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Mild fruity

Subtle, smooth flavours. Our selection of mild fruity oils
The Arbequina is one of the most sought after olives in the world and ‘Oro Bailen Arbequina’ has consolidated its reputation as a product recognised internationally as one of the finest in quality.
Olive oil
Oro Bailen
8437009466025 + 8437009466131
The two most cultivated varieties in Spain, known by their qualities and produced by Oro Bailen. Undoubtedly, two of the best olive oils in Spain. 
Oil sets
Oro Bailen
8437009466025 + 8437009466131
Great gift package of Oro Bailen published in the Flos Olei 2015 guide "the world’s best olive oils guide" where it obtained a punctuation of 98/98. 
Olive Oil O-Med Limited Edition Arbequina 500ml
  • -10%
€16.28 €18.09
O-Med has a long family tradition of olive growing of O-MED, combined with innovation and new trends. His true passion is reflected in there olive oils.
Olive oil
Casas de Hualdo
Cornicabra olives are the native variety of the Denomination of Origin Montes de Toledo. Made with olives grown at high altitude in hard and rough soils, it gives a high quality olive oil with a high amount of polyphenols and antioxidants. 
Olive oil
Casas de Hualdo
If we are looking for an olive oil that is perfect for all uses, this will be our choice. Coupage of picual and arbequina with a greater presence of arbequina. Made with high-quality olives at their optimum harvest point for reach the best olive oil quality. 
Olive oil
Agrícola La Maja
MiOliva is an extra virgin olive oil with a soft aroma of ripe and sweet fruits, thanks to its collection of ripe olives.MiOliva is an extra virgin olive oil with a soft aroma of ripe and sweet fruits, thanks to its collection of ripe olives.
Olive oil
Senoríos de Relleu
Delicate Coupage from Señoríos de Relleu is loved by connoisseurs and olive oil beginners alike due to its variety of aromas and the balanced taste.
Organic olive oil
Oro del Desierto
€103.12 €108.55
The olive oil of the dessert, with more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year and unique climatic conditions. Oro del Desierto has an exceptional olive oil quality.
Organic olive oil
Almazaras de la Subbetica
Almaoliva Bio is a high quality top oil in organic quality. The carefully put together coupage inspires with many valuable ingredients and a large variety of aromas. Awards of Almazaras de la Subbetica
Organic Olive Oil Almaoliva BIO 3l
  • -20%
Organic olive oil
Almazaras de la Subbetica
€8.65 €10.82
1 Reviews
With Almaoliva Bio you choose a healthy, modern olive oil of the highest quality. The unique extra virgin olive oil inspires with a harmonious interplay of different taste nuances. Awards of Almazaras de la Subbetica
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Buy Extra Virgin Olive oil with a mild fruity flavour from this section of the store. 

Mild fruity oils are best used where other strong flavours should be allowed to shine, so they are perfect for certain salads where cheeses will also be used, or for making dressings with vinegar, or other sauces. They can also be used for frying and baking, as well as potatoes, fish, bread, stews... we’ll let you decide. If you want a subtle, smooth flavour, that’s going to add to a dish that already has a lot going on for the palate, we have a great selection that you can choose from. Always well-preserved, always direct from Spain.

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