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Olive Oil O-Med Limited Edition Arbequina 500ml - Olive oil - O-Med

Olive Oil O-Med Limited Edition Arbequina 500ml

O-Med has a long family tradition of olive growing of O-MED, combined with innovation and new trends. His true passion is reflected in there olive oils.

  • 1 bottle
  • Box with 6 bottles
  • 2023/2024
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O-Med Arbequina White Bottle

The best recommendation for deserts. Use O-Med Arbequina white bottle with all varieties of salads to get a pleasing and an appealing feeling.

Before buying O-Med arbiquina olive oil you need to know! What is Arbequina white bottle olive oil?

Arbequina olive oil is obtained from a unique variety of olives known as arbequina olives. This variety is extracted from an olive tree native in Palestine. The Duke of Medinaceli instituted this kind in Spain in about the 17th century. It was the time when he vegetated “Arbequina olive trees” in his special area of the castle. That palace was situated in the “town of Arbeca” after whose name the name of olive oil came from. It is also called as Arbequín, Arbequí, Blanca Herbequin, Manglot Olive, Arbela Olive and White Borjas Olive. 

O-Med Olive Oil


Arbequina olives come in a large number of varieties. O-Med provides 10% pure Arbiquina with acidity of just 0.1. The Arbequina is originated from Granada, Spain, Acula and Andalucia. If you want to harvest this variety of olives you should choose the month of October as it is Arbequina’s olive harvesting season. Most accurately the last week of October is best suitable.  

Aroma and taste

The taste and flavor of Arbequina are reminiscent of fruits. The taste includes little odor of apple and unripe bananas. Arbequina is not bitter at all, however, it is quite astringent. It gives the hints of green almonds and green bananas. A light pungent taste persists in the mouth after tasting Arbiquena olives packed in white bottles. 

Tasting note of O-Med Edicion Limitada Arbequina olive oil

Olive oil tasting note


Fruity notes with hints of apple, green banana and nuts.




It has a sweet entry in the mouth, distinctly perceived banana and green almond. Itchiness is persistent and hardly bitter.


It comes in a very bright and clear golden green color.

O-Med Olive the color of olive oil


Arbequina white bottle is best suitable for fishes, salads and dressings. The dressing can be either mayonnaise or vinaigrettes. This white bottle also suits with vanilla ice cream and marble cakes. 


It is best quality painted white glass bottle available in limited designs. It provides 100% protection.  

Health benefits

Arbequina olives consist of high content of goof fatty acid called oleic acid, which aids to reduce bad cholesterol known as low density lipoprotein (LDL) and enhance the good cholesterol known as high density lipoproteins (HDL).  Another advantage is that it can aid to improve health of the cardiovascular system because the polyphenol amounts are lesser than those found in other olive oils.

Best features of Arbequina olives?

It is a light and smooth olive oil with a specific fruity scent, an awestruck green color and a soft with delicate and pleasant feelings. Minute aromas of almonds are predominant, but, depending on the kind, light scents of ripe fruit and unripe bananas are also present.

  • Highly tolerant to low temperatures
  • Low resistance to soils containing calcium carbonate
  • Low Vigor
  • Small size (ranging from 1 and 2 grams)
  • Low resistance to aging reactions like oxidation
  • High profit farming
  • Early maturation
  • High proportion of good quality of oil
  • Very less pulp to stone ratio
  • Normal resistance to any detachment

O-Med Olive oils from Spain

Arbequina white bottle

O-Med white bottles are available in follow packing

  • Arbequina white limited ED. (500ml)

If you want to have one liter package, we recommend you to buy Arbequina tin from Alfar.

Pros of Arbequina Olive Oil

The Arbequina olive is utilized in the form of olive oil because of its low pulp to stone proportion. Although it is a very small olives present in the market, it provides the greatest yield of olive oil when punched. Due to this, farming and harvesting of Arbequina olive trees has expanded in whole Spain and can be found in Catalonia mainly, Zaragoza and Andalusia.

Arbequina olive oil has a smooth and sweet flavor which compels it a very popular choice in special cuisine over others strong tasting oils. Arbequina oil is best to introduce to kids who are not addicted to using olive oil. 

The Arbequina olive white bottle can be used with fruit salads and puddings.


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500 ml
Ácula, Province of Granada - Andalusia - Spain
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Type of Olive
100% Arbequina
Green - yellow
Light fruity
Fruity notes with hints of apple, green banana and nuts.
It has a sweet entry in the mouth, distinctly perceived banana and green almond. Itchiness is persistent and hardly bitter.
Machine readed by vibration process with collection screen and vereo.
Especially recommended for fish, vinaigrettes and mayonnaises, fruit salad, also recommended for use in desserts (ice cream, cakes and creams).
Ean13 - Referencia
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