unique aromas as well as a first-class wine.

                      Wein Essig aus Spanien

                      What is the difference: Weinessig vs. Apple vinegar vs. Balsamico vinegar

                      Since with a high-quality vinegar almost every dish can be refined, it is actually a must in the kitchen of every housewife who cooks her loved ones from time to time. However, in order to refine any food to its optimum, besides the bottle of high quality wine vinegars you should also have a bottle of apple cider vinegar and a balsamico vinegar at home. Because every vinegar has its own peculiarities:


                      • Starting product: white wine or red wine
                      • Taste: spicy and hearty, with the typical aromas of grape variety. The longer the high-quality vinegar was allowed to store, the more mild and rich in aroma. White-white is usually a bit milder than red-white
                      • Color: white or red
                      • Fits: White vinegar fits wonderfully with light sauces, fish, leaf salad or bright marinades. Red-white complements the dark sauce, fits with wild and dark marinades.

                      Apple vinegar:

                      • Starting product: apples or apple must
                      • Taste: aromatic, with the typical taste of fresh apel. Fruity is usually a bit milder than vinegar
                      • Color: white
                      • Watch: Fresh salads and vegetables can be seasoned with apple cider vinegar. The fruity vinegar also gives an extravagant touch.

                      Balsamico vinegar:

                      • Starting product: grape must
                      • Taste: sweet and acidic at the same time, with the herb aroma of the different barrels in which it was stored. The longer the Balsamico was allowed to store, the milder and more aromatic it becomes. Balsamico vinegar tastes even milder than fruit vinegar.
                      • Color: anthracite, almost black
                      • Fits: From the unusual aperitif, the dark roast sauce to the fruit salad or the chocolate ice cream, the sweetish-saure balsame vinegar gives many dishes a very special finish.

                      Bio Apfel Essig

                      Is Weinessig healthy?

                      Due to its natural fermentation process, Weinessig is not only a natural product, but can also come up with some healthy properties. In general, both the cider vinegar and the balsamico vinegar and also the vinegar have health-promoting ingredients. While the much praised apple cider vinegar also offers the vitamins contained in the apple, the vinegar scores with a higher proportion of healthy acetic acid.

                      Studies show that acetic acid can contribute to lowering blood fat levels. This helps prevent heart attack.

                      In certain cases, acetic acid also supports the reduction of blood sugar and thus naturally promotes blood sugar regulation.

                      Acetic acid not only stimulates the saliva flow in the mouth, but also promotes the production of the digestive juices, which helps to stimulate the digestion. Therefore, even top chefs as aperitif like a glass of vinegar.

                      By the antiseptic action of acetic acid, vinegar was used earlier even as a disinfectant. Even today, he is regarded as a home remedy for throat pain (gels) in many people, or as a hair rinse it provides a shiny, healthy hair.

                      Quality Differences in Weinessig

                      Every wine drinker knows that there are very great quality differences in the wine. At Weinessig, that's the same. Set yourself up according to the rule of thumb: the better the starting product, the better the end product. This means that the high quality of the wine and grape varieties from which the vinegar was fermented or fermented, the higher the vinegar is.

                      As with a good wine, you can also notice a wonderful, aromatic and fresh bouquet during the finished vinegar. In addition, the longer the vinegar is allowed to ripen, the better on the one hand its aromas can develop. At the same time, the acute acid decreases during storage.

                      A high-quality Spanish wine vinegar, made from first-class Spanish grapes, can therefore be called delicacies. Try it out! Decide for a lace vinegar from our assortment and set up your dishes with a fresh, slightly acidic taste nuance!

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