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Arbequina olive oil made from pure Arbequina olives

First-class Arbequina olive oil inspires young and old with a pleasant mildness and a large variety of aromas. Arbequina olive oil healthy and delicious!

Olive oil
Agrícola La Maja
2 Reviews
A family business that has been cultivating, pressing, and selling exceptionally high-quality olive oil since 1997 from their mill in Mendavia, Navarra.
Olive oil
Agrícola La Maja
A family business that has been cultivating, pressing, and selling exceptionally high-quality olive oil since 1997 from their mill in Mendavia, Navarra.
Olive oil
Pago Baldio San Carlos
An extra-virgin olive oil harvested during the full moon of October, in order to achieve the most potent aroma and flavour.
The Arbequina is one of the most sought after olives in the world and ‘Oro Bailen Arbequina’ has consolidated its reputation as a product recognised internationally as one of the finest in quality.
Olive oil
Oro Bailen
8437009466025 + 8437009466131
The two most cultivated varieties in Spain, known by their qualities and produced by Oro Bailen. Undoubtedly, two of the best olive oils in Spain. 
Organic olive oil
Finca la Torre
One of the most highly-valued Arbequina oils in the world, with all the character guaranteed by the Finca la Torre mark, a mill that is rapidly emerging to stand out on the global stage. Awards of Finca la Torre
Olive Oil O-Med Limited Edition Arbequina 500ml
  • -10%
€16.28 €18.09
O-Med has a long family tradition of olive growing of O-MED, combined with innovation and new trends. His true passion is reflected in there olive oils.
Organic olive oil
Finca la Torre
Made on the first day of the harvest, this exclusive and limited edition of just 4000 bottles is recognised the world over as the very finest oil produced in recent years. Awards of Finca la Torre
Olive oil
Casas de Hualdo
An extra virgin olive oil that gives us an explosion of fragrances and aromas. Silky in its passage through the mouth. It is obtained from green olives of excellent quality. Nationally and internationally distinguished.
Olive oil
Agrícola La Maja
MiOliva is an extra virgin olive oil with a soft aroma of ripe and sweet fruits, thanks to its collection of ripe olives.MiOliva is an extra virgin olive oil with a soft aroma of ripe and sweet fruits, thanks to its collection of ripe olives.
A collection of single-variety oils, to buy for yourself or to give away, for true lovers of good cooking. The ‘Finca la Torre’ olive oil experience, the perfect gift. Awards of Finca la Torre
Olive Oil Pago Baldios San Carlos 500ml
  • -10%
Olive oil
Pago Baldio San Carlos
€10.60 €11.77
With olives from very early in the season (some 15 days before harvest begins), this limited-edition oil has an incredible aroma and taste. Hard to find.
Olive oil
Almazaras de la Subbetica
Almaoliva Arbequino is the latest proposal of what for many is the cooperative that produces the best extra virgin olive oil in Spain. Perfection can be in this arbequina that presents all the virtues and essences of this incredible variety of extra virgin olive oil. Awards of Almazaras de la Subbetica
Olive oil
Agrícola La Maja
A family business that has been cultivating, pressing, and selling exceptionally high-quality olive oil since 1997 from their mill in Mendavia, Navarra.
Organic olive oil
Almazara Ecológica de La Rioja
1 Reviews
For lovers of extra-virgin olive oil, this organic product is beautifully presented and makes a big impact. Awards of Almazara Ecológica de La Rioja
Organic olive oil
Almazara Ecológica de La Rioja
Probably the best extra-virgin olive oil from La Rioja. Organic. From a part of Spain that has been dedicated to olive growing for centuries. Awards of Almazara Ecológica de La Rioja
Organic olive oil
Almazara Ecológica de La Rioja
Isul, the exquisite organically grown olive oil in an economical 5-litre canister, is suitable as the basis for the supply of fats in a healthy diet and for DIY body care. Awards of Almazara Ecológica de La Rioja
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Arbequina olive oil a mild treat for the palate

Small but fine: Even if the spherical, uniform Arbequina olives are only two centimeters larger than the wild olives, they are by no means inferior to larger varieties in terms of aroma and oil yield. On the contrary, the small fruits can even come up with a very high oil content. This is certainly one of the reasons why the Arbequina is no longer only cultivated in the provinces of Lérida and Tarragona, but is now cultivated over around 80,000 hectares throughout Spain. However, the densely branched tree is particularly common in the autonomous communities of Catalonia and Aragon.

