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Olive Oil Señoríos de Relleu delicate 500ml

Olive Oil Señoríos de Relleu delicate 500ml

Delicate Coupage from Señoríos de Relleu is loved by connoisseurs and olive oil beginners alike due to its variety of aromas and the balanced taste.

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Señoríos de Relleu Delicate Coupage Light

When we talk about the healthiest edible oil with great chemical profile, pleasant flavor and aroma and long shelf life, then the name of olive oil comes up. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the gift of mother nature. People have been using it since prehistorical times for multiple purposes. This oil has the highest number of antioxidants and mono-unsaturated fatty acids in comparison to other edible oils on earth. 

Scientific research has revealed that mono-unsaturated fatty acids and high density lipoproteins are unprecedently good for body’s metabolic activities and cholesterol level. These fatty acids are helpful in fighting against many diseases, especially CVD. Extra virgin olive oil is also rich in fat soluble vitamin K and E which are anti-oxidant in nature, thus protecting the oil and human body from abnormal activities.

Olive Oil Señoríos de Relleu

In order to enjoy these benefits of the oil, it is mandatory that the oil you consume is pure and from a verified source. The source/ company from where you are buying the oil matters a lot, because it is the quality for which you are paying off. In this niche, I would like to introduce Señoríos de Relleu.

Señoríos de Relleu is a company, where the whole family runs it with great love and care. The entire process of sowing olives, harvesting the fruit, processing them, grinding and oil extraction, storing and bottling, thus each and every step is handled with great care after doing deep research. We produce olive oil from various olive varieties like Manzanilla Villalonga, Arbequina (highly prized), Blanqueta, Changlot Real, Alfafara y Genovesa.

Extra virgin olive oil Delicate Coupage is from our exceptional series of olive oil. Let’s talk about it in some detail!

Extra virgin olive oil Delicate Coupage Light

When extra virgin olive oils of five different native varieties and Arbequina variety are mixed together then a coupage, Extra Virgin olive Oil Delicate Coupage 100 ml is obtained. This product has a perfectly balanced flavor where fruity profile contrast finely with spicy and bitter tones. In its soft fruity, fresh and delicate profile, nuances of grass, green leaf complimented with the fresh wood touch and hay can be clearly felt. 

If we further indulge deeper into these nuances then light notes of fig, nuts, and tomatoes also make this delicate olive juice very pleasing and discerning for the palates.

Sensory Properties:

When sensory properties are read via sensory star, then it provides us an indication of the sensory characteristics of olive oil in nose and mouth in a simple, elaborative, graphic way by taster groups. These tells how fruity, bitter or spicy the oil is. The values of the sensory star are relative values to the characteristics of extra virgin olive oil.

Various circumstances elaborate and highlight different taste notes of olive varieties and helps us to form a fine and smooth blend. According to the sensory star, the prominent aroma of green fruit, herb, almond, green leaf, spicy and bitter notes are complimented by mild and light aromatic notes of figs, tomatoes, hay, fresh wood and nuts. All these attractive aromatic properties are present in a very pleasing balance.

Data Sheet

The Extra Virgin olive Oil Delicate Coupage 500 ml is produced in Alicante which is located 429 meters above sea level. The olive varieties included in this oil are; Manzanilla Villalonga, Arbequina, Blanqueta, Changlot Real, Picual, Alfafara y Genovesa.

The olives are knocked down of the tree by manual vibrators and are then hand picked to prevent the mixing of damaged fruit with the healthy ones. The fruits are usually collected in the late October.

After extraction, olive oil is stored in stainless steel containers under inert nitrogen atmosphere to prolong their shelf life. Its acidity level is 0.1%.

Olive Oil Señoríos de Relleu

This Extra Virgin olive Oil Delicate Coupage 100 ml comes in the dark aluminium packing with beautiful artistic design imprint on the bottle which reflects our cheerful efforts we put in to produce it.


Every olive oil variety has its own unique story which can be felt first by observing its packing and second by tasting it. When the extra virgin olive oil reaches the palate by passing through the taste buds, the olive oil lover can feel each and every taste note which is carried by even the smallest drop of oil.

These characteristics of the pure olive oil can only be enjoyed if it is from the authentic source, the one which doesn’t compromise the quality over quantity. We are proud to introduce our company, Señoríos de Relleu, which has a huge customer traffic all around the globe and which only abides by pure quality parameters.

We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions regarding our working principles or product line, send us an email or contact us on our website, we are always here to guide you and make you happy.

500 ml
Relleu, Province of Alicante - Spain
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Type of Olive
100% Blend
Organic farming
Light fruity
On the nose, the notes of grass and green leaf stand out, with more soft aromas of tomato and fig tree.
Delicate oil with a very mild and balanced bitter and spicy flavor.
Vareo mechanics vibrator.
Ideal to accompany raw or boiled vegetables, white and fatty fish, grilled meats, seafood and white rice a banda.
Ean13 - Referencia
8437011501035 - 8437011501035

Olive Oil Señoríos de Relleu

Señoríos de Relleu, an olive oil producing company, is the outcome of curiosity, experience and origion of Eliseo Quintanilla Almagro. He was born into a farming family in rural area of Cartagena. He studied pharmaceuticals and plants, a field of nature to bring innovative, positive changes in the lives of the people. Owing to his passion and research work he found amazing health properties of oleuropein, a component found in olive leaves. This was just only the beginning of his enthusiastic bond with olive groves. He instilled and transferred this passion to his youngest son Hugo.

