Olive Oil O-Med Limited Edition Picual 500ml

The fruits of the hard and innovative work of O-Med are reflected in the numerous international awards for this olive oil, an excellent and interesting olive oil.

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OriginÁcula, Province of Granada - Andalusia - Spain
Content500 ml
Type of Olive100% Picual
QualityExtra Virgin Olive Oil
ColorGreen - yellow
FruitinessMedium fruity
AromaHighly complex aromas with an green intensity average on the nose, fruity notes like tomato and green almond, also with clear notes of freshly cut grass and herbs.
FlavorIt has a soft entry into the mouth, medium fluidity, with persistence of the olive leaf, artichoke, nuts and green walnut. Very balanced and exquisite complexity.
HarvestingMachine readed by vibration process with collection screen and vereo.
AdviceTomato salads, raw or grilled vegetables, pasta, Salmorejo, masses of muffins or shortbread.

O-MED Picual white bottle

If you want to enjoy tasteful meat, buy the O-MED Picual white bottle and mix it with your meal.
O-MED Picual white bottle can fit best with meat, and tomato salads of any kind. You can buy best quality olive oil from O-Med and drizzle it on cheese. It is recommended to use with some cold soups like vichyssoise or salmorejo/ gazpacho.

O-MED Picual olive oil

O-MED promises the best quality picual oil. It has a percentage purity of 100 percent. The acidity which the O-MED white bottle provides is 0.1. picula is originated from Spain, Granada, Andalucía and Acula. If you want to harvest this variety of olives you should choose the month of October as it is Arbequina’s olive harvesting season. Most accurately the last week of October is best suitable.

Taste and aroma

The scent of picula olive oil ranges from light to medium green fruity smell. It varies from the scent of grass to scent of fruits. The taste of picula makes the person think that he/ she is eating tomatoes or almonds. The extravagant smell of freshly cut grass gives the picula an appealing image. If you want a persistent taste of green walnuts, artichokes or olive leaf, go for picula white bottle.

O-MED Olive farm from Spain

Color of O-MED Picual

It has a very bright and clear golden greenish color.

Recommendations for O-MED Picual olive oils

Fits best with meats, for all varieties of tomato salads, spread it on cheeses, it can also be used for cold soups for example salmorejo, vichyssoise or gazpacho. 


Limited edition in white bottle is available. Painted glass  provides 100% protection.


It is the found in abundance in Spain and the other areas are mentioned above. There are approximately 0.9 Million hectares of cultivation area in Spain, especially in Jaén, Granada and Córdoba, but its growth has expanded to other cultivation areas for example Castilla-La Mancha. Its name indicates the fruit’s pointed shape of the tip.

High price

Its oil is prized highly because of its increased stability i-e resistance to oxidation reaction which provides its high resistance to increased temperatures. It is best for preserving cooked or raw foods.

Sensory Characteristics

Picula olives have a great personality, fruity green olive score and full bodies. It has a light peppery and a pungent olive taste.

The most implicated feature of Picual Olive Oils as compared to some other varieties is its pungency and bitterness. If the oil is green, it is definitely pungent or itching. If it is early harvested, Olive Oils give herbaceous scents, for example, scent of olive and grass leaves, fig and tomato.

Small amount of picula olive oil by O-Med makes the dishes quite noticing its presence. No one can claim of its absence in the meal because of the above fact. 

Fatty Acids

In picula, about 80 percent of fatty acid consists solely of oleic acid. It is a monounsaturated fatty acid, which makes the olive oil resistant to oxidation and thus more stable. You want the picula olive oil for best health benefits, then go for O-Med picula olive oil as it gives the assurity of 100 percent quality and just 0.1 acidity. The picula olive oil is also resistant to rancidity and oxidation. It can be used for high temperature cooking processes. If you want to fry the meat several times, then O-Med white bottle is best suitable for you. 

Health Benefits

Picual olive oils by O-Med, with high polyphenol proportions, aid to decrease the oxidation of various fats in the blood circulation.

To conclude, Picual is the most healthy variety of olive oils.

O-MED Picual white bottle

O-MED Olive oils in limited edition

O-Med provides olive oil in this servings. 

You can buy any bottle at any time. It is available online. The white color bottles enhance its shelf life.

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