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Olive Oil Casas de Hualdo - Cornicabra 500ml
Olive Oil Casas de Hualdo -...
Olive Oil Casas de Hualdo -...
Olive Oil Casas de Hualdo -...
Olive Oil Casas de Hualdo - Cornicabra 500ml

Olive Oil Casas de Hualdo - Cornicabra 500ml

Cornicabra olives are the native variety of the Denomination of Origin Montes de Toledo. Made with olives grown at high altitude in hard and rough soils, it gives a high quality olive oil with a high amount of polyphenols and antioxidants. 

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  • 2022/2023
  • 2023/2024
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Olive Oil CASAS DE HUALDO Cornicabra 500ml

Olive oil is known as the best edible oil on earth. It holds a distinguishing flavor and aroma, and enormous health benefits that require a whole new page to write on. Olive oil comes in different varieties and flavors, but all of them have many aspects in common which make them a family. 

Olives of Casas de Hualdo Olive Oil

If we talk about the lands which are best known for olive oil production, then the name of Spain comes up, as it is known as the land of olive trees. Among many well known high quality olive oil producers, Casas De Hualdo is prominent. Our company’s EVOO production is the culmination of hard work of many people throughout the year. These reflect the dedication, passion and love for producing unique products that hold the richness of Hualdo farm.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Casas De Hualdo

Olives of different varieties are carefully selected from olive grove at optimum conditions and stage of ripeness to attain the best quality. The oils we produce are of first extraction, they are immediately set for processing after harvesting at low temperatures to preserve all the goodness and the qualities they hold. With the help of cellulose plates, the oils are filtered. Then the inert stainless steel storage cells keep these oils stable under controlled atmosphere. Packaging is only made upon order, as EVOOs are far better in the tanks as they are in bottles.

Casas de Hualdo

We started our company with single variety oils. Our purpose was to transmit typicality of each olive varietal with all its expressions in soil and climate conditions to our consumers. Later, our enthusiastic work came with the coupages/ assemblies of different olive varieties. A complex yet balanced sign of identity is generated, and now we have a large formats for versatile cooking use.

Cornicabra Casas de Hualdo

If we talk about traditional olive varietal in the area, then Cornicabra is the one where the experience makes the virtue. This oil contains high amounts of antioxidants, which are obtained through careful pressing at the mill.

Olives of Casas de Hualdo

Cornicabra is famous for its agricultural hardiness and high quality yield. This variety is protected by the Designation of Origin Montes de Toledo, and we proudly belong to it. The Cornicabra is resistant to hot summers and dry-cold winters, and it has been a dominant variety in Castille- La Mancha since ancient times.

Due to its resistance to our cold winters and hot summers, Cornicabra has been, since ancient times, the dominant variety in Castille -La Mancha. The Cornicabra olive oil is obtained from olive groves which are grown at the highest altitude, and the soil of that place is light and calcerous in nature. 

  • Chemical properties

The Cornicabra Olive Oil has the following chemical properties

  • Acidity: 0.16%
  • Peroxide Index: 2.5 meq
  • Polyphenols: 645 ppm
  • Esters: 10 ppm


Cornicabra Olive Oil contains large amount of antioxidants, which confer with different aromas like apple, green lead and makes a perfect combination of spicy and bitter notes when it reaches the palate in the mouth. It is rich in flavor and remains stable throughout its storage.

Tasting note of Casas de Hualdo - Cornicabra olive oil

Olive oil tasting note


The aromas of green leaves and apples are perceived in the nose.




On the palate, the olive oil is progressive and persistently bitter and spicy. A hint of bitter almond.

Combines Best with

Cornicabra Olive Oil enhances spoon dishes, pasta, vegetable pizza, rice and bread. It makes a perfect combination with roast, stews and lamb, vegetable barbecues like artichokes, courgettes, aubergines or salads. It is also used in chocolate preparations like mousses and coolant.


It is advisable to store olive oil in a cool, dry place, away from direct light and air exposure

EVOO Awards

Awards and prizes are something that provides an edge and a great stimulus to producers for their quality production, these also act as an applauding gesture for their hard, dedicated work. The awards and prizes in the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil has made it possible to not only make a comparison chart, but also to present the importance of the harvest season, the rectitude and virtue of olive varietals and the disparity it entails. 

We have received enormous success and joy in the world of intense competition, contests and guides. We have learned a lot. These awards are presented by prestigious tasting panels of various organizations in Portugal, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, China, Japan, Canada, the USA, the UK, Argentina and the list goes on.

Our olive oils are the result of hard, dedicated and enthusiastic work. These products represent the excellence of the team in every step of the Casas De Hualdo: from extensive agricultural management in the field, maintaining sustainability, doing deep research, and ending up in harvesting healthy, wholesome olive fruits. These all elements, altogether contributed and are still contributing in maintaining the fascinating natural landscape and extraordinary production of Hualdo Estate.

Some of the well known certificates, among many that we have won, are given below:

  • Montes De Toledo
  • BRCGS Certificate (Global Standard for Food Saftey)
  • Grandes Pagos
  • Certificate ISO 14001

Last Words:

Olives of Casas de Hualdo

Cornicabra Olive Oil, a marvelous, traditional product of Casas De Hualdo is a worth trying product. If you are an olive oil consumer, your taste buds will definitely love its taste. Before buying product, it is imperative to make sure that the supplier is certified, authentic and worth your trust.

Here, I would like to recommend the ‘Spanish Oil’, an authentic international olive oil supplier. Our supply chain has extended to more than 90 countries within 3 to 4 working days. We ensure the provision of high quality, pure products. Give us a free visit and discover for yourself.

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500 ml
El Carpio de Tajo, Province of Castilla-La Mancha - Toledo - Spain
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Type of Olive
100% Cornicabra
Intense green
Intense fruity
The aromas of green leaves and apples are perceived in the nose.
On the palate, the olive oil is progressive and persistently bitter and spicy. A hint of bitter almond.
Mechanical and manual
The persistence of this cornicabra makes it ideal for rice dishes, pasta, stews and intense chocolate desserts.
Ean13 - Referencia
8437011668035 - 8437011668035
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