Olive Oil Isul 5L

    Olive Oil Isul 5L

    Isul, the exquisite organically grown olive oil in an economical 5-litre canister, is suitable as the basis for the supply of fats in a healthy diet and for DIY body care.

    Awards of Almazara Ecológica de La Rioja

    FLOS OLEILes médailles Gourmet ParisOlive Japon SilberEcotrama Plata - International extra ecological virgin olive oil competitionDOP - Denominación de Origen Protegida
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    • 2023/2024
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    Isul olive oil in an economical 5 liter can

    Because you can never get enough of something good, the first-class olive oil Isul from Almazara Ecológica de la Rioja is also available in 5-liter canisters. The high-quality extra virgin olive oil comes from a family business near Alfaro in northern Spain. Completely in harmony with nature, three brothers in the province of Rioja cultivate organic olives on their finca and produce the unique Isul, their house brand. Out of love for their land and passion for olive growing, the quality of the olive oil they produce is particularly important to them.

    Isul is an extra virgin olive oil that convinces with unique aromas and all the healthy ingredients of the fresh olive. In addition, the high-quality organic extra virgin olive oil is produced without chemical fertilizers or pesticides and is therefore free of harmful substances. The olive oil, which is popular worldwide, has already won numerous national and international olive oil prizes and is just as popular with olive oil connoisseurs as it is with newcomers because of its wonderful aroma.

    Isul, healthy and pollution-free

    Of course, olive oil is not medicine. Therefore, even if you stick to the recommended amount when consuming olive oil, you are by no means immune to disease. However, it has been proven that regular consumption of high-quality extra virgin olive oil as part of the Mediterranean diet helps to prevent arterial blockage and thus cardiovascular diseases. In addition, the Mediterranean diet is said to reduce the risk of cancer, and it is also well known that extra virgin olive oil improves digestion.

    Because Almazara Ecológica de la Rioja's Isul is cold-pressed exclusively from organically grown olives, this ensures that not only are all the healthy ingredients from the olives contained in the olive oil, but also that unwanted additives are excluded. Not only does the family business avoid the use of chemicals in the production of the olive oil, but also in the loving care of its olive trees.

    By purchasing a 5-liter canister of Isul organic extra virgin olive oil, you are choosing an oil that not only tastes great, but is also nutritionally convincing. However, to ensure that all the valuable ingredients of the top-class olive oil are preserved for as long as possible, you must store Isul properly:

    • Store the olive oil canister as cool and dry as possible. We recommend the pantry or a kitchen base cabinet.
    • To ensure that as little oxygen as possible gets to the high-quality olive juice, open the canister as infrequently as possible. Fill small amounts into dark bottles with screw caps for daily use.
    • Don't leave the olive oil can or your filled bottles lying around!
    • Do not place small amounts of Isul within easy reach next to the stove or in an open carafe on the table.

    Isul, an organic olive oil that tastes good

    In order for the olive trees to be protected from pest infestation without the use of chemicals and at the same time to be as productive as possible, a lot of work, a lot of perseverance and a lot of experience is necessary. That the brothers, who own the family business in Rioja, have all of these qualities has been proven time and time again. Because Isul has already received numerous awards at national and international olive oil competitions:

    • Gold Medal D.O.P. La Rioja
    • Gold Medal Ecotrama Córdoba
    • Silver Medal Biocórdoba
    • in the top 25 at Biopress Germany
    • Inclusion in Flos Olei, international olive oil guide
    • Admission to AVPA Paris
    • Gold medal BIOL Italy
    • u. a.

    When you first open the olive oil canister to pour yourself a small amount of olive juice, you can already guess why the high-quality olive oil is so popular. Because immediately the first aromas of Isul rise into your nose. You can not only perceive the wonderful scent of fresh olives, but also recognize intense aromas of ripe fruit. A hint of vanilla can be sniffed, as well as the smell of quinces, almonds and hazelnuts.

    Don't be afraid! Drink a small sip of the yellowish-green Arbequina olive oil pure! If you let Isul slowly roll over the tip of your tongue, you will be surprised by a slight sweetness. Very light bitter substances unfold in the throat, which are so typical for an excellent extra virgin olive oil. The naturally cloudy oil is balanced and very pleasant and leaves a little itching when swallowed.

    Ideas for using 5 liters of exquisite Isul

    Anyone who chooses a canister with five liters of olive oil knows that they don't just drizzle the excellent extra virgin olive oil every now and then as a topping over the cheese platter or carpaccio. The economical 5 liter can of Isul is ideal for following the healthy Mediterranean diet and using extra virgin olive oil as the base of the fat intake. At the same time, it makes sense to do your body good with a high-quality, pollutant-free olive oil to make your own hair and body care products using Isul. We have the following tips, which you can of course add to with your own creativity:

    • as a dip with fresh white bread for a starter or as a snack
    • in the salad dressing for tomato salad, fine lettuce or rice salad
    • to seafood
    • on grilled vegetables
    • with baked fish
    • with roast meat
    • on toast under the jam or honey
    • for a homemade olive oil hair treatment for dry hair
    • for hair treatment for itchy, dry scalp
    • against brittle hair ends
    • for nail care for stressed, brittle nails
    • to tighten aging skin
    • for a homemade skin scrub
    • etc...

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    5 Liters
    Alfaro, La Rioja - Spain
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Type of Olive
    100% Arbequina
    Organic farming
    Yellowish green
    Intense fruity
    Intense, ripe, fruit aromas, with notes of vanilla, almonds, hazelnuts.
    Well-balanced, sweet, with a smooth heat. Very agreeable. Lingers on the palate.
    Vareo mechanics vibrator.
    Raw, as a salad dressing. With fish, meat. For breakfast, with honey or marmalade.
    Ean13 - Referencia
    8437002820237 - 8437002820237
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