The fruit, which weighs just under two grams, originally comes from Palestine and was introduced to Spain in the 17th century by the Duke of Medinacelli. Because the duke had his palace in the province of Lérida in a small town called Arbeca, the black fruit was given the name Arbequina olive. Despite its small size, it is not only processed into the mild and aromatic Arbequina olive oil, but is also often used as a table olive, especially in its growing areas. In order to be able to press a high-quality, wonderfully fruity Arbequina olive oil, the fruit must be removed from the tree at an early stage. The Arbequina harvest therefore begins in many places as early as October.

What's in Arbequina olive oil?

Healthy can be so tasty! Because although the sometimes golden shimmering Arbequina olive oil often surprises with a slight sweetness, it has many healthy ingredients. Its content of polyunsaturated fatty acids is higher than that of other, single-variety olive oils. You should definitely pay attention to unsaturated fatty acids in a healthy diet, because the body cannot produce them itself. The German Society for Nutrition recommends an intake of between seven and ten percent of the total daily intake. If you incorporate our first-class Arbequina olive oil into your diet in a variety of ways, the first step has been taken.

They support cell division, counteract inflammation and reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer. At the same time, the delicious oil also has a high proportion of oleic acid (= monounsaturated fatty acid) and thus promotes an improvement in your cholesterol levels. Because oleic acid has a reputation for lowering bad cholesterol and raising good cholesterol. The fact that the mild Arbequina olive oil has less bitter substances than other types of olive oil can be attributed to its slightly lower polyphenol content. This means that it doesn't last quite as long and oxidizes more quickly.

Arbequina olive oil smells so wonderful

If you have just received a bottle of our high-quality Arbequina olive oils, you should not miss the opportunity to open the bottle and breathe in deeply with your nose just above the bottleneck. From the very first sniff you can recognize the wonderful aromas of fresh olives, green apples and bananas. If you allow yourself a second sniff, scents of almonds, artichokes and tomatoes can also be identified. You can even perceive a slight fennel aroma.

Take a small sip of Arbequina olive oil pure or pour a few drops on a slice of freshly baked bread to fully savor the pleasant mildness of the high-quality premium oil. Precisely because of its softness and the slight sweetness, the single-variety Arbequina olive oil is well suited for introducing children or olive oil beginners to the aromatic vegetable oil. If the oil is more mature, its taste is often compared to a children's fruit puree. Early Arbequina oils are also reminiscent of apples and bananas, but also inspire with the nuances of fresh vegetables or hearty herbs.

Because a high-quality Arbequina extra virgin olive oil is not quite as stable as other single-origin olive oils, you should be very careful when storing it. Never leave the bottle open, always screw the cap back on tightly after use. Heat also leads to a faster loss of the wonderful flavors and healthy ingredients. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to store the olive oil in the refrigerator. Put it in the pantry or in a kitchen base cabinet.

Arbequina olive oil, even for sweets

Due to its fruity, fresh taste and its pleasant softness, the Arbequina olive oil can be used in many different ways in the kitchen. It is ideal both in a mild dressing for sensitive leaf salads and for a hearty potato or sausage salad. Even the colorfully mixed fruit salad can be refined with a few splashes of Arbequina olive oil.

Even if the not so stable olive oil is not recommended for grilling or searing meat, it aromatically rounds off the cooked meat or vegetables. The delicate oil of the small Arbequina goes wonderfully with seafood dishes and perfectly complements the cold soups so popular in Mediterranean cuisine. And the popular olive oil can also serve as a substitute for butter or margarine when baking bread or cakes. Click through our extensive range of first-class Arbequina extra virgin olive oils and get yourself a bottle of mild, fresh and healthy fruitiness!

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