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    Organic white balsamic vinegar Soler Romero 250 ml

    Organic white balsamic vinegar Soler Romero

    With an exquisite specialty from Spain, the transparent organic balsamic vinegar from Soler Romero, enhance the look and taste of delicious dishes.

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    Soler Romero transparent balsamic vinegar

    Would you like to benefit from the spicy acidity of a good vinegar and at the same time add a touch of sweetness to your delicious dishes? Then you are spot on with a high-quality balsamic vinegar. If it is a light sauce, light meat or light fish whose optical freshness would suffer if dark vinegar was added, you can use the transparent Soler Romero Grab Balsamic Vinegar.

    Soler Romero's first-class balsamic vinegar blanco, like its darker brother, is only made from natural ingredients. Exquisite Spanish grapes from organic cultivation form the starting point for the light balsamic vinegar. As a purely natural product, no preservatives, sweeteners or sugar are added to the transparent balsamic vinegar. Like the dark balsamic vinegar from Soler Romero, the light vinegar matures in oak barrels in the traditional way.

    Soler Romero Balsamico, an organic delicacy

    Even as a layman, you can tell the difference between an inexpensive, sweetened vinegar from the supermarket and a high-quality balsamic vinegar. Because the light balsamic vinegar from Soler Romero not only tastes sweet and sour, but has even more to offer. Slight roasted aromas, nuances of dried fruit, floral and lemony aromas as well as a hint of coffee and caramel taste are just as much a part of its bouquet as a delicate taste of oak.

    If you do not want to lose these aromas, you must ensure that the aromatic vinegar is stored properly:

    • Do not store Soler Romero balsámico transparente next to the stove, but place it in the pantry or a kitchen base cabinet. Excessive heat reduces its extraordinary, full-bodied taste.
    • Experts also advise against decanting the delicious vinegar into a transparent glass carafe. Because the influence of light also contributes to the destruction of the aroma.
    • To protect the Soler Romero balsámico transparente from spoilage, you should always keep the bottle closed. If fruit flies or oxygen get into the vinegar bottle, this can lead to mold growth and the vinegar is no longer suitable for consumption.

    However, if you store the closed Soler Romero balsámico transparente properly, it will still be tasty, flavorful and healthy years later. Because even if the balsamic vinegar tastes sweet, it contains acetic acid. At six percent, the Soler Romero is in the usual range and can therefore easily compete with any other vinegar in terms of its health value:

    • Vinegar stimulates digestion and thus gets the metabolism going.
    • If you drink about 30 milliliters of light Soler Romero Balsamico before eating, it will help to avoid heartburn.
    • If you tend to suffer from flatulence, you should take the sweet and sour vinegar after eating.
    • The acetic acid in light balsamic vinegar is also useful on a weight-loss diet by promoting the digestion of fat and carbohydrates.
    • Vinegar has an antibacterial effect and can relieve inflammation in the intestines. While it kills the harmful bacteria, the healthy intestinal bacteria are spared.

    Production of the light Soler Romero Balsamico

    The high-quality Spanish grape varieties Pedro Jimenez and Malbec form the natural ingredients for Soler Romero's transparent balsamic vinegar. They come from organic farming and therefore not only deliver their wonderfully fruity aroma, but also guarantee a top-class, non-toxic end product.

    The gourmet grapes are first fermented into wine and then fermented into vinegar. The natural wine vinegar is stored in oak barrels for at least 12 months, giving it its full-bodied bouquet. It is then mixed with boiled grape must in a ratio of 55:45. To prevent the vinegar from caramelizing and thereby losing its transparency, the grape juice should only be boiled down at a low cooking temperature. Nevertheless, the result should of course be a mixture that is slightly viscous and has the sweetness of concentrated grape must.

    Because the light organic balsamic vinegar from Soler Romero does not contain any additives. The finished balsamic vinegar is filled into dark, slender bottles, which also look good on the elegantly set table.

    Light balsamic vinegar, because you eat with it

    Just like the dark balsamic vinegar, the light Soler Romero Vinagre balsámico also gives an extravagant note with its sweet and sour spiciness. You choose the light one when the dark one would spoil the visual appearance of your delicious dish. We recommend it:

    • in the salad dressing of cucumber salad, lettuce or a light, exotic rice salad,
    • with veal strips,
    • on grilled tuna,
    • in the broccoli cream soup,
    • in the fruit salad,
    • As an aperitif on its own or mixed with raspberry juice.

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    250 ml
    Alcaudete, Province of Jaén - Andalusia - Spain
    Organic farming
    Minimum 1 year
    Tasting Notes:
    Great intensity of toasted aromas is appreciated, a sign of its aging in oak. On the palate it is sweet and acid at the same time. Its sweetness and density is lower than the dark balsamic.
    Due to its special aroma and sweetness, this vinegar is ideal for dressing salads, fish and meat, as well as for making sauces and condiments.
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