Señoríos de Relleu Olive Oil

The Mediterranean sea is the birth place of our civilization, tradition and culture. It has always been an inspiration for the development of art, gastronomy and values among all the olive oil producers. Señoríos de Relleu have always absorbed the influence of the Mediterranean since the first day of its establishment. The everyday work of our team reflects our high spirit and the influence we get from our surroundings.

A Living Story

The founder of Señoríos de Relleu, is a botanist-pharmacist by profession. In 1969, he started his search for medicinal properties in plants, specifically in olive trees. Eliseo Quintanilla Almagro and his wife Magdalena Ripoll Ruiz built this company on the solid grounds of passion and emotions. We are an innovative and experienced family business where high quality extra virgin olive oil is produced. 


We are located in the middle of a valley surrounded by high range mountains, 10km away from the Mediterranean coast near the Sierra de Aitana. These special surroundings provide us positive microclimatic features; the temperature remains constant throughout the year at an average of 15.8 ºC, almost 3000 hours of sun per year, 400 mm annual precipitation, and a height of 429 m above the sea level. All these conditions make our place perfectly suitable for the optimum growth of various olive varieties.

Señoríos de Relleu Olive Oil

Our farms have olive groves that are native to these lands and coexist with the traditional cultivation practices in the area. Extensive mountain fields where almond trees, carob trees, Aleppo pines, rosemary, mastic trees, heather, thyme and esparto make this region a charming, beautiful and healthy landscape for our olive groves.

The soil has a chalky clay texture which makes this land a perfect spot for the growth of native olive trees.

Olive Varieties

The variety of the olive defines its personality and attributes that collectively contributes to the profile of the end product; olive oil. These olive oil varieties allows us to create an infinite, evocative and fine possible blends of pleasing aromas and flavors for our palate. The olive varieties harvested on our land from which we produce extra virgin olive oil are as follows:

  • Manzanilla Villalonga
  • Arbequina (highly prized)
  • Blanqueta
  • Changlot Real
  • Alfafara y Genovesa

Señoríos de Relleu fresh olives at harvestime

These varieties have their own characteristic style, excellent fruity flavor in addition to stability, balanced consistency and total harmony that makes the creation of complex blends possible. Some of these varieties are indigenous of the Alicante Mountains, which makes our oil distinctive and unique.

Olive Oil Processing

We harvest our olives with great care throughout the year in Señoríos de Relleu. After harvesting, olives are grinded within a few hours in the same estate. This immediate fruit processing helps us to obtain high and fresh quality product.


Early harvesting in the middle of October has been always our first priority. This collection allows us to produce liquid gold with maximum intensity. Moreover, early harvest also provides us with higher quality, aroma and better flavor in comparison to late seasonal harvesting.

Señoríos de Relleu Olive Oil Harvest

The collection is pre-planned and conditions are carefully analyzed. Then the collection is carried out by vibrating the branches. The ground where olive trees are grown is rugged so the mechanization process is not possible to carry out. Laborious task is carried out to minimize the fruit damage and loss. We do not pick up the fallen bruised fruit, because if they are added to the healthy badge, it can deteriorate the overall organoleptic attributes of the products.


Oil mill is located at the base of the farm which reduces the time between harvesting and grinding. In the grinder, cold pressing and centrifugation system is installed to avoid any chemical changes in the olive oil due to high temperature. Only physical means like grinding, beating and separation are used for oil extraction from the fruit paste without using chemical agents. 

Subsequently, the surplus fruit paste which is left behind, is used to make compost to fertilize our farms and add nutrients back to the soil.


Once the olive oil is obtained, it is stored in stainless steel containers under inert atmosphere, nitrogen gas to prevent deterioration. These conditions also preserve the flavor, aroma and composition of the product and increases their shelf life.

Bottling and Packaging

Bottling is carried out in small lots according to the customer orders, this makes the extra virgin olive oil of Estate Señoríos de Relleu distinctive and perpetuating with fruity flavor and aroma. It keeps the quality maximum over time.

Señoríos de Relleu Olive Oil Artwork

Our main aim is to share our history and olive oil together with art. So our packaging transmits an essence of fun and purity through naïf artistic designs created by Paula Alenda from Alicante. We use innovative material aluminium for packaging in the world of olive oil because it gives complete protection from the direct light and is unbreakable, recyclable, hardwearing and easy to ship and use. The bottles are dark which protects the product from oxidation. Metal seal with pourer enables correct dosage and oil preservation.

Awards of Señoríos de Relleu Olive Oil

Señoríos de Relleu has been recognized for its excellent oils around the world. The list of awards, that we have won due to our hard work, depicts the quality of our products and applaude the original and innovative packaging we offer.

Since 2011, we have won more than 100 prizes and awards from all across the world. Following are the main highlights:

  • Best oil from the Valencia Region (Spain award)
  • Best Class award (USA)
  • 94 points in the FlosOlei Itlaian Guide (Itlay)
  • Gran Prestige Gold at Terraolivo, one of the best 20 oils in the world
  • “Semana Vitivinicola” wines and oils guide Best oil for consecutive three years (Spain) 
  • Olive Oil Award Biofach (Germany), highest award at the fair of organic products
  • Presentation award in Salon de Gourmets in Madrid
  • “Best Packing Design” award
  • “Versatility” award


If you are an olive oil lover, I would love to recommend Señoríos de Relleu. From farm to fork, you will not see any gap and negative aspect in any of the processing steps. The product and the package which carries it, both tells our story of care and love which we give to produce delicious, evocative and pure olive oil. Let’s have a visit to our website and indulge in the culture and tradition of Spain.

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