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Castillo de Canena Arbequino oil delicately smoked 250ml

Castillo de Canena Arbequino oil delicately smoked 250ml

Following artisan’s methods, this oak-smoked Arbequino is the first and only oil to be infused from cold, the best way of guaranteeing that the smoked taste permeates the food. 

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Castillo de Canena Arbequino Olive Oil Delicately Smoked 250ml

We use oil in our daily life in almost all of our edible items either in small or in large quantities. In one or another, these edible oils are an important part of our lives and they play a significant role in our health maintenance. Not just health, these oils also make our food either tasty, more appealing and enhance every flavor in the food or they just suppress the taste of food and make them un-healthy, bland and insipid.

Castillo de Canena

It is, therefore, important to choose your oil carefully, not just for flavor but for your health as well. Castillo de Canena, a Spanish Olive Oil company, has been working for a very long time to produce high quality olive oil of various varieties and flavors. Since 1780, our company has updated itself from time to time to produce the excellent yield all across the state. Arbequino olive oil, which is delicately smoke is one of their amazing products.

Arbequino Oil Delicately Smoked

Arbequino is one of the top varieties of olive fruit and it yields excellent quality of edible oil. Castillo de Canena produces two types of olive oil from this olive fruit variety. One is first day Arbquino Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the other is Arbequino Olive Oil Delicately Smoked.

This latest production of Arbequino Delicately Smoked Olive Oil is cold-infused with oak and other organic wood smoke. This infusion maintains the essence and quality of oil, prevents any undesirable change in the oil’s composition and physical properties and keeps the aroma and flavor very fresh.


This olive oil is delicately smoked due to which it owns a very unique aroma of fresh apple and almond. This aroma is complemented with a warm touch of vanilla, caramel and toffee. These alluring combinations make this oil very appealing and tasty in comparison to simple Arbequnio extra Virgin Olive Oil.


The color of this oil is green with a slight touch of golden accents which makes it charming and attractive.


Acidity level of this oil is 0.1%. This acidity percentage is the measure of the presence of free oleic acid in the oil. 

Olive oil is a rich source of oleic acid, which is mono-unsaturated omega 9 fatty acid. This fatty acid is very good for human health, but as long as it is not a free fatty acid. Free fatty acid is separated from their glycerol molecule and they impart negative effects on the quality of oil and on human health.

So, this acidity level in oil shows that how much free fatty acid content it has in it. The best quality olive oil has an acidity level of 0.8% or less. Acidity level above 2% makes the oil inedible.


The general steps involved in this oil production are:

  • Harvesting with mechanical vibrating umbrella machines
  • Oil extraction is started within 4 hours of the harvest
  • Crushing, centrifugation and collection at 21°C
  • No addition of water
  • Storage in stainless steel container with nitrogen atmosphere

Castillo de Canena


Arbequino delicately smoked olive oil goes well with grilled sea bass, salmon and baked potatoes. It also forms a very tasty combination with grilled meat and fish. You can also add this to your soups and salads.

Storage Suggestions

It is advisable to keep this oil in glass bottles and away from heat and light in a cool dry place.

About Castillo de Canena

It is important for every buyer to know about the company whose product they are buying. By this, customers can easily trust the producer and will also know either the thing which they are getting is pure or not, environment friendly or not, and it abides by the international laws and standards or not.

Castillo de Canena has been in business for a very long time. As the time and trends changed so does our company upgraded itself with it. In the last decade the world has learned a lot about organic farming and the benefits of it. We have also learned about it and opted a method called ‘biodynamic farming’, which is one step ahead of organic farming.

In biodynamic farming, not only the focus is just on organic fertilizers and bio pesticides, but also to re-creating the natural forest like environment of the farm. By this environment, we mean the addition of various animal species, bird species, bee hives installation, bushes and herbs re-growth. In short, biodynamic farming is an approach that aids in the growth of forest where our economic activity can run in harmony with the mother nature.


Castillo de Canena is a trustworthy company. You can ensure this by visiting our profile and having a brief look at out production methods. We care for nature and for our customers. Arbequnio Delicately Smoked Olive Oil will the very unique and tasty oil you will ever taste.

Give our product a try and we bet that you will never regret your decision. Give us a quick, free visit and let us know if you have any queries.

250 ml
Canena, Province of Jaén - Andalusia - Spain
Aromatic notes of apple and almond are perceptible, with the oil possessing a fresh aroma with a touch of caramelised vanilla and coffee.
Ideal in order to avoid having to smoke dishes, the oil is recommended for use both with and without cooking, in all types of fish and meats, to create sauces and to dress salads.
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Castillo de Canena Spains premium olive oil producer of Jaen. One of the famose Spanish olive oil brand.


Castillo de Canena is located in the middle of a lush green River Valley of Jaen; the province of Spain. Their olive oil production history goes back to as long as 1780. This olive oil company got its name from the family-owned castle situated among the hills of the township of Canena.

