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Organic Olive Oil Abbae de Queiles...
Organic Olive Oil Abbae de Queiles...
Organic Olive Oil Abbae de Queiles...
Organic Olive Oil Abbae de Queiles...

Organic Olive Oil Abbae de Queiles Arbequina 500 ml

With freshness and elegance organic olive oil Virgen Extra Abbae de Queiles not only the top chefs of Spain, but also gives you the opportunity to healthyly refine your loving own creations.

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  • 2022/2023
  • 2023/2024
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Abbae de Queiles 500 ml organic olive oil in attractive glass bottle

Abbae de Queiles, the pure Arbequina olive oil of Hacienda Queiles is a high premium organic olive oil virus extra. Because of its low bitterness, it is as popular with new olive oil beginners as with the connoisseur. The cultivation area of the small, round olives is located in the south of Navarre almost on the border to Aragón in an idyllic, fertile valley.

At times of the Romans, agriculture has been operated in the region. In the Middle Ages, around three monasteries were created, which have been preserved to date, vineyards and olive groves. Today's operation Hacienda Queiles was founded in 1998 and equipped with modern technology so that all eco standards can be complied with and an exclusive, unique olive oil virga can be produced.

First-class content – first-class shell: rectangular, but with strongly rounded edges, conically upwardly tapering, the black glass bottle is also an eye-catcher without content. Instead of meage, it can be placed on the lunch table for salad seasoning or for finishing pizza.

Abbae de Queiles, an olive oil of the group “Pagos de Olivar”

The “Pagos de Olivar” is a Spanish production community for olive oil, whose members have committed themselves to comply with strict rules both in olive cultivation and in production.

  • The olive groves are characterized by their closed and differentiated character.
  • Maximum care is provided in the different sections of flowering, ripening and harvesting.
  • From the cultivation and care of the olive tree to the filling of the finished olive oil must always be traded according to criteria of sustainability and environmental protection.

As co-founder of the Pagos de Olivar Hacienda Queiles its organic olive oils, of course, are produced under the above conditions and thus receive the delicious olive oil Abbae de Queiles.

But this is not the only reason that leads to the extraordinary, attractive top oil:

Using state-of-the-art technology, the olives are carefully ground in the oil mill using two granite stone grinding stones at slow rotations. This ensures that the olive kernels do not crumble and thus the bitter substances contained in the core do not enter the oil.

Premium oil from Hacienda Queiles world-wide awards

Year takes year Hacienda Queiles with its olive oils Virgen Extra participate in several competitions and every year The organic olive oil Abbae de Queiles enthuses the jury. A small extract from the long list of premiums that Hacienda Queiles home:

  • PARIS AVPA. Gourmet D ́Argent, MEJOR, Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra 2015 Paris 2015
  • ECOTRAMA, ORO, Abbae de Queiles
  • FLOS OLEI, MEJOR Aceite Virgen Extra Ecológico del Mundo, Categoría frutado ligero
  • MARIO SOLINAS, SEGUNDO PREMIO. Frutado Maduro del Mundo, Consejo Oleícola Internacional
  • EXPOLIVA, 1st. PREMIO Frutado Ligero, producción ecológica

Of course, it does not happen that the exquisite Abbae de Queiles is so popular among experts from all over the world. It convinces with a wonderfully fresh scent of green olives. The pleasant aroma is supplemented by the smell of green grass and green leaves. The scent of green apples and green almonds is added and the aroma of ripe bananas and tomatoes rounds off the magnificent bouquet.

Take a sip of the delicious fresh oil between the lips and feel its velvety consistency. Let the soft Abbae de Queiles then slide to the tip of the tongue, you can taste the light sweetness of bananas, apples and almonds. Rounded and complex your palate tastes the unique organic olive oil. A tiny little trace of bitterness and spice can be seen in the finish as it has every fresh, first-class olive oil Virgen Extra.

An Arbequina olive oil to enjoy

The first-class olive oil Hacienda Queiles keeps your delicious aroma and healthy ingredients as long as possible, you should keep it adequately:

  • Do not fill the fresh olive oil from its dark glass bottle into a transparent carafe.
  • Never leave the olive oil bottle open, but close it carefully after every use.
  • Storage The delicious Abbae de Queiles neither at too high temperatures (as for example beside the stove) nor at too low (as for example in the refrigerator). For storing the olive oil Virgen extra is best suited the pantry or a kitchen sink.

Mild and at the same time pleasantly fresh and olive, leaf salads can be perfectly refined with the tasteful organic olive oil. The cheese plate is gently rounded off by the exquisite oil. The pizza gets an attractive touch and both fried fish, as well as grilled vegetables can be made with the elegant, pure organic olive oil of Hacienda Queiles ideally complete.

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500 ml
Monteagudo, Navarra - Northern Spain
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Type of Olive
100% Arbequina
Organic farming
Oil pressing
Cold presst extra virgin olive oil
Machine readed by vibration process with collection screen and vereo.
Ean13 - Referencia
8437002570026 - 8437002570026
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