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    Olive oil Alfar Arbequina 5L

    A family business that has been cultivating, pressing, and selling exceptionally high-quality olive oil since 1997 from their mill in Mendavia, Navarra.

    • 2023/2024
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    Olive Oil From Spain

    Edible oil is used almost daily in our kitchens, either in small or in large proportions. Cooking is incomplete without this ingredient. One way or another, these edible oils do not just make our food palatable and tasty, but also play important role in maintaining health by the provision of sound components. If the quality and flavor of oil are degraded, then it will not only suppress the taste of food, but also its nutritional profile making it insipid, bland and unhealthy for consumption.

    It is, therefore, extremely important to select your oil carefully as it is going to impart effects on your health. It’s up to you either you choose positive effects or negative ones. Agrícola La Maja is a well known, family run business running since 1997 with great passion. Every since their installment, they have worked and updated themselves according to the latest technical advancements to maximize their excellence yield. Alfar Arbequino is one of their most famous product that comes in various packing sizes to facilitate the kitchen use.

    Olive Oil Alfar Arbequina 5L

    In Spain, more than 200 varieties are grown, where each has its own distinctive characteristics. Among many, Arbequina is that variety which not only gives maximum yield but also provides olive oil of excellent quality, aroma, flavor and chemical profile of stability. Arbequina takes its name from the Leridana de Arbeca town.

    The ripening stage matters a lot when it comes to fruit harvesting and oil extraction. The Alfar Arbequina is obtained from olives that are collected at the end of October or beginning of November, which is their early ripening stage. Early harvest, immediate cold press as soon as they reach the mill and the proper storage atmosphere has made this oil low in fat, high in intense aromas and rich in other health beneficial properties. 

    Agrícola La Maja best spanish olive oil

    Alfar Arbequina is an award winning product, it has a list of multiple awards like Olive Japon- 2014 Gold medal, FLOS OLEI 2013, der Feinschmecker Gold medal, and New York International Olive Oil competition medal. Such a marvelous award history shows the exceptional quality of this product.

    Now, let’s talk about some of its prominent features:

    Aroma and Flavor

    Tasting note of Alfar Arbequina 5L olive oil

    Olive oil tasting note


    Clean, with a surprisingly strong aroma, reminding us of fresh, green fruits. There are notes of artichoke, tomato, herbs, and apples, and with less intensity, banana and fruits of the forest.




    With a smooth heat, and a mild bitterness that doesn’t last long, the oil is sweet and fluid on the tongue.

    Alfar Arbequina olive oil is an early harvest product and it owns a very unique aroma of fresh green fruits. This aroma is complemented with a warm touch of artichoke, green apples, banana, tomato, herbs and fruit of the forest. These alluring combinations make this oil very appealing and tasty.

    It has a mild bitter flavor which turns into sweet fluidy one upon reaching the palate in the mouth.


    The color of Alfar Arbequina is yellow green with a slight touch of golden accents which makes it attractive and charming.


    The acidity level of this Alfar Arbequina is 0.1%. Acidity level defines the presence of free oleic fatty acids.

    Monounsaturated omega 9 fatty acid is also known as oleic acid and olive oil is rich in it. This fatty acid is healthy, but upon oxidation it separates from its glycerol molecule and oxygen derived free radicals are produced. These free radicals have adverse effects on human health.

    So, before buying oil, it is imperative to check their given acidity level. 0.8% or less is considered to be a healthy scale for high quality olive oil. Acidity level beyond 2% males the oil inedible.


    Alfar Arbequina comes in beautiful, decent dark packing of different sizes like 5L, 1L and many others to help our customers chose the right one as per their need.


    Alfar Arbequina extra virgin olive oil is that oil, which goes with every kind of meal one likes. It can go well with grilled meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, raw items and crackers.


    It is highly recommended to keep all types of olive oil away from direct light and air contact.

    About Agrícola La Maja

    Agrícola La Maja has been in the olive oil production field since 1997. Our hard work, passion and enthusiasm clearly reflect from the products we sell. Our focus is only on the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil and customer satisfaction. Our mill is located in Mendavia, Navarra, where we grow, harvest and extracts pure olive juice. We own two quality labels, SIQEV QVEXTRA and AOVES. These quality labels are a sign of the status we own and the quality we provide.

    From the very step, we focus on the health and optimal growth of grooves so that the quality of the oil will be maintained. 4 x 1.5 meters is the growth pattern we follow to ensure maximum growth and  ease in the collection of the fruit. We have opted mechanical harvesting techniques to save our time and avoid fruit injury, because if the fruit is injured oxidation and deterioration of the olive oil speeds up. Not more than 12 hours are taken for oil extraction.

    Types of Oil:

    Varieties like Picual, Empeltre, Arróniz, Koroneiki and Arbosana, and Arbequina are cultivated on our farm. Arbequina is our main variety and two types of oils are produced from it.

    • 100% Arbequina from green olives
    • 75% Arbequina with a blend of other varieties from ripe olives

    Products which are not obtained from 100% Arbequina contains a combination of olive oil from this variety and other above mentioned varieties.


    The main processing steps of olive oil extraction at our mill are given below: 

    1. Reception

    Olives are washed with the help of a blower, that not just remove the dirt from the fruit, but also all other un-necessary items like twigs, stones, leaves and desahped olives. Then olives are sent for soting, grading and weighing after which they enter the pressing zone.

    1. Milling

    Stainless steel hammer crushes and presses the fruit to get a semi solid mass. This mass consists of stone, vegetable part and water along with the oil. At 27 ºC this mass is constantly mixed.

    Usually this semi solid mass consist of the components in this proportion: 40- 55% stone, 15- 30% water  23- 35% vegetable matter, but it slightly varies from one variety to another and time of harvesting (stage of ripening). After pressing, certifugation is carried out to separate the oil from rest of the mass.

    1. Storing

    Olive oil is stored at low temperature 18- 20 ºC  under inert gas atmosphere.

    Last Words:

    If you are looking out for authentic buyers, from whom you can get a taste of pure extra virgin olive oil, and upon whom you can trust for your health then the “Spanish Oil” company is the right one for you. We are olive oil suppliers all from Spain, who collaborate with high quality olive oil producers in Spain. The market is full of olive oil suppliers, but who to trust is a complex question. To avoid frauds trust only verified and certified sellers. We ensure you the provision of best quality products. Please feel free to make a quick visit to our website and satisfy yourself.

    Olive oil Agrícola La Maja

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    5 Liters
    Mendavia, Navarra - Northern Spain
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Type of Olive
    100% Arbequina
    Green - yellow
    Medium fruity
    With a smooth heat, and a mild bitterness that doesn’t last long, the oil is sweet and fluid on the tongue.
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    A highly adaptable oil that works with a variety of food, in a variety of recipes. Also works well raw.
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    2 Reviews

    Ich habe mir aufgrund der guten Bewertungen diese native Ölivenö
    Das Öl hat eine schöne gelbe Farbe und nach dem Öffnen der Flasche riecht es herrlich nach Oliven!
    Geschmacklich ist es definitiv eines der besten Öle in dieser Preisklasse, die wir bisher getestet haben. Ich habe auch teurere Öle der gleichen Klasse, aber die sind nicht so gut wie Jordan!
    Wir verwenden Öl für Salate und verschiedene Vorspeisen.

    El mejor
    el mejor aceite de oliva en calidad precio. Me encanta el sabor suave y frutado. muy recomendable

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