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    Olive Oil Mueloliva Picuda 5 L
    Olive Oil Mueloliva Picuda 5 L
    Olive Oil Mueloliva Picuda 5 L
    Olive Oil Mueloliva Picuda 5 L

    Olive Oil Mueloliva Picuda 5 L

    The olive oil made with the picuda variety is one of the most appreciated thanks to its incredible organoleptic properties. This savings format is perfect for all uses, enjoy the pointed variety harvested from centuries-old olive trees in the Subbetica mountains at a single price and in an ideal format for conservation.

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    • 2022/2023
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    Mueloliva Picuda in a 5 liter canister

    Do you know what the Spanish sun tastes like and how the wind smells when it blows through centuries-old olive trees? Mueloliva Picuda has these flavors ready for you. Because the high-quality extra virgin olive oil is not only produced in Priego de Córdoba, but is also made from the typical olives of the region pressed. The varietal Mueloliva Picuda perfectly reflects the warm climate of Andalusia and the fruity plain at the foot of the Sierras Subbética, both in taste and aroma.

    The medium-fruity olive oil tastes just as good for olive oil newcomers as it does for connoisseurs and impresses with its balanced yet spicy taste. The Andalusian Mueloliva Picuda is not only known and loved all over Spain. The family business, which has existed since 1942, exports all over the world. And because quality instead of quantity has been Mueloliva's motto for over 70 years, the unique Picuda extra virgin olive oil has repeatedly won national and international awards.

    Mueloliva Picuda in the high-yield 5 liter can is particularly suitable for families where pure olive juice is on the menu every day as a basic seasoning and for high-volume consumers of olive oil. Restaurants with an upscale, healthy kitchen and private individuals who eat according to the healthy Mediterranean diet like to use the economical 5-liter canister from Mueloliva.

    The Andalusian olive variety Picuda

    The Picuda olive owes its name to an unusual shape. Because where other olives are rounded oval, the Picuda has a small tip that resembles a beak (= Spanish pico). The typical olive variety of Andalusia is dark purple in color when ripe. For Mueloliva's first-class extra virgin olive oil, however, it is removed from the tree before the ripening process is complete. Every year, the olive growers have to determine the exact harvest time, which is necessary to obtain a wonderfully aromatic olive oil. After all, the finished extra virgin olive oil should not only taste unique, but also contain all the healthy active ingredients of the Picuda olive.

    A high content of linoleic acid is typical of the Picuda olive. It also has a lot of vitamin E and is rich in polyphenols. With a regular, daily consumption of around 50 milliliters of the high-quality, extra virgin olive oil, as recommended by the Mediterranean diet, this means the following advantages for you:

    • Clogging of the arteries is prevented and thus also diseases such as heart attacks or strokes.
    • The oxidation of fats in the bloodstream is reduced.
    • The regulation of the cholesterol level is supported because bad cholesterol decreases and good cholesterol increases.
    • High blood pressure is counteracted and
    • the body's immune system is strengthened.

    The olive growers of Mueloliva put a lot of effort in order for you to enjoy all these benefits. Because only with loving and conscientious care of the olive trees, with a conscientious and quick harvest, with meticulously precise and fast processing and meticulous hygiene during storage, both the high-quality, healthy ingredients and the incomparable aromas can be preserved.

    Mueloliva Picuda, single variety and aromatic

    As soon as you open the can, you'll know why Mueloliva Picuda is such a hit with experts and consumers around the world. Because the organoleptic properties of this pure olive juice are unique. You can expect the tart scent of green, ripe olives, the smell of freshly cut grass, green herbs and leaves, as well as the fruity aroma of apples and bananas.

    In the mouth, the top oil initially develops a slight sweetness, which turns into a weak but typical bitterness on the palate and then goes off with a subtle spiciness in the throat. A pleasant, slightly almond-like taste remains in the mouth. Mueloliva Picuda is an overall sweet, delicate, pure olive juice, fresh and pleasant on the palate with a fruity aroma.

    So that the unique Mueloliva Picuda retains its full bouquet and high value for a long time at home, you should store it professionally. Keep the following in mind:

    1. Because a 5 liter canister cannot be used up so quickly, fill a small amount of the high-quality oil into a dark 0.5 liter glass bottle screw cap off. Firstly, this has the advantage that the olive oil can be poured out and dosed more easily and secondly, less oxygen gets into the olive oil canister.
    2. Make sure that both the 5 liter canister and the small 0.5 liter glass bottle are closed well after each use.
    3. In order to protect the canister from heat, place it in the basement, in the pantry or in a kitchen base cabinet.
    4. If possible, keep the olive oil in the glass bottle away from the stove.

    This is how we use 5 liters of premium olive oil

    In order to be able to enjoy all the wonderful flavor nuances of Mueloliva Picuda in all its dynamics, you absolutely have to taste the unique olive oil raw. Drizzled onto a piece of fresh white bread, it unfolds its wonderful taste perfectly.

    The olive juice can be served as a dip with a starter or as a small snack in between. In the salad dressing, it rounds off leafy salads as well as mixed salads. It refines a hearty potato salad and ideally complements the light rice salad. Mueloliva Picuda is the icing on the cake when it comes to delicious grilled vegetables. It crowns your pasta dishes with a mildly spicy note and gives the fried fish the finishing touch.

    Of course, the Andalusian olive oil should not be missing in a typical Spanish, cold soup and because you can scoop from the full with a 5-liter canister, you should also use the aromatic oil for preservation. The excellent extra virgin olive oil is ideal for pickled sheep's cheese as well as for dried tomatoes or peeled garlic.

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    5 Liters
    Priego de Córdoba, Province of Córdoba - Andalusia - Spain
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Type of Olive
    100% Picuda
    Organic farming
    Oil pressing
    Cold presst extra virgin olive oil
    Green - yellow
    Medium fruity
    Aroma of great intensity, notes of freshly cut grass, apple and banana can be appreciated.
    The entry into the mouth is sweet with a slight spiciness and medium bitterness.
    Machine readed by vibration process with collection screen and vereo.
    This variety flavors dishes more than many other varieties of olive oil. The ideal condiment for cold use, salads, cooked and grilled vegetables, pasta, fish... endless proposals.
    Ean13 - Referencia
    - 8411342002355
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