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    Green Pepper Onena 15g

    This is one of the oldest known spices and its weight was paid in gold.

    To obtain  black pepper, the grains are collected when they are still green and they are dried out. While they are drying the grains turn black.

    White pepper comes from grains which are already ripened and of a red color. Thay are soaked in water during 3 or 4 days and the outer layer is taken off.

    Green pepper grains are gathered at the same time as the black pepper, but instead of drying them, they are pickled or dehydrated. Its flavour is more fruity than the others.

    Pepper is a condiment used all over the world in cooking. Its warm and spicy flavour enhances and gives enquanimity to a lot of dishes. It vigorizes meat dishes, highlights the flavour of eggs and heightens the flavour of seafood. It is also an essential ingrediant of many cold pork products.

    Green pepper is used above all in sauces, both cold and hot types.

    White pepper is used in the same way as black , although a little more spicy and it lacks its flavour and scent. It´s used to give dishes the flavour of the black one, but without the black specks, for example in white sauces or creams.

    It is advisable to grind the pepper before using it.

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