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Cornicabra olive oil with a particularly large number of polyphenols

As an olive oil with a particularly large number of polyphenols, our high-quality Cornicabra olive oil fascinates with a distinctive aroma. An oil with that certain something.

Olive Oil Casas de Hualdo - Cornicabra 500ml
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Olive oil
Casas de Hualdo
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Cornicabra olives are the native variety of the Denomination of Origin Montes de Toledo. Made with olives grown at high altitude in hard and rough soils, it gives a high quality olive oil with a high amount of polyphenols and antioxidants. 
Olive Oil Set Casas de Hualdo - Cornicabra 500ml- Picual 500ml- Arbequina 500ml
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Horizontal tasting batch of the three most important varieties of extra virgin olive oil in Spain made in the same area. The best selection of intense extra virgin olive oils made by one of the most awarded oil mills nationally and internationally. Trying it!
Olive Oil Finca la Torre collection of single-variety oilsOlive Oil Finca la Torre collection of single-variety oils 2
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€44.79 €55.98
A collection of single-variety oils, to buy for yourself or to give away, for true lovers of good cooking. The ‘Finca la Torre’ olive oil experience, the perfect gift. Awards of Finca la Torre
Olive Oil Finca la Torre collection of single-variety oils
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€18.69 €23.36
Test your taste senses! Experiment with the different flavors of four different olive oils! Top off your dishes with the right olive oil! Become an olive oil lover with the Finca la Torre tasting set! Awards of Finca la Torre
Organic Olive Oil Deortegas Cornicabra 500 mlOrganic Olive Oil Deortegas Cornicabra 500 ml 2
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    Organic olive oil
    Organic Olive Oil Deortegas Cornicabra 5 Liter CanisterOrganic Olive Oil Deortegas Cornicabra 5 Liter Canister 2
      Organic olive oil
      Olive Oil Deortegas Tasting Pack of 5 Bottles of 100 mlOlive Oil Deortegas Tasting Pack of 5 Bottles of 100 ml 2
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        Exclusive gift box with 5 bottles of 100ml of organic extra virgin olive oil. Ideal as a gift or to do an oil tasting where you can taste the five varieties: arbequina, picual, cornicabra, hojiblanca and frantoio de Deortegas.
        Organic Olive Oil Deortegas...Organic Olive Oil Deortegas... 2
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          Organic olive oil
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          Cornicabra olive oil, healthy and aromatic

          Do you love excitement, the unusual and extravagance? Then you have found your favorite oil with the Cornicabra olive oil. Because probably no other olive oil has as much uniqueness, attractiveness and expression to offer as the oil from the Cornicabra olive. Even the shape of the medium-sized and, at around three grams, medium-heavy fruit is unusual. Elongated, slightly curved, asymmetrically pointed at one end and more rounded at the other, it is reminiscent of a goat's horn (in Spanish: cuerno de cabra), which earned it the name cornicabra. But even her taste can hardly be surpassed in terms of palate tickling and dynamics.

          Because the Spaniards also love this peculiarity, the Cornicabra with around 270,000 hectares of cultivation area is the second most cultivated olive variety in Spain. It is particularly common in the provinces of Toledo, Ciudad Real, Madrid, Cáceres and Badajoz. If the unusually shaped fruit is to be eaten as a table olive, it is taken from the tree when fully ripe and, in addition to its interesting taste, impresses with its dark violet colour. But also for pressing the aromatic Cornicabra olive oil, the harvest cannot take place too early because the fruits are difficult to remove from the tree. However, the effort is worth it, because the Cornicabra olive oil is olive oil with a particularly large number of polyphenols and is considered very healthy.

          Cornicabra olive oil with lots of polyphenols

          Like all high-quality extra virgin olive oil, Cornicabra olive oil also has a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids, such as oleic acid. Various studies have documented that oleic acid in particular not only has an extremely positive effect on our cardiovascular system, but also regulates blood pressure and is even beneficial in preventing certain types of cancer.

          It is also considered an olive oil with a particularly large number of polyphenols and is therefore even referred to in Spain as "Rey de la Salud", i.e. the king of health. Because polyphenols have an anti-inflammatory and cancer-preventing effect. At the same time, the olive oil with a particularly large number of polyphenols is said to contribute to a reduction in fat deposits in the blood vessels and thus counteract arteriosclerosis. It can protect the body cells from free radicals and slow down cell oxidation.

          Because Cornicabra olive oil is blessed with a particularly large number of polyphenols, it can also be considered to be particularly stable. This means that it has a longer shelf life than other pure, high-quality extra virgin olive oils. However, when exposed to heat, light, and oxygenation, cornicabra olive oil can lose its healthy components and delicious flavors. Therefore, keep your bottle of your favorite oil in a dark, dry place and always tightly closed. A kitchen base cabinet is ideal.

          Fresh fragrance with an extravagant taste

          The olive oil with a particularly large number of polyphenols not only shines with its superlative ingredients, the top-class oil also knows how to convince with extravagance in terms of fragrance and aroma. As soon as you sniff the freshly opened bottle of Cornicabra olive oil, an aroma explosion takes place in your nose that cannot be compared to any other olive oil. In addition to the scent of fresh olives, green leaves, crunchy tomatoes and tart almonds can be discovered, depending on the growing area and harvest time of the fruit. But there are also slight nuances of walnuts or avocados.

          Especially with the interesting and exciting taste of Cornicabra olive oil, it makes sense to try the oil neat at least once. If you don't dare to take a sip, at least put your tongue carefully into a wide, low glass with about 50 milliliters of the unique oil. On the tip of the tongue, the extraordinary olive oil appears sweet and mild. However, if you carry it further into the mouth, you will notice a surprising, aromatic spiciness on the floor of the tongue.

          The olive oil with a particularly large number of polyphenols reveals a typical but pleasant bitterness and is very aromatic and fresh overall. When swallowing, a hint of spiciness spreads, which exquisitely rounds off the healthy olive oil.

          Cornicabra olive oil gives the finishing touch

          Since the olive oil is very stable with the many polyphenols, it is also ideal for grilling and frying. It can withstand higher temperatures than other single-variety extra virgin olive oils without sacrificing active ingredients or aromas to a greater extent. The extravagant oil of the Cornicabra olive perfectly complements a juicy beef steak. But it also rounds off game dishes perfectly. It is used on the grill to keep exotic vegetables such as artichokes or aubergines juicy, or to put the icing on the cake of a fine salmon.

          The intensive Cornicabra olive oil goes wonderfully with hearty fried potatoes or tomatoes and forms the perfect basis for an incomparable, homemade mayonnaise. With its unconventional taste, the aromatic olive oil from the Cornicabra olive is predestined for dressing lamb's lettuce or rocket. Both simple pasta dishes as well as sophisticated pasta dishes are given the finishing touch with Cornicabra olive oil, and on the cheese platter the hard cheeses are given an additional attractive flavor component with a few drops of the aromatic oil. Conjure up excitement in your kitchen with a pure Cornicabra olive oil!

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