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Olivenöl Casas de Hualdo - Arbequina 500ml

Olivenöl Casas de Hualdo - Arbequina 500ml

An extra virgin olive oil that gives us an explosion of fragrances and aromas. Silky in its passage through the mouth. It is obtained from green olives of excellent quality. Nationally and internationally distinguished.

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Olive Oil CASAS DE HUALDO Arbequina 500ml

Olive oil is widely recognized and considered as the healthiest edible oil on earth. Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life, but scarcely do they know that one of the key ingredients for a robust living is ‘olive oil’. Spain is the land of this fluid gold. More than 200 olive varieties are grown there. Many companies in Spain are working day and night to make this ‘fluid gold’ available to olive oil lovers at both national and international levels.

Olives of Casas de Hualdo Olive Oil

Among them, Casas De Hualdo, is a very famous name. In central Spain, an ancient city Toledo is situated on a hill above the Castilla-La-Mancha. Toledo city has an alluring landscape. The Tagus river passes through our city, giving it a natural prestigious geographical setting, best suited for the cultivation of various olive varieties. Our farms coexist on this amazing land with natural fauna and flora. The diversified wild species leaves a marvelous positive and healthy impact upon our farms. 

Olives of Casas de Hualdo

On our farm many famous varieties of olive oil like Arbequina, Picual, and Cornicabra are cultivated. Along with these pure Extra Virgin Olive Oils, versatile, evocative fine blends of these olive oils are also produced to bring something new to the table.

Let’s dive in to know about one of our famous Arbequina olive oil;

Olive Oil Arbequina 500ml

Arbequina is a very famous and high quality cultivar of olive. Arbequiana fruit is small, dark brown, symmetrical with round apex and high aromatic. It falls under the ‘super high density’ plantation category. The best feature about this variety is that, it is adaptive to different climate and soil conditions and can grow best in harsh hot summers to cold-dry winters.

Our Arbequina Olive Oil (500ml) is highly praised for its best organoleptic qualities. It is a fragrant, balanced and harmonious oil. An expression of excellent olives and impeccable expression, it has a true aromatic explosion. Since 1990s, we have been producing this olive oil by carefully selecting best olive batches to produce this interesting and unique olive oil. Arbequina variety has the highest concentration of oil in their fruits.

Casas de Hualdo

At Casas De Hualdo, this variety is grown in different types of soils, at different distances with different plant growths in between them. This versatility aids in developing complex and evocative flavors in the olive oil


  • Flavor and Aroma: Our Arbequina falls under the medium intensity oil category. It has predominancy of fruity notes such as green apple, green banana, avocados, herbs, green almonds, tomatoes, and artichoke over spicy and bitter ones.
  • Chemical Parameters: It has acidity level of 0.14%, Esters: 10 ppm, and Peroxide Index 2.6 meq. The high levels of polyunstaurated fats and low polyphenol levels in comparison to other varieties, make this olive oil relatively less stable with shorter shelf life.
  • Packing: Our Arbequina Olive Oil comes in the decent packing of a 500ml bottle
  • Pairs Best with: Casas De Hualdo Arbequina ideally pairs with the breakfast toast. It also pairs best with poultry, fatty fish, salad, and grilled vegetables. It perfectly balances the intensity of blue cheese with its sweet taste, and also enhances the flavor of different kind of white cheese boards. It is also used in various desserts and sweets preparation.

Tasting note of Casas de Hualdo - Arbequina olive oil

Olive oil tasting note


Fresh hints of freshly cut green grass, apple, banana, and artichoke.




Sweet through the mouth. Bitter and spicy with medium intensity aromas.

Health Benefits of EVOO

If you are not an olive oil consumer then it is imperative to know about some health benefits of extra virgin olive oil, to see how it can improve your health, taste notes and lower the risks of various diseases.

Though there are numerous health benefits of extra virgin olive oil of different varieties, but we are going to discuss only a few ones here;

  • EVOO helps in fight against type 2 diabetes. It has high phenolic content which aids in glucose metabolism and increasing the body’s sensitivity and stimulating capacity towards insulin.
  • EVOO has cardio protective properties which protect the heart from endothelial damage.
  • EVOO is rich in HDL and low in LDL, which greatly contributes in lowering the risks of obesity, various heart diseases, blood pressure and cholesterol issues.
  • Researchers from the university of Navarra and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain has shown that the consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids (fish and EVOO) aids in fighting against depression.

Last Words:

Olive oil is a gift of mother nature. It not only provides excellent, alluring tasting notes and aromas, but also provides amazing health benefits, which no other edible oil in comparison to olive oil provides. So, why not try this healthy oil of Casas De Hualdo and observe its benefits by yourself.

In order to buy this amazing product, you can visit Spanish-Oil. Our company deals only with verified suppliers of olive oil from Spain. We ship to more than 90 countries. Provision of high quality products is our first priority. You can trust on us as we care for our customers.

