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    Full Moon Balsamic Vinegar Grand Reserve 12 Years 200ml

    Full Moon Balsamic Vinegar Grand Reserve 12 Years 200ml

    Full Moon is a special balsamic vinegar of Pedro Ximenez grapes with a great intensity and a hint of sweetness that does not leave anyone indifferent. 

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    200 ml Full Moon Balsamic Vinegar Gran Reserva 12 years

    As a lover of good, sophisticated cuisine, you shouldn't just go with first-class olive oil when it comes to salad dressing to be satisfied. Quality is also important when it comes to vinegar. Firstly, a dish can only be prepared as excellently as its ingredients are, and secondly, a high-quality vinegar contributes to health.

    In contrast to a conventional table vinegar that you can buy in any supermarket, the Gran Reserva from Pago Baldio San Carlos not just mad. Even as a layman you can perceive different aromas. Serve a small glass of Full Moon as an exceptional aperitif before a fatty roast, the balsamic vinegar stimulates digestion and prevents heartburn.

    What is balsamic vinegar?

    Balsamico vinegar is a fermented vinegar obtained from boiled grape juice. As a specialty from Italy, it is called Aceto balsamico Tradizionale di Modena and has to meet very specific conditions:

    • Its acidity must be at least 6 percent.
    • Its acidity must only come from wine.
    • The only permitted addition is caramel.
    • It must be produced using the traditional manufacturing method.
    • It must mature for at least 60 days.
    • It must be made from concentrated grape juice from either the Italian province of Modena or the province of Reggio Emilia.
    • It must be crafted in one of the two regions.

    In the traditional production process, grape must is boiled down and filtered. Then a portion of 10 year old balsamic vinegar is added and another portion of fresh wine. The resulting mixture matures in wooden barrels at different temperatures for several months. Balsamic vinegar gets its special aroma and dark color from being stored in wooden barrels. Because water evaporates over the course of the ripening period, it becomes thicker and thicker. The traditional balsamic vinegar from Italy matures for at least 12 years.

    Full Moon Gran Reserva, a sweet and sour treat

    Even if Full Moon, the balsamic vinegar from Pago Baldio San Carlos, cannot be called Aceto balsamico di Modena for legal reasons, because after all it is not produced in one of the two Italian provinces, it can certainly be compared to an original Aceto balsamico measure up. Because the Gran Reserva from the house of San Carlos matures for 12 years in wooden barrels. It is made from pure grape juice and is free of any additives.

    Only the sweet Pedro Ximénez grapes are used for the high-quality Full Moon. They are harvested in the sun and then subjected to a slow process of vinegar formation. After 12 years of storage in wooden barrels, the dark brown Full Moon is a first-class balsamic vinegar with an acidity of eight percent. No sugar or any other type of sweetener is added to the exquisite Gran Reserva. It contains no preservatives and is a purely natural product.

    Full Moon, a vinegar to be enjoyed

    Do you shudder when you think about the sour taste of your salad vinegar? Then you haven't tried Full Moon yet. Of course, the 12-year-old balsamic vinegar is from Pago Baldio San Carlos sour, after all, that's what vinegar is all about. But the Gran Reserva has much more to offer:

    Its gorgeous mahogany brown color alone indicates that Full Moon is a particularly excellent vinegar. Because in addition to its sour spiciness, the exquisite balsamic vinegar can also come up with a pleasant sweetness. Because it has aromas of sultanas, caramel and honey, it surprises with a sweet and sour intensity that is second to none.

    Because Full Moon is a natural product, unlike industrially produced vinegar, it cannot be stored anywhere. In order to preserve its wonderful aroma, you should store it in a cool, dry place away from light. Don't leave it out in the open to prevent fruit flies from gaining access.

    • By the way, we use the aromatic Full Moon as follows:
    • in the salad dressing (preferably with the excellent Full Moon olive oil)
    • for a flavorful marinade for meat or fish
    • for pickling game
    • for a special finish when roasting duck
    • for a special touch with veal
    • with seafood or seafood salad
    • to round off grilled fish
    • as an extravagant treat on fresh strawberries
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    200 ml
    Majadas del Tiétar, Province of Cáceres - Extremadura - Spain
    Dark mahogany
    Pedro Ximenez grapes
    12 years
    Ean13 - Referencia
    8437007723175 - 8437007723175
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