Olive Oil O-Med Limited Edition Picual 500ml

The fruits of the hard and innovative work of O-Med are reflected in the numerous international awards for this olive oil, an excellent and interesting olive oil.

18,09 €

OriginÁcula, Province of Granada - Andalusia - Spain
Content500 ml
Type of Olive100% Picual
QualityExtra Virgin Olive Oil
ColorGreen - yellow
FruitinessMedium fruity
AromaHighly complex aromas with an green intensity average on the nose, fruity notes like tomato and green almond, also with clear notes of freshly cut grass and herbs.
FlavorIt has a soft entry into the mouth, medium fluidity, with persistence of the olive leaf, artichoke, nuts and green walnut. Very balanced and exquisite complexity.
HarvestingMachine readed by vibration process with collection screen and vereo.
AdviceTomato salads, raw or grilled vegetables, pasta, Salmorejo, masses of muffins or shortbread.

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