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    Olive Oil L'AMO Aubocassa D.O. Oli de...
    Olive Oil L'AMO Aubocassa D.O. Oli de...
    Olive Oil Aubocassa Arbequina D.O. Oli de Mallorca 500 ml
    Olive Oil Aubocassa Arbequina D.O. Oli de Mallorca 500 ml
    Olive Oil Aubocassa Arbequina D.O. Oli de Mallorca 500 ml
    Olive Oil Aubocassa Arbequina D.O. Oli de Mallorca 500 ml
    Olive Oil Aubocassa Arbequina D.O. Oli de Mallorca 500 ml
    Olive Oil Aubocassa Arbequina D.O. Oli de Mallorca 500 ml
    Olive Oil Aubocassa Arbequina D.O. Oli de Mallorca 500 ml
    Olive Oil Aubocassa Arbequina D.O. Oli de Mallorca 500 ml

    Olive Oil L'AMO Aubocassa D.O. Oli de Mallorca 500 ml

    L'Amo, an excellent, intensely fruity olive oil from Mallorca, which combines the flora of the Balearic Islands in its bouquet.

    Awards of Aubocassa
    FLOS OLEI Denominación de Origen Oli de Mallorca DOP - Denominación de Origen Protegida
    • 1 bottle
    • Box with 6 bottles
    • 2022/2023
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    L'Amo - excellent olive oil from Mallorca

    L'Amo is a successful blend pressed on the Finca Albocasse from Picual and Arbequina olives. The olive grove consisting of around 7,600 trees, like the estate itself, is located in the municipality of Manacor in the east of the largest Balearic island of Mallorca. Despite the poor soil, the two types of olives thrive so that the manufacturer Aubocassa can create an exclusive olive oil.

    The sophisticated coupage impresses with a balanced, intense taste that inspires connoisseurs and laypeople alike with its fruitiness. The high-quality olive oil owes its name to “Amo”, as the landlord is called in rural Mallorca. The Amo cultivates the fields and takes care of the olive groves without being the owner of the finca. With L'Amo, the high-quality olive oil, Aubocassa pays homage to all the passionate, self-sacrificing farm workers who are closely connected to the land and enjoy its fruits.

    The assemblage, a perfect composition

    If you turn up your nose at the term "coupage" or "mixture" and think of a more or less delicious random product, you are far from it! It is true that L'Amo, the high-quality extra virgin olive oil from Mallorca, is made from two types of olives. But in order to create an oil with this character and bouquet, a great deal of sensitivity and know-how is required. The Arbequina olive oil and the Picual olive oil are mixed in a perfectly ingenious ratio, resulting in a high-quality, exquisite assemblage.

    The different flavors as well as the different ingredients are taken into account. Because while the picual olive has a larger proportion of polyphenols than other olives, the arbequina can boast a higher proportion of mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The polyunsaturated fatty acids are particularly important for the body because it cannot produce them itself. Monounsaturated fatty acids, such as oleic acid, effectively contribute to the regulation of cholesterol levels. And a high polyphenol content supports the body in preventing heart attacks, strokes and Alzheimer's.

    L'Amo by Aubocassa spoils you with a wonderful bouquet

    As soon as you open the olive oil bottle, you will be greeted by the incomparable scent of L'Amo. The bouquet of the excellent olive oil from Mallorca perfectly reflects the landscape of the Balearic island. The scent of green olive leaves, freshly cut grass and meadow flowers from the wayside rises in your nose as well as the aroma of fresh fruit, green artichokes and carob leaves.

    Pour some oil into a large glass so that the aromas of the top oil can unfold even better, you will also perceive the cleansing scent of mint, the smell of fresh earth and the salty sea breeze. The yellow-green olive juice appears slightly cloudy because it is unfiltered oil, in which all the wonderful aromas of the olive are preserved down to the smallest detail.

    Dare yourself! Take a small sip of L'Amo pure in your mouth and enjoy the delicate, velvety consistency of the unique oil! While a slight sweetness can be felt on the tip of the tongue, the excellent olive oil from Mallorca surprises you in the mouth with intense spiciness and fruitiness as well as a very slight bitterness. In the finish it says goodbye with minimal sharpness.

    Caution: In order to preserve both the healthy ingredients and the wonderful aromas of the excellent coupage for as long as possible, you should store them properly:

    • Never keep the well-closed olive oil bottle within easy reach next to the stove, but in a cool place, such as the pantry or a kitchen base cabinet.
    • Leave the high-quality olive oil from Mallorca in its dark original bottle so that the degradation process is not accelerated by exposure to light.
    • Prevent oxidation and the associated loss of aroma by correctly closing the olive oil bottle immediately after each use.

    Extend your menu with a delicious olive oil from Mallorca

    Perhaps you were already able to taste the incomparable olive oil from Mallorca during your last holiday on the largest Balearic island. Then you were certainly so enthusiastic that you didn't hesitate and order the aromatic blend now from But even if you don't know the top oil from Aubocassa, you shouldn't miss out on buying a bottle.

    Because the delicious oil not only goes in the salad dressing. It is ideal for refining stews such as the Spanish chickpea casserole or the "potaje de berros". It adds the finishing touch to raw or steamed vegetables. The spicy assemblage underlines a good steak and harmonises perfectly with any type of fish. The excellent olive oil from Mallorca even lends the final touch to a fruit salad made from red fruits or a mousse au chocolat.

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    Mallorca, Balearic Islands - Spain
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Type of Olive
    100% Blend
    Organic farming
    Arbequina & Picual
    Oil pressing
    Cold presst extra virgin olive oil
    Intense fruity
    Ean13 - Referencia
    - aubocassa l-amo

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