Aged wine vinegar La Maja 250ml View larger

Aged wine vinegar La Maja 250ml

La Maja elaborates this extraordinaire aged vinegar, with the best selection of grapes from its vineyards. A smooth, tasteful and aromatic product for preparing the best dishes.

Agrícola La Maja


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OriginMendavia, Navarra - Northern Spain
Content250 ml
ColorCherry red
Variety100% tempranillo grapes
Maturation:2 years
Elaboration process:After a slow fermentation process, this vinegar is aged in oak, chestnut tree and ash until it turns into a flavourful vinegar that gains all the wood characteristics getting a refreshing touch, a traditional colour and an elegant bouquet.
Tasting Notes:Tasteful, delicate and aromatic; three essential ingredients used in the most demanding kitchens.
AdvicePerfect for dressing the best salads and marinating meat and fish. It brings out the flavours of sauces and soups.

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