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Picual olive oil

Olive oil connoisseurs love Picual olive oil especially because of its tart, slightly bitter taste. Rich in polyphenols, it is good for your health.

Olive oil
Casas de Hualdo
With the picual olive oil, Casas de Hualdo has created an excellent, powerful extra virgin olive oil that inspires every olive oil connoisseur with its intensity and endurance.
Soler Romero goes a step further with his olive oil from the first day of the harvest. Limited edition that is collected and made every year on October 15 using the best fruits of selected olive trees. Enjoy with your purchase of an oil of great intensity. Ecological and certified by the most important international organizations.
Organic olive oil
Castillo de Canena
The use of Biodynamic agriculture, certified by Demeter, is a further step forward in ecological cultivation; an innovative bet by Castillo de Canena.
Olive oil
Oro Bailen
An incredible Picual, and with the maximum rating from the most prestigious international guide to oils, 98 points in ’Flos Olei’, it is now endorsed as the best Picual worldwide.
Olive oil
Oro Bailen
8437009466025 + 8437009466131
The two most cultivated varieties in Spain, known by their qualities and produced by Oro Bailen. Undoubtedly, two of the best olive oils in Spain. 
Olive oil
Castillo de Canena
The annual Picual edition, created on the first day of the harvest, with the unique tag bearing prints of personalities from the worlds of the Arts, the Sciences and High Society.
Olive Oil Oro Bailen Reserva familiar Picual 500ml
  • -5%
Olive oil
Oro Bailen
€43.10 €45.36
In Jaén, the largest and most famous oil-producing region in the world, ‘Oro Bailen’ stands out. Its excellence and quality make it one the finest oils on a global scale.
Organic olive oil
La Solana2
This limited and numbered edition - ‘AOVE La Solana2 Picual’ - is unique on the market because of its cultivation, preparation and quality. Experience the pleasure of tasting it. You’ll be the judge.
The fruits of the hard and innovative work of O-Med are reflected in the numerous international awards for this olive oil, an excellent and interesting olive oil.
Organic olive oil
Oro del Desierto
The olive oil of the dessert, with more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year and unique climatic conditions. Oro del Desierto has an exceptional olive oil quality.
Olive oil
Soler Romero
Enjoy this spectacular extra virgin olive oil of the picual variety from Soler Romero. High intensity oil that will surprise you and that you will want to buy again. Made with fruits from centenary olive trees over 200 years old, cultivated for more than 30 years with sustainable and ecological agriculture techniques.
The limited anniversary edition of Nobleza del Sur is made with fruits from ancient olive trees. A single payment oil. 14 kg of olives are needed to produce 1 liter of such incredible extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy the unique intensity of this limited edition EVOO at home.
Oil sets
Oro Bailen
8437009466025 + 8437009466131
Great gift package of Oro Bailen published in the Flos Olei 2015 guide "the world’s best olive oils guide" where it obtained a punctuation of 98/98. 
Olive Oil Set Nobleza del Sur Tradición 3 x 500 ml
  • Pack
Olive oil
Nobleza del Sur
8437011635440 + 8437011635433 + 8437011635426
Product set of 3 olive oils from Nobleza del Sur Tradición 1640. A pure Arbequina olive oil and a 100% Picual olive oil as well as a cupage of Arbequina and Picual ideal for the olive oil tasting.
Olive oil
Nobleza del Sur
This "Pago Oil" is made with selected fruits from centuries-old native olive groves of Finca Vista Alegre. The farm located in the heart of Jaen enjoys a peculiar microclimate that has an influence on its fruits, giving them a differentiating and unique character. Don't hesitate to try this premium centenarium, it will surprise you.
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Picual olive oil - also for high temperatures

In deep black, the picual olive corresponds exactly to the idea we have of the typically Spanish, sun-ripened fruit. Nevertheless, even in Andalusia, the main growing area of ​​the Picual, we will hardly be served it as a table olive with tapas. Because the medium-sized and with about 3.2 grams also medium-heavy fruit of the olive tree is mainly used to produce a delicious and very healthy olive oil. Because of its slightly bitter taste, the very stable, oxidation-resistant picual olive oil is particularly appreciated by olive oil connoisseurs.

