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Black Olives of Aragon La Masrojana 220g

La Masrojana
The Spanish Kalamata olive is picked at its largest size and left for months to develop its ideal flavor, perfect for salads, pasta, and pizza.

Caspe Olives La Masrojana 220g

La Masrojana
Harvested in September while still unripe and left to macerate in aromatic herbs, the Caspe olive has an unmistakable and soft bitter taste that makes it ideal as an aperitif or in salads.

Manzanilla Olives La Masrojana 220g

La Masrojana
A treasure of southern Spain, harvested at its largest size and combined with traditional high quality aromatic herbs from the south, the Manzanilla olive is a common appetizer in Spanish cuisine.

Gazpacha Olives La Masrojana 220g

La Masrojana
With an exuberant and tasty flavor, and just the right combination of vinegar, pepper, spice and a hint of acidity, this olive makes a great appetizer for drinks and beer.

Gordal Olives Hot Spicy La Masrojana 220g

La Masrojana
Known as Andalusia’s treasure, it’s one of the most demanded varieties of olive. With a touch of chili pepper, it has a soft spicy flavor with meaty and tender properties.

Bio Arbequina Olives La Masrojana 220g

La Masrojana
This olive is highly regarded and is typical of northern Spain, especially in Catalonia. Known for its esteemed flavor, it pairs well with salads and other appetizers.
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Whether for a snack in between meals or to complement Mediterranean dishes, Spanish olives should not be never missing in your supplies.

Olives, the culinary symbol of Spain

When you hear the term Spanish tapa or starter, you automatically think of olives. Because probably no other fruit is more typical of the Iberian Peninsula than the olive. The tart, small, oval fruit of the olive tree reminds us of wonderful holidays and the warm Spanish sun. And it is precisely this warmth that the olive tree needs in order to impart a multitude of different aromas to its fruits. After all, not all olives taste the same.

The biggest difference in taste is between green and black olives. These are not different varieties, but different stages of ripeness of the olive fruit. Because the olive changes color in the course of its ripening. While the unripe fruit hangs green on the tree, with increasing degree of ripeness it acquires a purple color and finally it turns black. At you can find both green and black olives. All fruits are pickled, because fresh olives are inedible at any stage of ripeness.

In addition to the delicious whole fruits, you will also find creamy olive pastes here. Our manufacturers' olive paté not only contain pure, natural ingredients, they are also vegan. They are ideal as a spread or to refine Mediterranean dishes. But the aromatic olive paste is also always well received as a gift by passionate Spain fans.

Green olives, a bitter temptation

The more sun the olive gets, the milder its taste. Because green olives are fetched from the tree as unripe fruit and therefore have less sun warmth, they taste tart and sometimes a little bitter.

Green olives have the following nutritional values ​​per 100 grams:

  • Calories / Kilojoule: 140 kcal / 585.76 kJ
  • Carbohydrates: 2 g
  • Fat: 14 g
  • Potassium: 45 g
  • Calcium: 95 g
  • Iron: 1.8 g
  • Beta-carotene: 280 µg
  • Vitamin B2: 0.08 mg
  • + More

But not even green olives are the same as green olives. Because, just as there are different types of apples, there are also around 260 known varieties of the fruits of the olive tree in Spain alone. In addition, of course, the location of the olive grove and the weather influence the taste of the respective olive variety. And because the green olives from are pickled differently, the variety of flavors is even greater. You have the choice between herb marinade, sour or spicy marinade. Just try it out!

Black olives - spoiled by the sun

The black and therefore ripe olives are carefully picked from the tree at the end of the season. They received far more sun rays than their green sisters. Therefore the black olives taste full-bodied and mild.

The nutritional values ​​of black olives are also very different from the values ​​of green olives:

  • Calories / Kilojoule: 185.0 kcal / 774.04 kJ
  • Carbohydrates: 4 g
  • Fat: 17 g
  • Potassium: 40 mg
  • Calcium: 150 mg
  • Iron: 2.3 mg
  • Beta-carotene: 70 µg
  • Vitamin B2: 0.08 mg
  • + More

And with black olives, both the location of the olive grove and the weather have an effect on the taste of the fruit. In addition, the ripe fruits of different types of olives do not taste the same either.

Warning: not all black olives that you can buy in the supermarket are really ripe fruit. Often you can find green olives that have been colored black. This "manipulation" is legal and can only be recognized from the list of ingredients. At we don't sell artificially colored olives, only naturally sun-ripened fruits.

Holiday feelings with olive pate

In contrast to numerous other commercially available olive pastes, our manufacturer's olive patés are all natural. You can look forward to the pure taste of olive with both the black and the green pâté. Only a small pinch of salt is added to the creamy olive paste (consisting of olive butter and extra virgin olive oil) as a flavor enhancer.

You can use the delicious olive paté as a spread on bread or add herbs, garlic or spices as you wish. But also as an addition to the dressing, the olive paste rounds off the salad spicy. It is ideal for adding an aromatic flavor to a marinade or adding an additional flavor to a finished grill dish.

Enjoy the tangy, tangy fruits of the Spanish sun with an olive paste from and review your holiday!

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