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OlivaOlivae Natural Soap 100gr

Made with organic extra virgin olive oil, for daily use and suitable for sensitive skin care. It contains a high moisturising and nourishing power.

OlivaOlivae Hand Cream 100ml

Mit ihren natürlichen Wirkstoffen zieht OlivaOlivae Handcreme leicht in die Haut ein, spendet ihr Feuchtigkeit und macht Ihre Hände weich und geschmeidig.

OlivaOlivae Bath Gel 500ml

Recommended for all skin types. It repairs, protects and moisturises the skin thanks to the benefits of the ecologic extra virgin olive oil and its natural active ingredients. 

OlivaOlivae Body Milk 250ml

Thanks to its active ingredients, specially the ecologic extra virgin olive oil, this body milk contains a high moisturising power that helps the skin to recover its smoothness.

OlivaOlivae Shampoo 250ml

Thanks to the ecologic extra virgin olive oil and its main natural active ingredients repairs and hydrates the hair and scalp. For frequent use.
Convient aux peaux sèches et sensibles. Profondément hydratant et rajeunissement, avec facteur de protection solaire SPF15 et pour une utilisation quotidienne. Appliquer deux fois par jour.

OlivaOlivae Exfoliant 100ml

A perfect exfoliating cream that lifts away dead cells and softens the skin. Suitable for all skin types. Made with ecologic extra virgin olive oil.

OlivaOlivae cream set

The 3-piece olive oil cream set from OlivaOlivae cares for hands, feet and the body. It moisturizes the skin and makes it look fresh.

OlivaOlivae Foot Cream 100ml

This foot cream is highly moisturising and easy to absorb. Made with ecologic extra virgin olive oil. For daily use.
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Olive Oil is a great alternative to the use of unnatural chemicals found in many cosmetic products, and has been used for skincare in various mediterranean countries for centuries. It’s a natural moisturiser that feels great on your skin and leaves you looking radiant.

Olivaolivae is a complete range of skincare products with all the natural qualities of Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil, combined with other high quality ingredients that work with your skin and hair to nourish and protect your natural beauty. 

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