500 ml
El Carpio de Tajo, Toledo
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Type of Olive
100% Arbequina
Grass green
Medium fruity
Fresh hints of freshly cut green grass, apple, banana, and artichoke.
Sweet through the mouth. Bitter and spicy with medium intensity aromas.
read by machine
It pairs perfectly with salads, grilled vegetables, pasta, white meat or fatty fish. Ideal to start the day with a toast for breakfast.
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8437011668011 - 8437011668011

Olive Oil Casas De Hualdo

Deep roots, regarding the cultivation of olives and the production of olive oil, can be found in the history of Spain. The olive is known as a symbol of peace and the tree which produces these olives (olea europea) are known to have been cultivated for more than 6000 years ago around the Mediterranean. Nevertheless, until a few years ago, Spain’s olive oil was relatively unknown. It was because the olive oil was sold in bulk amount, rather than sold by the companies with their own tags in decent packaging. 

Casas de Hualdo olive mill

Today, oil producers have gradually earned their place in the national and international market. This step of olive oil producers is increasing the knowledge and admiration for Spanish olive oil, owing to its unique yet wholesome properties as an exceptional product.

In an ancient city Toledo, situated on a hill above the Castilla-La-Mancha plains in central Spain, a well known olive oil company is situated. It is, Casa De Hualdo, the best quality olive oil producer in the region with multiple awards to applaud and reflect its hard and enthusiastic work.

Casas De Hualdo

The State

Toledo city has a beautiful landscape. The Tagus river passes through this city, its southern side climbs from the meadows to the alluvial fan of piedmont deposits of the mountains. The farms of our olive grooves are spread across this amazing geographical setting. Olives have been grown over this land for hundreds of years. That is why, this region is called as an ancient city of olives.

The climate is quite hard, with very hot, dry summers and cold winters. This harsh climate favors the controlled growth of pests and diseases. As the climate is dry, modern deficit irrigation methods and little rainfall considerably help in attaining the desirable quality of the fruit. It helps in obtaining even the delicate oils by decelerating the excessive, vigorous growth of trees.

Autumn season is cold, but without freezing temperature, ensuring optimum conditions for harvesting. The harvested fruit is immediately rushed to the mill for further processing to prevent any kind of deterioration. From year to year, we have successfully thrived, our passion and determination has helped us to maintain our status near to perfection.

Natural Heritage

The Casas De Hualdo farm is situated in a privileged area. Crops coexist with natural wild fauna and flora. The diversified species in this natural area are one of the aspects that leaves an enormous positive impact upon the olive groves.

As an immense heritage is under the Casas De Hualdo management, so we find it our responsibility to take great care of it and make its conservation compatible with our work and the crops we grow.

Olives Casas de Hualdo

On our farms, crops like corn, wheat, barley, alfalfa, peas, to pistachio are cultivated. A herd of native Manchego sheep is also present. This entire set is considered by the farmers as a “closed cycle”, which helps in attaining and maintaining the nature itself. Cereals and alfalfa are used as sheep feed, the manure is used as fertilizer for the olive groves and other crops. The soil of the olive groves is rich in natural minerals and elements, where wild grass grows. It is only cut at a certain moment, and the remains are left on the ground to serve as natural fertilizer. The same process is carried out with the branches, which are cut during the pruning season. These branches are later grinded and then added to the soil to add lots of minerals that the tree needs.

The process of Casas de Hualdo

Our motto is “the search for excellence”. From farm to the mill, our entire team works with dedication and enthusiasm so that our fruit reaches the end consumer in the form of elegant oils that contain flavor, aroma and enormous healthy properties.

The Essence

At Casas De Hualdo, an exhaustive follow up of the crop is carried out through the year. The management of the soil, different phases of development and plant growth, sanitary state, pampering, thus each and every step is carefully handled. Modern techniques are adopted like drip irrigation or fertirrigation that positively impacts our olive groves.

The Harvest 

Our experience has helped a lot in our decision making process. We can precisely decide the perfect time of harvesting of different olive varieties by monitoring the maturation through constant observation. Harvesting is usually done between the months of October and November. Our most of the products are from early harvest which allows us to preserve the pure and unique aroma, flavor and other  chemical properties in our final products.

Casas de Hualdo Harvest

Olive Mill

From reception to packing, all steps are technically handled to extract the best from the fruit. The location of the olive mill is at the foot of the field, a place where olives can be immediately brought after harvesting. To avoid deterioration, olives are processed within 6 hours. The temperature is kept below 

are processed within six hours of being picked. During extraction, the temperature is kept below 25ºC to prevent the loss of the most volatile components and aromas.

Casas de HUaldo olive oil milling


Olive oil, after production, is kept under optimum conditions in the cellar. It is bottled only on demand, which allows the oil to stay fresh for a long time period in the stainless steel tanks between 18 to 22 ºC throughout the year.


From our each harvest, 70,000 liters of premium extra virgin olive oil is produced from the olive grove. Our commitment to quality has grown our business to double exports to more than 35 countries each season. We not only sell our products, but also spread our culture of extra virgin olive oil.

Last Words

Casas De Hualdo, is not just a simple olive oil producing company, rather it is a commitment to the nature and the oil consumers. We only thrive towards excellence, and aims at the provision of premium extra virgin olive oil of different varieties and properties. Through our online store and brick & mortar outlets, we are serving our customers the best of our products. Feel free to visit us and try our subtle olive oil, a taste which your taste buds have not experienced before.

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