Olive Oil Almaoliva Arbequino 500ml
    Olive Oil Almaoliva Arbequino 500ml
    Olive Oil Almaoliva Arbequino 500ml
    Olive Oil Almaoliva Arbequino 500ml
    Olive Oil Almaoliva Arbequino 500ml

    Olive Oil Almaoliva Arbequino 500ml

    Almaoliva Arbequino is the latest proposal of what for many is the cooperative that produces the best extra virgin olive oil in Spain. Perfection can be in this arbequina that presents all the virtues and essences of this incredible variety of extra virgin olive oil.

    Awards of Almazaras de la Subbetica

    CONSEJO OLEÍCOLA INTERNACIONAL MARIO SOLINASSOL D’ORO (ITALY)Ministry of Agriculture, Food and EnvironmentFLOS OLEIDer Feinschmecker Oilio AwardTerraolivoLes médailles Gourmet Paris “Gourmet d’Or”Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition GoldOlive Japon GoldNEW YORK INTERNATIONAL OLIVE OIL COMPETITIONOlive Oil Award - Zurich - Gold AwardOLIVE D’OR CANADAEcotrama Oro - International extra ecological virgin olive oil competitionEVOOLEUM - World’s TOP 100 Extra Virgin Olive OilsDOP - Denominación de Origen Protegida
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    • 2023/2024
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    Almaoliva Arbequino 500ml

    Among the rugged mountainous territory Almazara de la Subbética is located. This territory is in the vicinity of Sierras Subbeticas national park that lies in the south of the Province of Cordoba- Andalusia, Spain. Almazara de la Subbética is the first-level agriculture cooperation which was founded in 2007 when two prestigious and experienced cooperatives: S.C.A Vigen del Castillo and S.C.A Olivarera Nustero Padre Jesus Nazareno decided to conjoin their professional experience and convert it into one company.

    Every country owns some speciality and distinctive properties and particular production when it comes to their soil, similarly, for more than 3000 years, Spain is known as the land of olives. Its soil has such unique chemistry which is perfect for the enriched, flavorful olive growth that is no match with other soil in the world. It alone accounts for the global 40 to 55% production. This production is pioneered by the southern region of Andalusia; Almazara de la Subbética is among those regions. 

    Almaoliva Arbequino 500ml

    The land where Almazara is located is famous for its unique microclimate characteristics defined by heavy rainfalls and highly variable temperatures. Under these conditions, the legendary olive trees grow and stand majestically in the vast lands of Cordoba that have remained unaltered over time. As the time is revolutionized so does our production methods. We have opted modern harvesting techniques to boost our input and attain a maximum output by maintaining the highest quality in the region, and aid our farmers. We have handsomely managed to maintain a sleek balance between our traditions and technology that abide by the high-quality standards demanded by the insightful customers.

    Let’s talk about one of our highly appreciated products Almaoliva Arbequino 500ml, and then we will give a glimpse about our farms, how these unique blends are produced and the certifications we have won.

    The Product Almaoliva Arbequino 500ml

    The product, Almaoliva Arbequino 500ml, of Almazara is often called as an oil with personality. This is because Almaoliva Arbequino is a marvelous pack of the best essences of the Arbequina variety. The sun of Sierra Subbética illuminates an oil of these varieties with a unique personality explained by its surprising flavor and nuances of aroma that won’t leave your taste buds unsurprised.

    Let’s talk about some properties of this complex, harmonious and a persistent blend;

    Tasting note of Almaoliva Arbequino olive oil

    Olive oil tasting note


    Aromas of great intensity, freshly cut green grass with hints of banana and citrus.




    It has a surprising flavor, initially a touch of almond is appreciated, which transforms into a great balance of itch and bitterness. its flavor persists in the mouth.

    • Nutritional Attributes

    100g of this extra virgin olive oil contains 888kcal energy. 100g of fat out of which 17g is saturated and 70g is unsaturated. It has 13g of polyunsaturated fatty acids, 0g of carbohydrates, 0g of protein and 0g of salts. 19mg of vitamin E is also present in it.

    • Pairings

    Perfect for white fish, chicken, salads and more delicate vegetables. It is ideal for the preparation of desserts and fruit salads.

    • Packing

    Characteristics of the container include red glass bottle with exclusive design. The batch number corresponds to a packaging reference number indicated on the label on bottle. The best before date is indicated on the label in (mm / yy) format. 18 months from the date of packaging.

    • Storage

     Store protected from light, in a cool and dry environment.

    Farms of Almazara de la Subbética

    Almazara de la Subbética is currently a benchmark of extra virgin olive oil in the world and this is because our team knows their soil. Our farmers are ambitious and full of passion. It is their enthusiastic spirit which has converted the rugged mountainous lands into majestic olive farms. With the help of small, modern technology and the latest cultivation techniques, we have added value to more than 3200 hectares of land and succeeded in attaining the exceptional quality of olive oil. 

    Almaoliva Arbequina 500 ml

    Following sui generis olive varieties are grown on the Almazara’s farm:

    • Hojiblanca
    • Picuda
    • Picual

    These three varieties are distinctive and well known for their growth patterns under the harsh climate of the Cordoba province. The right combination of these varieties brings in 100% natural, healthy, and complementary products that suit best the nutritional requirements of human body and highlights delicious notes of food items.

    Top Products

    Almazara de la Subbética has the following world’s best, flavorful extra virgin olive oil line:

    • Rincon de la Subbetica (world’s best extra virgin olive oil)
    • Parqueoliva Serie Oro
    • Almaoliva Arbequina

    Besides these, some other famous products of our company are:

    • Parqueoliva
    • Almaoliva BIO
    • Almaoliva Gran Seleccion
    • Almaoliva Gastronomia


    The farms of Almazara de la Subbética covers more than 29,628 hectares of the olive groves. These are stretched among the municipalities of Carcabuey, Fuente Tojar, Almedinilla, and Priego de Cordoba. Farmers and grocers have dedicated their passion to take these farms to an international level. It is owing to their sincerity and hard work that we have won multiple certificates and awards like “Best Oil in the World”, and “Best Oil Mill in the World” which reflect our tradition, effort, and preservation of our quality.

    Among the many, most famous awards we have won are:

    • World’s Best Olive Oils
    • SIAL Canada
    • ArgOliva
    • bioPress
    • BIOL International

    Almaoliva Arbequina

    Last Words:

    Olive oil is something which does not only provides taste, but also provide enormous health benefits. When the olive oil is extra virgin in nature, cold pressed, then its benefit multiplies. It is a wholesome fancy package fit for human consumption with no match on earth. If you are an olive oil lover and would love to try this awsome product then give us a free visit at Almazara and Spanish-Oil

    We will deliver your product within 3 to 4 working days right at your doorstep. We care for our customers and we deliver what we promsie. Give us a chance and become our happy and satisfied customers.

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    500 ml
    Carcabuey, Province of Córdoba - Andalusia - Spain
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Type of Olive
    100% Arbequina
    Medium fruity
    Aromas of great intensity, freshly cut green grass with hints of banana and citrus.
    It has a surprising flavor, initially a touch of almond is appreciated, which transforms into a great balance of itch and bitterness. its flavor persists in the mouth.
    The perfect accompaniment to our salads and all kinds of vegetables. White fish and white meat.
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