Smoked olive oil with smoked aroma

Refine your dishes with the smoked olive oil from! Taste the campfire atmosphere without the grill and coal!

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Castillo de Canena Arbequino oil delicately smoked 250ml
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    Following artisan’s methods, this oak-smoked Arbequino is the first and only oil to be infused from cold, the best way of guaranteeing that the smoked taste permeates the food. 
    Finca la Barca smoked olive oil 250mlFinca la Barca smoked olive oil 250ml 2
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      Smoked oil
      Alioli with Smoked Olive Oil Finca la Barca 120 ml
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        Enjoy a very special starter with the smoky Finca La Barca Alioli! Made from the smoked olive oil from Finca La Barca, the spicy garlic sauce inspires with a unique taste experience.
        Mayonnaise with Smoked Olive Oil Finca la Barca 120 ml
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          The Finca La Barca mayonnaise is exceptional and extravagant with a sensational smoke taste. Made with smoked olive oil, the white sauce also delights the gourmet.
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          Smoked olive oil with an exclusive aroma

          Would you like a little campfire atmosphere? A juicy steak fresh from the grill or a hearty smoked ham puts us in a world of freedom and adventure, at least in culinary terms. After all, an open fire is necessary for the exciting smoke aroma. However, it is precisely the atmospheric smoke that often proves fatal for passionate barbecue fans. Either the weather doesn't allow for an open fire or the neighbors feel disturbed by the smell and smoke.

          With smoked olive oil from, however, you can enjoy meat, vegetables or fish with the fascinating smoke aroma every day, in any weather. Add a touch of smoke to your pan and oven dishes! Refine a hearty salad with the taste of freedom and adventure! And spice up a fiery stew with a few drops of Wild West flavor!

          Smoked olive oil is not only a wonderful way to spice up your own dishes, the unique olive oil from is also ideal as an interesting, extravagant gift for men.

          Natural olive oil, naturally smoked

          Did you know that not everything that tastes smoked was actually exposed to smoke from oak or beech wood? Manufacturers often simply add the popular grill flavor to their food from the bottle. Smoke flavoring is available in both liquid and powder form. The makers of this chemical product advertise that it is healthier than traditional smoking because tar and soot are filtered out of the liquid smoke. But what they don't reveal is that liquid smoke consists of up to 400 chemical compounds!

          Smoked olive oil that you can buy at will smoked in a natural, traditional way. The oil does not drip onto the glowing wood, but only comes into contact with the smoke. In addition, the temperatures during smoking are kept as low as possible. This means that the smoking process takes more time, but the olive oil with the wonderful smoky flavor does not require any chemical ingredients. You get a high-quality, natural olive oil with an exciting, natural smoky aroma.

          Fumigation and the environment

          Unfortunately, it's true: smoking and grilling pollute the environment. The traditional smoking of a first-class olive oil is no exception. However, you should keep in mind that with a smoked olive oil from you save yourself numerous barbecue sessions. After all, you only need a few drops of the high-quality oil for the wonderful aroma of freedom and adventure.

          Thus, the CO2 emissions that you are responsible for by using the naturally smoked olive oil are kept within limits. If you grilled or smoked all the food that you can refine with a bottle of aromatic olive oil yourself, the CO2 emissions and thus the environmental pollution would be many times higher. Smoked olive oil not only gives you a healthier smoke flavor than when you grill it yourself, but also a more environmentally friendly one.

          Smoked olive oil goes well with it

          Another advantage of the tasty olive oil with the interesting smoky aroma compared to self-grilled dishes is its versatility. While you can only prepare meat, fish or vegetables on the grill, almost any dish can be extravagantly and spicy with the smoked olive oil.

          Try a hearty Mexican salad with some smoke flavoring in the salad dressing! Or add a touch of smoke to spaghetti a la carbonara! A roast beef can also be wonderfully refined with the smoked olive oil. And if you add a few drops of the aromatic olive oil to the hearty bean stew, you'll get a Wild West atmosphere at the table.

          Of course, smoked olive oil also goes well with all types of meat that you can fry in the pan. Whether beef steak, pork chop or chicken leg, your favorite dish will be given a smoked touch. Instead of grilling, fry tomatoes, peppers and aubergines in smoked olive oil. And both the fish from the pan and the seafood look good with a hint of smoke.

          If your mouth is watering now, don't hesitate any longer! Treat yourself to a bottle of natural olive oil with the wonderful, natural aroma of oak smoke!

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