Castillo de Canena Olive oil

Castillo de Canena not only produces pure and flavor rich olive oil but also welcomes visitors for a year-round on Mondays from 16.00 to 19.00. For more than 3000 years, Spain is known as the land of olives. Its soil is famous for the production of high quality olives that own a very unique aroma, flavor, and scent. Castillo de Canena is well aware of this land specialty and they have beautifully utilized this blessing of mother nature.

Castillo de Canena

Their olive groves are bolstered in the vast lands of the Guadalquivir River, between the Cazorla and Mágina mountain chains. This natural habitat is perfect for the growth of healthy olives. With constant care, hard work and enthusiastic spirit Castillo de Canena has stretched its olive oil sale to more than 40 countries across the world.

Their aim is to monitor each and every step of olives’ production, to make their team stronger and to always strive for excellence. Which is, I am pretty sure, is the thing that makes them the best producer among their competitors.

Types of Olives at Castillo de Canena

In Spain, every olive oil producing company plants those unique olive trees which suit best according to their land, soil, environment and weather conditions. When it comes to the olive groves of Castillo de Canena, you will find very different varieties of olive trees.

Castillo de Canena Olives

The main olive trees planted by Castillo de Canena are:

  • Arbequina
  • Picual
  • Harissa
  • Royal

Among the above-mentioned varieties, the main proportion of oil is extracted from Arbequina and Picual variety. Some variety of olive oil infused with sea phytoplanktons and essential oils from flowers and other plants are also produced by Castillo de Canena.

Olive Oil Production

Now, let’s talk about the Castillo de Canena’s olive oil production. The flavor, quality, and aroma of olive oil not only depends upon the variety of olive trees, environment, weather conditions and soil health but also depends upon the time and way of fruit picking and the methods of oil processing.

The following steps are involved in the olive oil processing at Castillo de Canena:

  1. Land Selection

Among the groves, Castillo de Canena selects the best land after various soil tests for olive tree plantation. Soil composition slightly changes from area to area every year, the purpose of testing is to know which area will be suitable according to the current season to get the healthiest olives for oil extraction.

  1. Picking 

The excellence key to get the high-quality olive oil is to carefully choose the picking time. It is extremely important to monitor the departure time for sublime product and Castillo de Canena knows this aspect very well.

Olives are picked from tree to tree through inverted umbrella vibrators to prevent any type of fruit bruises. If the fruit is damaged or bruised, then the oxidation process is triggered which ultimately affects the oil’s quality.

  1. Transport

After pricking, olives are transported to the ‘Almazara’, the milling equipment within less than 2 hours. The longer the olives stay in storage tanks, the higher the risk of fruit spoilage occurs.

  1. Milling

The almazara mill was the very first mill owned by Castillo de Canena in Spain that gained the ISO 22000 Standard certification. The double grid mill is used with slow speed to prevent heating up of the olive paste. The temperature is maintained below 22°C

  1. Malaxation

The milling step is followed by malaxtion. In this stage, the olive paste is set for churning in a hermetically sealed refrigerated unit at a temperature of 21°C. The purpose of this process is to ease the separation of oil droplets from water and fruit pulp.

  1. Decanting

Decanting is the separation process in which centrifuge machines are used to separate oil from the rest of the fruit material. No water is added in this step.

  1.     Filtration

Filtration is done with cellulose plates fro subsequent preservation of the oil. It is a very important step and oil’s quality greatly depends upon it.

  1. Preservation

Olive oil is then preserved in steel drums in an inert atmosphere using nitrogen. Temperature is maintained 18 to 20°C to increase the shelf life of the product.

  1.     Bottling

Castillo de Canena bottle their products on demand of the customers. Before bottling, controlled amount of nitrogen is injected into the glass bottle to preserve the taste of olive oil.

Top Products of Castillo de Canena

Castillo de Canena do not sell their products directly from their website, rather they have various trust worthy distributor channels all around the world. 

Some of their famous extra virgin olive oil, pure and with some added flavors are listed below:

  • Family Reserve
  • First Day of Harvest
  • Biodynamic Picual
  • Early Royal
  • Harissa Olive Oil: unique spicy olive oil
  • Horizontal Tasting

Under their special edition category you will find very unique and alluring products with un-forgetable taste, some of the items are mentioned below:

  • Smak
  • Santceloni
  • Calima
  • Dani Garcia
  • Cinc Sentits
  • Bibo

Last Words

Castillo de Canena is very different from other olive oil producing companies, as it abides by the natural laws. They have kept their constant focus on environmental sustainability and have played a very significant role in society, economy and cultural promotion. 

Castillo de Canena has constantly instilled their confidence by revisiting their history regarding the olive production by their ancestors and have focused on the old Roman methods of olive tree plantation. These little things made a huge difference in the values of this company and have greatly helped Castillo de Canena to rise as a prominent tag.

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