With an area under cultivation of about 900,000 hectares, the Picual is the most common olive variety in Spain. This is not least due to their high oil yield, which is well above average at 27 percent of their weight. The shape of the fruit also had the greatest influence on the naming of the picual olive. Because the elongated, oval olive is not gently rounded at the top and bottom, but has a clear point on one side that can be compared to a bird's beak. And because Schnabel means "pico" in Spanish, the term picual was able to establish itself both nationally and internationally. Since the popular fruit for oil pressing is usually taken from the tree early, the high-quality Picual olive oil is usually grass-green to green in color with a golden tinge.

Picual olive oil, healthy for the heart and circulation

The three most important ingredients for our health in a premium picual olive oil are vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols. Green olive oil is particularly rich in polyphenols. On the one hand, polyphenols are responsible for the slightly bitter typical olive oil taste and also have a very positive effect on our health. Numerous studies show that polyphenols can counteract the development of certain types of cancer. They have an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect and play a positive role in lowering blood pressure.

As confirmed by Stiftung Warentest, polyphenols can reduce the risk of heart attack and protect cells from free radicals. By consuming high-quality Picual olive oil, you are also incorporating unsaturated fatty acids into your diet. This is also important as the unsaturated fatty acids in picual olive oil help lower bad (LDL) cholesterol and raise good (HDL) cholesterol. The vitamin E contained in the high-quality oil also contributes to keeping the body healthy. Finally, vitamin E is also referred to as the cell protection vitamin. It has the ability to defuse aggressive oxygen compounds that occur during metabolic reactions, UV radiation or cigarette consumption.

Picual: fresh scent and bitter taste

In addition to its positive effect on health, Picual olive oil is particularly popular with olive oil connoisseurs because of its wonderfully fresh taste. As soon as you open the bottle, you are greeted by the scent of an entire olive grove. Because high-quality Picual olive oil smells wonderfully of fruity olives, of olive leaves, of freshly cut grass and of green herbs. Passionate olive oil lovers cannot resist this incomparable scent of the Spanish sun and will try a sip of Picual olive oil straight away. However, an inexperienced palate may be slightly overwhelmed with the typical Picual taste and should decide on the olive oil of a different variety to start with.

Because the green oil of the Picual olive already starts on the tongue when it enters the mouth with an aromatic flavor and is reminiscent of tomato plants and fig trees. In the mouth and throat, it unfolds its typical bitterness, which often remains for a long time even after swallowing the oil. In the finish, the Picual olive oil says goodbye with a slight sharpness.

Cooking and refining with Picual olive oil

The passionate olive oil fan likes to enjoy the wonderfully spicy, intense Picual olive oil pure. Both the homemade bruschetta and a tomato salad with mozzarella can be ideally refined with the fresh green oil. The expressive olive oil is also ideal as a dip with fresh white bread as a starter or for a small tapa in between. It refines the green lettuce and puts the icing on the cake of a colorful mixed salad.

But the oil from the Picual olive is also ideal for marinating fish or meat - especially game. On the one hand, it refines the taste and, on the other hand, contributes to the preservation. In the cold soup (gazpacho), the aromatic picual olive oil is just as much the icing on the cake as it is over the wafer-thin carpaccio. It attractively rounds off hearty stews and gives the mature cheese on the cheese platter an additional taste nuance. Because of its high polyphenol content, it is particularly stable and resistant to oxidation. It can therefore not only be used for cooking and roasting, but also for searing, grilling and deep-frying.

However, in order to be able to enjoy its wonderful aromas and healthy ingredients for a long time, you must store the Picual olive oil adequately. Keep it away from heat and DO NOT leave it handy on the worktop near the stove. You should also protect the wonderfully fresh olive oil from oxygen supply, because despite its many polyphenols, it is not completely immune to oxidation. Therefore always screw the oil bottle back on thoroughly after use.

Especially with the Picual olive, the taste differences are very different depending on the growing area and climate. Therefore, do not rely solely on this general description of the wonderful Picual olive oil, but also read our explanation of the oil according to the manufacturer. A colorful selection awaits you. Just take a look!

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