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Olive cream

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La Masrojana green olive pate 100g
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    Olive cream
    La Masrojana green olive pate 100g
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      Olive cream
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      Olive Paste – a vegan paté

      Did you know that Spanish olives can break your tongue? In creamy soft consistency but with the hearty spicy aroma of black or green olives, the olive pop from our high-quality delicacies range delights. Not only without chemical additives is a pure natural product, but also without animal additions is the olive paste of green or black olives even vegan.

      The aromatic paste should not be missing on a Spanish buffet. Why don't you turn off the defy little canapes as tasteful as the colourful mixed Mediterranean salad. The olive pope is also excellent as a gift for a passionate Spain fan. And by no means you should forget to order a glass of the delicious paste for yourself. Because with the delicate olive paste numerous dishes get a Mediterranean touch. And of course, the creamy paste also tastes pure, as a bread spread or with the spoon straight out of the glass.

      What is the olive paste?

      As a pure natural product, both the green olive paste and the black pasta de aceituna contain only natural ingredients. And that's not many. The olive pope is made up of delicious black or green olives, a small pinch of salt as a flavor enhancer and a high-quality olive oil Virgen extra that gives the paté its soft suppleness.

      As you can see, no ingredients of animal origin are included and no animals are included in the production, so that the spicy Pasta de aceituna also enthuses every vegan. The delicious paté is made exclusively from olives of its region. This allows it to process the fruit quickly, so that the paste delights with the full aroma spectrum of the olives.

      Of course, the olive pastes from our selection are pure. For the Pasta de aceituna negra exclusively Empeltre-Oliven come into processing. For the Pasta de aceituna verde the manufacturer uses only Arbequina olives. The addition of olive oil makes it possible to retain the pure natural product for more than two days even in the broken-up state. However, you need to put the opened glass in the refrigerator for a longer shelf life.

      Olive Paté vs. Tapenade

      The popular tapenade is also an olive paste. It originates from France and is composed of dekerned olives, anchovis and capers. As can easily be seen from the ingredients, it is a paste with very intense taste. Not only the olives have many hearty aromas, also the small anchovies and the capers contribute to the extravagant taste composition of a tapenade with a special spice.

      The olive pope of our range, on the other hand, focuses on the pure, pure taste of black or green olives. Because if you roll the supple cream back and forth on the tongue, like a candy, many wonderful aromas develop. While at a tapenade you will almost be beaten by the fruitful abundance of taste, you can enjoy the smooth, pure olive paste with all taste sensors on the tongue and in the mouth.

      How the olive paste tastes

      As soon as the glass of olive paste arrives at your home, you will certainly have a spoon pure. However, if you want to enjoy the creamy olive tree for longer, use it as a bread spread on a fresh white or gray bread. To taste, you can apply the olive paste thick or thin. Small harpsichords coated with the Pasta de aceituna are suitable as tapa for intermediate, as appetizers for appetizers or as a supplement to wine or champagne.

      The green and the black olive paste can also be used for cooking. The marinade for chicken meat gives it a spicy kick, like the salad dressing of a leaf salad. Instead of a pasta with green pesto, a wonderfully spicy sauce for the pastel dish can be enchanted from the olive paste. And also a tasty barbecue or a lush pork steak from the grill can be served and refined with the Pasta de aceituna.

      Probably you would prefer to start now and try one of the magnificent olive pastes. I can't. But as soon as your order arrives with us, we lovingly put your package together.

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